Kriesel For House

I wish I could go vote for John Kriesel.

If you don’t have to break any laws, by all means, do vote for him.

That means you, if you live in House District 57A – Cottage Grove, Newport, St. Paul Park, South St. Paul and Grey Cloud Island.

6 thoughts on “Kriesel For House

  1. Mitch;

    John Kreisel has been a guest of the Power Trip Morning Show on KFAN, for quite awhile now. I have heard him discussing his views many times in that forum.

    From those discussions, I have learned that not only is he a great guy, but a great patriot, as well! He loses both of his legs in combat, but has an infectious, positive attitude and the best part? He’s still ready, willing and able to serve his state and his country!

    Rock on, Kries!

  2. Yep. I may have interviewed more impressive people on the NARN in the past six years, but I can’t say as I can name any.

  3. I am totally impressed with the Republicans this fall. Here is Don Lee, 39A.

    Government must enforce the law, and must ensure that the law applies equally to all. When law becomes too complex, it ceases to be a level playing field and becomes a tool used by some citizens to gain advantage over others. Government must once again be impartial, regain respect, and stop being a tool of “special interests” by ending its extensive and unnecessary meddling.

    The referee must stop playing the game.

    Our politics today is often driven by battles over who will get the right to use the power of government to enact its agenda. Every interest group goes first to government rather than its own resources to get what it wants – from sports stadiums to medical care, to better education. We cannot be free citizens ourselves and also demand that government force our neighbors to behave as we want, and pay for what we want. If we are to be free, we must rely on our powers of leadership and persuasion to accomplish what we want, using markets and cooperation rather than taxes and coercion.

    My campaign will be centered on the theme of the free citizen, and the proper role of a limited constitutional republic.

    The central issue is not what will the outcome be, but who will decide.

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