I’ve Got An Idea

Let’s all us conservatives run down to the “Planned Parenthood” clinic on Ford Parkway in Saint Paul, and block the door.

And when anyone tries to come out of the building – for any reason – we’ll shove them back inside, and not let them get out.  No matter what.  Got your kids with you and need to get home?  F***  you, you’re not leaving.  Done with work at the end of the day?  F*** you, you’re not leaving.  [1].  And if the media asks us any questions, we’ll shout/chant them down, and walk away howling like testosterone-sotted dogs. And if someone gets antsy and starts shoving?  We’ll shove them back, chanting and screaming!

Would that be “non-violent?”

I mean, if  I did it, which no mainstream conservative has done, or intended to do, naturally.  Other than that?

“Occupy?”  That’s a different kettle of organic quinoa.

Megan McArdle notes:

What’s more disturbing, however, is that my reading, and private conversations, have uncovered a number of people who think this is all right–and who consider the real outrage to be the rumor (now squashed, I believe) that an old lady was knocked down by Occupy DC protesters*.


I am shocked that anyone would make this argument. This is outrageous. I don’t know any people on the left who would think that this behavior were “non-violent” if it were, say, aimed at abortion clinics. It’s bad enough that many of the occupiers seem to put as little thought as possible into the space they share with many fellow citizens. A sizeable number of them now seem to have decided that physical intimidation is a legitimate tactic with which to express their rage and frustration.


I have no doubt that support for these tactics is a minority sentiment on the left. But where are the condemnations that our left-wing commentariat were so eagerly demanding from the right a year ago every time Michelle Bachmann or another tea party figure said something stupid?

No “Tea Party” rally ever did this to anyone, ever.


Not once.  Nothing close.

“Occupy” is a movement that believes its ends justifies its means.  I don’t think we’re done with this.

[1] It’s a wonderful day for a “Goodfellas” reference.

6 thoughts on “I’ve Got An Idea

  1. This is entirely reasonable behavior on their part and I’m astonished it took Megan this long to realize it.

    The fundamental premise of the OWS movement is that the existing social order of laws, banks, taxes and jobs is WRONG, it’s UNFAIR. Even such mild rules as “don’t rape each other” are REPRESSIVE of one’s individuality and personal freedom and thus need not be obeyed.

    In that frame of mind, violence directed at Opressors, Wreckers, Jews, Kulaks and Royalty is not only permitted, it’s practically mandatory. It’s straight out of the Revolutionary handbook in continuous usage from the French Revolution through the Russian, to Cuba, Pol Pot, Sandanistas . . . .

  2. Mitch Berg is a fascist. because I said so. Man. You can’t defy the Will of the People! Even if it is a teeny, tiny minority of radical dirtbags with no visible means of support.
    And if you disagree with me you’re a racist.

  3. Mitch Berg is a fascist. because I said so.

    I can do one better – I accuse Mitch of sexual harassment. Go ahead, Mitch, prove you did not do it.

  4. “A sizeable number of them now seem to have decided that physical intimidation is a legitimate tactic with which to express their rage and frustration.”

    Doesn’t it sound like the OWS professional protesters have adopted the unions’ thug behavior?

  5. Since organized labor is financing OWS it’s only fitting that they write the Policies and procedures manual.

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