Perhaps Saint Paul’s Sole Political Upside. Sort Of.

Minneapolis is increasingly run by showy, shrill, demogogic “Democrats Socialists of America” radicals intent on rebuilding the city in their image.

Saint Paul, as long as I can recall but even moreso in the past 15 years has been run by an informal assembly of white NIMBYs from the various Parks (Highland, Merriam, Irvine, Saint Anthony) and Crocus Hill. They mostly bring ideals from the sixties and money from the fifties to the 2020s.

I’ve long joked about them – but darned if they aren’t generally just a tad less oppressive

I said “a tad”.

I did mention they are NIMBYs, right? These are the people who shut down the “Back to the Fifties” hot rod cruise on Snelling and University, because while they want all the amenities of living in a major city, they also want it to as quiet and placid as an Iowa pasture. They jammed down the city’s “Tony Soprano”-style trash collection system because they – who don’t apparently need to leave home much – got tired of hearing different trucks going through their alleys and down their streets every week. Given a choice between every other possible option willing to redevelop the old Snelling Bus Barn, they wanted a soccer stadium, and got…a soccer stadium (surrounded by a vast vacant field).

Crime – while significantly lower than Minneapolis, then and now – is a serious problem.

There’s a perception among some who don’t live here that people, especially business owners, are either OK with that, or helpless to fight it. Neither is true. For example, one property owner along University Avenue has taken to playing classical music, outdoors, on loudspeakers. It’s a measure that actually has an effect on crime where it’s been tried.

Which, for the NIMBYs, isn’t good enough, as a friend of the blog points out:

The Hamline Midway Facebook page was lit up with hyperbolic comments about the classical music coming from some parking lot, “it startled my cats!’ “it’s not good for the birds” “we have young kids” “those businesses are so rude”-

Turns out the decibel level was only 70. About as loud as a vacuum cleaner.

Did sound travel a bit with the wind, the air of the particular night? Possibly. Were the NIMBY neighbors likely piling on the hate and hyperbole because of who was playing the music and why? Most definitely.

No word yet on how many sleepless nights these very same neighbors have when some crazed homeless person is screaming through the night, or some gang banger is ghetto blasting the stereo, or any of the many other normally heard sounds way above 70 dbs in Hamline Midway. No, if anyone would be as hysteric over those noises, there’d be a slew of anger bestowed on that person. The rage would find its way to the poor soul’s boss and the person would be fired because who wants and angry mob screaming “fire the bigot” showing up at any business?

The path between dotty but well-connected Merriam Park biddies (aged 30-90) and policy in Saint Paul is short, paved better than any Saint Paul street, and has no bike lanes or speed bumps.

The Party Of Crime And Violence

To: DFL Parents
From: Mitch Berg, Obstreporous Peasant
Re: Your Kids

DFL comms guy Ryan Faircloth [1] had himself a chuckle in the lobby of the GOP convention last Friday:

The sign, naturally, is a just a tad tongue-in-cheek.

But the MNDFL – the party of “comedians” who aren’t funny and people with no sense of humor, to sa nothing of the party of Judd Hoff and Nicole Mitchell – forgot about Judd Hoff, Nicole Mitchell and “Anti”-Fa long enough to post this:

Now, let’s focus on the sign.

DFLer parents: how about teaching your kids that hitting people with skateboards and shooting golf balls and frozen water bottles from slingshots isn’t actually political speech?

That is all.

[1] CORRECTION: Ryan Faircloth appears to be a reporter for the Strib, not a DFL comms guy.

We regret the error.

A Stylish LIttle Stiletto Boot On Your Neck Forever: Apple Valley Edition

Among Big Left’s great crimes against history is the complete devaluation they have achieved against the term “Fascist”. To much of the parts of society that routinely use the word, it now means “anyone not on board with today’s left’s narrative”.

No, really:

And Big Left knows what it’s doing, since the other options have also been hijacked. Call someone a Nazi, and you’re overwrought. Call someone a Communist, and people start jabbering about the Red Scare.

“Authoritarian” works, but it doesn’t have quite the same emotional impact – and Big Left has been diluting that one by associating it with Trump – a demonstrably less authoritarian president than Obama or The Potato.

So given the options, what does one call a political figure or party that:

  • Their ends justify their means – including the use of government force to secure compliance
  • Tries to co-opt the institutions of society to further their political ends, starting with government and schools and ending with the family itself?
  • Aggressively “sorts” society into “good guys” and, especially, “others” to use as scapegoats and deflections from one’s own actions – up to and including creating an official version of “reality” that may or may not have much in common with the real thing.

Let’s take a thoroughly educational look at a politician who seems to check off all the boxes for…well, the “A” word. And maybe some definitions of the “F” word.

The Real Authority

Maye Quade is a fully-fledged creation of leftist institutions – and pays obeisance to them:

Maye Quade pays obeisance to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which was once a legitimate civil rights group but has been nothing but leftist shills for the past three decades.

But she certainly has no love lost for society’s actual institutions.

Like parenthood.

She wants to nullify parents trying to teach their children morality and ethics, so her side doesn’t have to work quite so hard to uproot them. j

This is, of course, on top of her very casual relationship with telling the truth if it’s not in her political interest.

Might Makes Right

Maye Quade may not actually have the executive power to sicc government and its monopoly in the use of force on her political (and finanncial?) enemies.

But she sure thinks about it:

“I would love to eminent domain all 98 of these crisis pregnancy centers and turn them into affordable housing for people who do have children,” said Sen. Maye Quade. “I would love to turn them into food banks and diaper banks and formula banks. Like, these are things that actually support people having children when they decide they would like to have children, and everything that crisis pregnancy centers are doing is not that. None of it is that.”

Aggressively Sorting

Maye Quade has a staffer who’s got a bit of a “virulent anti-Semite” vibe.

This is, of course, shocking in that the aide is more antisemitic than Maye Quade’s own equivocating weasel-word-larded antisemitism:

Your tax dollars are paying for this.

It should go without saying Senator Maye Quade, like all leftists, is more aggressively yet casually racist about “othering” apostates – in this case, Senator Tim Scott, a Republican and African-American:

…which is a perfect invocation of Berg’s 11th Law.

And, like every good gaslighting abusive partner, it’s all really your fault:

Hard to miss the fact that the “consequences” in her “culture” are entirely one-sided. But that’s the nature of the abusive gaslighter. But then, I did mention creating an alternate, “official” reality, didn’t I?

No, really – an actual alternate reality…

That settles it, then.

…deviance from which is considered heresy.

I mean, a Republican with a similiar record of shilling for naked authority, advocating the co-option of instutions and relentlessly cutting out “others” to use as enemies would be called an “authoritarian” at the very least.

And yet it’s Senator Maye Quade that walks the walk

World War 3 Is Starting

The deficit bomb is ticking away.

Illegal immigration is crushing working-class incomes.

But we get the representation we deserve, apparently:

It took me a couple of beats to realize it wasn’t the “Congress” scene from “Idiocracy”.

Have to wonder what the suffragettes would think.

About That Henco District 6 Special Election

Heather “Lawnmower Barbie” Edelson, beat Marisa Simonetti, 54-45.

In other words: A woman with near 100% name recognition, especially among people who come out for special elections, beat someone nobody had heard of three weeks before the election.

By nine points.

In a district Keith Ellison won by 20, and Governor Klink by 30:

There’ll be another round in November.

While the district is a little less “blue” than most of Hennepin County, this can’t be great news for the DFL headed into the fall

Not To Be Left Behind

Hamline University in Saint Paul is an exquisitely expensive instution that seems to be not quite as prestigious as Saint Thomas, and always a couple of degrees behind Macalester in terms of the impeccability of their leftist orientation.

But they aren’t to be left behind.

Here’s their “pro-Palestine” neo-Brownshirt “encampment”, as a rainy night ended this morning.

So maybe we’ll have Hamline kids puking on their own lawns for a change this weekend.


Joe Doakes, no longer of Como Park, emails:

We all know how Minnesota Nice works.  Someone invites you to dinner, she’s serving Italian Spaghetti.  Everyone in Minnesota knows there’s an unspoken understanding that “Italian Spaghetti” is hamburger, onion, and Ragu from a jar ladled over Creamette spaghetti noodles sprinkled with Kraft Grated Parmesan from the green can.  If you get there and the recipe is anything else, Minnesota Nice requires you to Try A Bite To Be Polite and when asked, say something bland like: “Oh, it certainly was Interesting.  I’d never have thought of adding raisins, wherever did you get the idea?”  Under no circumstances may you demand: “Why the hell are there raisins in it?” as that may offend the hostess which she will immediately tell everyone in town and you’ll never hear the end of it.

Ah, for the good old days when the only lie we had to acquiesce in, was that the meal was edible.  Now we need to pretend to believe whatever mental illness anyone else at the party asserts.  That guy claims he is a pregnant woman so he’s about to go on pregnancy leave from work.  Isn’t that wonderful?  “Well, it certainly is interesting.  However did you discover your new gender identity?”  That woman is so emotionally unstable that she needs to bring a comfort animal everywhere she goes and the airline won’t allow her alligator on the airplane, can you believe the outrage?  “Well, that certainly is interesting.  Wherever did you get one?”

Which makes me wonder: what if we . . . didn’t?  What if we didn’t pretend?  What if we responded truthfully: “I don’t like raisins in my spaghetti sauce; in fact, I never heard of anybody who did,” and let the hostess be offended.  What if we told the guy: “That’s silly, you’re a man, you can’t get pregnant and besides, Monty Python did it better in Life of Brian.”  What if we told the airline woman: “If you’re so crazy you need an alligator to avoid hysterics, I don’t want you OR your alligator on my flight.”

Liberals claim to favor free speech but what they mean is you are free to agree with them.  You can agree in word or song, music, poetry, or interpretive dance.  But you can’t disagree because they hate that.  They say: “Hate speech is not free speech,” but what they mean is: “Your opinion offends me.”  Yeah, so?  What if the First Amendment guarantees a Right to Offend?  What if stix-and-stones is essential to the smooth functioning of an honest society and the Heckler’s Veto is the Devil’s Work tearing it down?  

If you’ve got a problem with my opinions, well then, You’ve got a problem.  I don’t have a problem.  I’m comfortable with my opinions and I’m entitled to express them in law-abiding manner.  You are not entitled to suppress them through unlawful behavior, not by yourself and not by proxy.  Students on campus, take note.

It’s one thing if polite manners suggest we should not needlessly offend.  It’s quite another to criminalize offensive speech, to doxx and de-platform and de-monetize it, and quite the worst thing when government is doing it to political opponents, by phony lawsuit or by pressuring social media.  Making the most-easily-offended-person the focal point of an entire society is a recipe for societal collapse into anarchy.  We’re well on our way.

Joe Doakes, no longer in Como Park

Its hard to see this as anything but The Swamp killing freedom with a thousand petty little passive-aggressive cuts.

Everything’s Just Fine

Count the number of jump cuts in this 14 second long video:

Not cuts to B-Roll. Not special effects. Not pans or zooming.

This is the audio equivalent of one of those ransom notes pieced together from letters cut from magazines. (Kids, ask your parents)

We’ve Got Good News And Bad News

The good news: Minnesota’s new paid family leave law will cost 25% more than originally budgeted:

Minnesota’s new paid family and medical leave program will launch in 2026 with a 25% higher payroll tax than originally anticipated when the bill was passed last session, an assistant commissioner with the Department of Employment and Economic Development told lawmakers on Monday. 

Because DEED has been given legislative authority to raise the tax, the agency can do so without requiring a new law. 

“Wait, Mitch – I thought you said that was the good news?”

I did.

The bad news? The program doesn’t start until 2026. Like the Southwest LIght Rail and every other DFL spending boondoggle, this program is going to get more expensive before anyone ends up using it.

Today’s Hero Of Western Civilization

Mad props to this bloke:

Tangentially related: anyone unironically wearing a “Guy Fawkes” mask should be a legitimate target for tasing or thrown rubbish.

Mostly for leftists, naturally. But even if I agree with you, wearing one of those gawdawful masks knocks your credibility back by two orders of magnitude. .

Goal Line Stand

At the beginning of this session, I’d have figured the DFL trifecta would get some portion of their gun grab agenda jammed down. Maybe not outright bans on semi-automatic firearms, or repeal of pre-emption – but most of the smart money said “safe storage” and “lost and stolen reporting” was going to get jammed down no matter what.

And yet here we are with a week to go, and there’s only one bill still on the table – the stupid binary trigger ban:

And this next week could be – and needs to be – a red zone stand for the ages:

Your phone calls matter. Grant Hauschild – DFL Senator from Tom Bakk’s old district – bailed on the “safe storage” bill, negating Nicole “The Ninja” Mitchell’s vote. It was a close call.

By the way – note that it’s the Gun Owners Caucus doing the work. Not “Minnesota Gun Rights”. If you’re not a member, you need to be. Get on it

Get on your phone. Kill the bills.

Your Mission For Today

If you live in District Six in Hennepin County – this area here…:

The Hennepin County sixth district.

…you need to get out and vote Marisa Simonetti for Hennepin County Commission in the special election being held today.

Marisa Simonetti

She’s an unknown conservative who ran in the runoff three weeks ago, spent about $700, and got 33% of the vote with no name recognition, running against Mary Moriarty’s spouse and at least one candidate who spent $70K to try to build name recognition, in a runoff. That took her to the final round, today:

Her opponent is Heather Edelson – a sitting Legislator whose sole “accomplishment” was writing a bill that would have banned gas powered lawn mowers in the state. “Lawncare Barbie” has name recognition – and literally nothing else.

Simonetti’s a dark horse – but given the tiny turnout in these special elections for county races, anything is possible.


  • If you live in the area in the map above – basically all of Henco south of 394 and west of 169 – get to the polls. Bring your family. Extort your kids. Whatever it takes.
  • If you don’t live in this district, make sure any family you do have in the area turn out and vote for Simonetti.

This would really shock the world.

So let’s do it

Lab Report

To: Central Science Bureau, Planet Xymorg.
From: Forward Observation Base, Dark Side of Sole Moon, Planet Terra, Sol System
Re: Initial Observations

Central Bureau,

Enclosed please find the report on our observations of the inhabitants of planet Terra (aka “Earth”).


Our team observed the inhabitants of Terra via an extensive observation of “Advertisements” – a Terran form of content carefully calibrated to simultaneously reflect and suggest reality.

As Terrans accept this as reality, so shall this experiment.


According to statistics compiled from ten solar cycles of observation of Terran “Advertising”, we conclude the following:

Social Hierarchy: Terran social hierarchy appears to be organized, in descending order of social standing:

  • Females of the species, of all ages and ethnicities. Observation of human advertisements indicates females of the species comprise the executive, management, professional, warrior and intellectual classes. They appear to be the sole capable decision makers.
  • Children – again of all ages and ethnicities.
  • Males of most age and ethnic classes, who apparently are considerably less capable as executives, managers, professional sand warriors than the women.
  • Males of the “caucasoid” class. Analysis of “advertising” content indicates adult caucasian males are a highly specialized subspecies adapted to and adept in “home improvement” and “hardware stores” and shopping for beer, and otherwise of no value to human social structures.. A subset of this class appear to be predisposed to being masterminds of what terrans call “evil”..

Social structure: Terran families appear to fall into three categories, displayed in descending order of statistial occurrence:

  • Matched pairs of males and females, from different ethnic categories. Regardless of respective ethnicity, the social dynamics observed reflect the observations above; the females are the decision makers, while the males of all ethnicities appear to be incapable of any executive function.
  • Matched pairs of caucasian males and females. In these couples, again, the patterns noted above are observed; the female makes the decisions, with the males apparently unable to function in this capacity outside the aforementioned categories (“home improvement” and “beer”).
  • Matched same-gender pairs, who are apparently the sole classification of coupling comprised of competent equals.

Manifestations of Society: Observations of the “advertising” content indicate that human activity is overwhelmingly focused on:

  • Medicating ailments
  • Preparing and Consuming food
    • An apparently constant, possibly ceremonial refabrication of their dwellings – roofs, windows, floors and waste removal facilities. This appears to take on religious significance .

Social Hierarchy: The Terran social hierarchy as observed in “advertising” content appears to be based around a triune religio-governmental structure:

  • “Real Housewives” – these are apparently centralized councils of female rulers and their retinues of male drones (see observations above)
  • An executive authority composed of a deified “Oprah”, with vice-deities “Beyoncé” and “Taylor Swift”

Further study is warranted.

Quiet. But Not Too Quiet.

It was six months ago today that I got tired of presiding over a junior high locker room in my comments section.

I shut down comments for two weeks. Some ‘problem’ commenters went away. So, unfortunately, did some memorably good ones.

The vibe is different. I think I’m OK with that.

Thoughts in the comments.

I’ve Never Been Less Proud To Be An American

Believe me – the Biden Administration has kept on giving me moments; the Afghan debacle,, the Nurembadelphia speech; yapping about “shinkflation” of potato chips.

But this may be the big daddy of them all.

So far.

Biden, as we noted yesterday, is playing pattycake with military supplies to Israel as it fights an existential war against Iranian proxies in Gaza:

They are most particularly threatening to cut off supplies of the precision-guided weapons that make it feasible to fight an urban war without indiscriminately slaughtering the civilians that Hamas are using for human shields.

Biden defends his action by saying he wants to emphasize “Defensive’ weapons, like “Iron Dome”.

The problem with seeing defense as being entirely about defending is that it gives the initiative to the attacker.

Let’s say you are worried about a gang of 2-3 people who’ve been doing home invasions. You have two doors (and no windows large enough to let someone larger than Nicole Mitchell) into your house. You have your significant other. All covered, right?

Well, sort of. The home invaders control who comes, and when, and through which door or doors. You have to defend just as actively against them at noon on Wednesday at at 4AM on Sunday morning. And when they come, it’ll be at a time of their choosing, through the door (or, having read about Nicole Mitchell) window of their choosing.

So much better to hit the home invaders first – to choose the time and place of your showdown, and not have to worry nearly as much about your windows and doors, right?

Of course, if it was you and your significant other, literally, you’d be breaking the law – but the metaphor holds for nations. Saying a nation can “just defend their borders, using only defensive, not offensive, weapons”, is simplistic, even childishly naive. It presumes that attackers are stupid, and will attack you exactly when and how you predicted.

Unfortunately, attackers are creative; they’ll attack you in ways you never expect as you stand ready to defend against an attack they never intended to make, or never expected to see again, or by finding weaknesses in your defenses they can exploit at a time and place of their choosing.

“We’ll just defend ” is the fallback position of the illiterate at best, the deluded and bufuddled at worst.

Or, in the case of our current, vile administration, both.

Little Boxes Made Of Ticky-Tack

A friend of the blog emails:

I don’t know how I feel about this one.

On one hand, I don’t think that what the developer wants to do is a bad design. I’m sick of the developers squeezing in tiny 800 square feet apartments everywhere and charging high rents and making places artificially trendy.

Also, I love that CM Noecker reminds everyone that the specific zoning for the area was asked for by the neighbors and that should mean something-

 “It’s this recent community process that says this should not be RM2, it should be RM1,” Noecker said. “There is a value and a status in plans that are community-created and then adopted by this body. … The community has said we specifically don’t want this parcel to be RM2.” 

The community process was a backlash against CM Jalali’s election to the council because those neighbors knew that Jalali has never met a developer that she doesn’t like on Marshall Avenue.

But, those Merriam Park Marshall Avenue neighbors are the same neighbors who constantly think that they run the entire city and they think that gives them the right to tell other neighborhoods what they need and don’t need. They meddle so much, that I think they kind of get what they deserve in their own neighborhood, too. If I were like them, I’d organize a loud group of people to shout at the council that Marshall Avenue needs this space to be 7 Townhomes with greater floor area ratio and if they don’t support it, they’re just racist.

I’m not them, so I won’t. But, the other reason that I don’t really know how I feel about this vote is that I don’t know if I want too much precedent set in the “community process” in this town. After all, those same Merriam Park Marshall Avenue residents who are the activists that are trying to remove I94 through “community process.” 

*Sigh* We just someday need better choices on the ballot- voting ought to be the community process.

These apartments are pretty clearly built on the cheap by developers with an “in” with the city council. In 50 years they will be slums.

And the people voting for our oh-so-special city council, and/or their descendants, will be turning Woodbury and Inver Grove Heights into blighted cesspools.

You’ve Got To Destroy Democracy To Save It

Brazil is going through an exaggerated version of the US’s current gyrations; between a “right wing” leader who, the expert class told us, “is going to destroy democracy“, to a left-wing oligarch who is actually destroying democracy in the name of “saving democracy”.

In particular, they – and their American, Democrat party (and American big-media allies) are trying to crush free speech, to, er…


…”save” it.

Michael Shellenberger is on the front lines. Expand the tweet to read the whole thing:

Berg’s Seventh Law in action; the party that is (or was) the first to bleat about McCarthyism, is the McCarthyist party:

“Mr. Shellenberger,” [Rep. Kamlager-Dove, D-CA] said to me yes or no? Is it true that you have repeatedly published false information that defamed public figures who are dedicated to combating disinformation?”…

Long story short:

Remember this when NPR yaps about their “disinformation” efforts.

Next Time Governor Klink Yaps About The Economy

Once the colonoscopy removes all that smoke the DFL and media have been blowing into your distal colon, the news about Minnesota’s business climate just ain’t good:

Published last week, Chief Executive’s list of 2024 Best & Worst States for Business ranked Minnesota near the bottom at No. 41. The result isn’t much different from last year when Minnesota ranked at No. 40. Over 500 CEOs and business owners were surveyed across the U.S.

Turns out you can only pay so many taxes for so few badly-allocated “services” before you start looking into that “Galt” guy.

Dance With The Nebbish That Brung You

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

US put a hold on an ammunition shipment to Israel.

The United States is now objectively supporting terrorism. 

Joe Doakes

When you remember that:

  • Biden’s biggest funders (other than sending 10% to the Big Guy) are people like George Soros, who detest Israel, and
  • Biden needs that “Uncommitted” pro-genocide vote to “come home” by November…

…it all starts to make sense.

Shock The World?

I had Marisa SImonetti on my show the weekend before last. She’s a conservative candidate for Hennepin County Commissioner. She’s running for the District Six seat:

In the intervening weeks, she came in second in the run-off election to run against Heather Edelson to represent the southwestern part of Hennepin County:

“Heather Edelson?”, you may say. “Have I heard of her?”

Why yes. She was in the MN Legislature, defeating Dario Anselmo in the 2022 election. Her sole “accomplishent” was writing legislation that would ban gas powered lawn mowers. Because that’s the issue – unpleasant noises in bucolic Edina side streets – that keeps working Minnesotans up at night.

She wants to leave the legislature and bring that amazing freaking talent to the Henco Board.

Now, Edelson (and her record of stunning, courageous achievements) have a ton of name recognition.

But Simonetti got over 30% of the vote in the qualifying round. And with enough name recognition, and enough pissed-off people of all parties bum-rushing the polls next week, we could really shock the world, here.

Which is where you come in.

If you live in the district: Get to the polls. Bring friends and family. These county special elections are normally snooze fests; if people turn out, it’s winnable.

If you live outside the district? Call your friends who live there. Get them out to the polls. Drive them. Ply them with cigarettes and liquor, I don’t care.

I’ll be interviewing Simonetti on my show on Saturday.

Let’s send Heather back home, to listen to gas mowers all day long.

Tu Quoque

Trump is going to speak at the Lincoln/Reagan dinner – one of the MNGOP’s big annual fundraisers.

The DFL thinks they’re onto something.

It’s so cute that the DFL thinks that most Trump voters don’t know this – I know many who stopped holding their noses and switched to full-face respirators to vote for him.

But we – especially if “we” are working class Minnesotans whose paychecks are 20% smaller than they were five years ago, and whose food budgets have gone up by half – might be willing to give it another shot at this rate.

Why do Democrats have such problems with cognitive dissonance?