The Dayton Dustbowl: Living In A World Of Pure Imagination

Remember last June?

According to the DFL and their buildup of minimum wage leftyblog minions, the fact that Tom Emmer hadn’t released a detailed budget plan was a finger in the eye of The People.  They had a right to knoooooooooow!, after all.  And they had to knooooooooooow it right then and there, dagnabbit!

Then Emmer released a budget plan – one that balanced the budget without raising taxes, lowered taxes on job-creating activities, and left K12 education untouched.

And then it turned out that Mark Dayton’s first attempt at a budget plan fell three billion dollars short on balancing the budget.

And then his second attempt fell 890 million dollars short (or maybe more!).

And now, suddenly, having a budget plan in place just isn’t that big a deal!
He even said on WCCO on Sunday morning, amid Esme Murphy painting his toenails…

Can you imagine what Esme Murphy would have done had Tom Emmer ever called his plan a “work in progress?”

Now, Mark Dayton’s a smart guy.  And he’s got a lot of smart people working for him.  And while they don’t have access to a “supercomputer” to figure out budget numbers, they don’t need one.  A fairly complex Excel spreadsheet will get you the big-picture numbers; some not-cheap software (certianly avaiable to the compaign) can work out the fine details.  Just like Emmer did.

And yet they didn’t.

Wait.  Do you really believe that, after two go-arounds, that the Dayton camp doesn’t have a budget?


They do.  They just don’t want you to see it.

Because the real Dayton Budget Plan – the one they don’t want you to see yet – socks it to the Middle Class. There is no other way.  To think that Dayton doesn’t know this beggars credulity.  To think that there is any other politically-palatable answer is pollyannaish and just plain stupid.

There are huge questions to be asked about the nonexistant “Dayton Budget Plan”.

So when will the media ask?


Is that an echo I hear?

12 thoughts on “The Dayton Dustbowl: Living In A World Of Pure Imagination

  1. I don’t need no crystal ball.
    Increased taxes on booze, smokes, more gambling and a bump in the sales tax.
    All regressive taxes that hit the poor the hardest. Par for the course with “progressives”. All they care about is the money. It’s politically easier to tax the poor than the rich and they have to get the money from someone.
    If MN reduced spending to 2000 levels adjusted for inflation it would be swimming in money.

  2. Wait a minute, Emmer’s plan leaves K12 education untouched? According to Alliance for a B M Emmer cuts $13 billion. They said it on TV so it must be true.

    Now, Mark Dayton’s a smart guy.
    Funniest line of the day.

  3. And yet, the useful idiots just keep letting him get away with it, trusting the lies that his backers at AFABM have been spouting on his behalf. It is scary to think that these dimwits are supporting a candidate that looks like a deranged demon, just because he happens to be running as a Democrat and not realize what that actually means! Even with the economic debacle that has been perpetuated on the American people from the District of Crooks, they still can’t see it!

  4. No Kermit, he’s right. Dayton may be smart, but he’s certainly not stable or even sane.

  5. No! Mark Dayton is going to protect the Middle Class! TV commercials say so, and they can’t lie. Next you’ll be telling me that Obama has been less than truthful.
    Swiftee, where can I get some of that Victory Gin?

  6. Now, Mark Dayton’s a smart guy.

    Oh, no you di-int!

    Swiftee, where can I get some of that Victory Gin?

    From what I understand, you have to mix it up in the bathtub yourself.

    Or, maybe Deegee will share her supply, I dunno.

  7. “work in progress”

    Unconsciously repeating his recent mental health evaluation?

  8. No, Dayton will protect the middle class. But the middle class will need to pony up some protection money.

    Quote of the day, right there.

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