2 thoughts on “Morning

  1. How could an old stick-in-the-mud like McCain have made such an inspired choice for V.P. and then chicken out so quickly? I recall the decision in 2008 to “write off Michigan” when Palin was eager to go there and campaign. 2012 victories begin with those places that weren’t written off in 2008.

    Still…I watched Reagan on TV, I listened to his speeches, I bought one of his campaign buttons. You, Ma’am, are no Ronald Reagan.

    It seems we have some wonderful candidates who may be ready by 2016 and it’s amazing that the real vigor of the party comes from the women.

  2. Chairman of the RNC? Senator? My checks will be in the mail

    Secretary of the Interior? What can I do to help make that happen?

    President? Fuggedaboutit, ain’t gonna happen.

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