Quagmire On Capitol Hill

I know it’s been a tough Legislative session in St Paul.

But I had no idea how tough.  Minnesota Public Radio’s website shows just how bad it’s gotten at the Capitol in St. Paul.  From the website:

Looks like the budget is the least of our problems.

(And I wonder which legislative freshman took out that tank?

4 thoughts on “Quagmire On Capitol Hill

  1. Why do you keep citing MPR? It’s like citing what goes into a hot dog before I go to the ballpark.

  2. Well, say what you will about their commitment to balanced news coverage (there are pro and con cases to be made)…

    …but it is virtually impossible to show you a funny headline/photo juxtaposition on the MPR website without referrring to the MPR website.


  3. Based on where the tank appears to have been hit, I would say that it was probably King Banian! I heard that he is an expert with a LAWS! 😉

  4. Either King Banaian or State Senator Roger Chamberlain – who took out Larry “The Tank” Pogemiller in committee last month.

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