A Sort Of Homecoming

Today’s Columbus Day.  Which, to me, is the 30th anniversary of the day I set out to move from my hometown of Jamestown, North Dakota to the Twin Cities…

…and failed.  Long story, which I told here about ten years ago.

It was October of 1985.  I’d graduated from college almost six months earlier – and, as they say, “failed to launch”, at least immediately. I’d worked on a roofing and siding job, and at a bookstore, and put some money away as I’d tried to figure out what I was going to do after college – until I made the decision in a bout of drunken whimsy two weeks earlier.

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With More “Victories” Like This…

SCENE:  Avery LIBRELLE is switching a regular cucumber label to an organic cuke when he sees Mitch BERG picking out a piece of ginger root.  LIBRELLE walks over to BERG.  

LIBRELLE:  Hey, Merg!

BERG: Huh?  Oh, sh…hi, Avery.  What’s up?

LIBRELLE:  We won a huge victory over the NRA!

MITCH:  Oh yeah?

LIBRELLE:  Yeah!  Now, people won’t be able to kill people in schools!

MITCH:  Er, Avery?  Guns are already illegal on school grounds. It’s federal law.  Of course, the only people it affects are people with carry permits.   It’s already illegal for anyone who doesn’t have a California permit to carry a gun in public, much less on school grounds.

LIBRELLE:  Right!  So they can’t go nuts and shoot up schools!

MITCH:  And your example of a person with a carry permit shooting up a school is…who?

LIBRELLE:  Hundreds!

MITCH:  Name one.

LIBRELLE:  It’s settled science.

MITCH:  OK.  One example?

LIBRELLE:  It’s settled.  That means the information has been sealed.  Anyway – this is a huge win.

MITCH:  Because now, people who carried guns legally, but not on school grounds, and who never have caused any problems at schools much less killed anyone, are double-barred from carrying guns…


MITCH:  While the criminals continue to do as they please.

LIBRELLE:  Hey! Trigger warning!

MITCH:  Huh?

LIBRELLE:  “Criminal” is racist!

(And SCENE).


Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Dear “Protesters:”

Holding a “die-in” at the St. Paul Marathon to let people know that Black Lives Matter is an asinine display of narcissism.  That event is packed full of Volvo-driving Alpaca-wearing Liberals who already support your cause.  Your antics will change no minds and raise no consciousness.  I want to see you laying down blocking traffic on Charles Avenue in Frogtown late at night when the ganstas are busy making deliveries.  Those are the people your message needs to reach.

Joe Doakes

What was it that Dinesh D’Souza said – crediting his high school teacher in India – about the social justice warriors of his day?  “If Gandhi had tried his form of passive resistance under the Germans instead of the British, he’d have become a  lampshade”.

Tangled Up In NARN

Today, the Northern Alliance Radio Network – America’s first grass-roots talk radio show – is on the air!

I’ll be out on assignment today.  Brad Carlson will be sitting in.

Don’t forget – King Banaian is on from 9-11AM on AM1570, and Brad Carlson will also be doing his usual “The Closer” edition of the NARN Sundays from 1-3PM.

So tune in the Northern Alliance! You have so many options:

Join us!

Every Debate With Almost Every Gun Control Advocate

I thought I’d post a quick guide to every single debate every single Real American has with every single gun-grabber.

Note that not all Grabbers go through all four rounds; the less-depraved and less-vacuous they are as people, the earlier they drop out.

Round 1:

GUN CONTROLLER:  <Starts with a round of “facts” that may or may not be in context, or even remotely true>

2ND AMENDENT ADVOCATE: <Debunks the first round of “facts” with actual facts, without breaking much of a sweat if it’s not their first time at the rodeo>

Round 2

GUN CONTROLLER:  “But we’ve got to doooooooooooooo something”

2ND AMENDMENT ADVOCATE:  “Crime is down 50% in 20 years; no single problem in society has responded as quickly and effectively as crime has responded to what we’re already doooooooing – which is liberalize gun laws for the law-abiding, and increase penalties for the criminals”.

Round 3

GUN CONTROLLER:  <Insert one of the following>:

  • Ad Hominem: “You’re paranoid”
  • Strawman:  “You care more for your guns than the lives of children!”
  • Non-Sequitur:  “What’s wrong with common sense gun control?”

2ND AMENDMENT ADVOCATE:  <Points out that each is not only a logical fallacy, but still easily debunked on factual grounds>

Round 4

(Note:  Only the most logically depraved Grabbers get to this point).

GUN CONTROLLER:  “Clearly you’re compensating for something”

2ND AMENDMENT ADVOCATE:  “Yes – the presence of evil in this world”, usually followed by checking out of the “Debate”.


The Obama Doctrine Of Statistics

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

 Do armed civilians stop mass shootings? The evidence is equivocal because, of course, if someone stops the shooter before he starts killing, there’s no way to prove for certain how many victims he would have shot.


Gun owners should adopt the Obama method: he claimed his economic policies resulted in nine million jobs created or saved. Can’t prove that, of course, because how do you prove a job-not-lost any more than a life-not-lost? But saying it’s so makes it so, right?

Armed citizens have saved millions and millions of lives as murderers were discouraged before they started killing or stopped before killing many victims. Saying it’s makes it so. Prove it’s not.

Joe Doakes

and remember – the standard on the left is “if it saves just one life…”

We are way, way past that…

Keep Guns Out Of The Hands Of Straw Men

Watch Mitch Berg ANNIHILATE More Liberal Hamsters!  Mind Blown!

UPDATE:  A key “source” in the piece I fisk has turned out to be fraud.  See the Update at the bottom of the story.. 

One of my long-time stalkers – who’s been tweenting about me at least ten times a day for the past six years, which may be as perfect a definition of “a wasted life” as I can imagine – has been spamming the Northern Alliance’s hashtag on Twitter and Facebook with…well, random collections of factoids gathered from Googling, apparently.

And in so doing, he introduced me to yet another article in Raw Story – aka “liberal-friendly news even dumber than The Awl.”

This time, it’s entitled (with that usual online news biz subtlety) “‘It’s insane’: Combat veterans shoot down NRA ‘fantasy world’ of ‘good guys with guns’”

Now, we’ve pretty well  shredded Raw Story – whom I suspect just sold a ton of ads to “Everytown” or “MoveOn”or some other group that’s trying to run a PR war against the NRA, given the enthusiasm with which they’re reporting gun issues generating half-informed anti-gun content.

But even by Raw Story’s dubious standards, this is a dumb piece.  So dumb, in fact, that I’m not going to fisk the whole thing (as I did earlier this week).  Because while it’s a deeply stupid piece, it does touch on a key theme you need to know when you try to engage gun-grabbers.

Because like pretty much all aggressive, inflammatory anti-gun “journalism” cribbing fromn other left-leaning news sources today, it’s made up of:

  • Appeals to ridicule
  • Non-sequiturs
  • Strawmen

Har De Har Har:  Officialdom – cops, soldiers, paramedics, bureaucrats – always, always believe that nobody could do their jobs.  Sort of like union teachers believe homeschoolers can’t possibly, y’know, teach kids:

The NRA’s chief spokesman, Wayne LaPierre, infamously claimed following the Sandy Hook child massacre that “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” — but Rivera and other combat vets say that’s ridiculous.

“I think they would absolutely panic,” [Sgt. Rafael Noboa y Rivera] told The Nation. [Editor’s note: Rivera served as Raw Story’s associate publisher in 2013.]…“I think there’s this fantasy world of gunplay in the movies, but it doesn’t really happen that way,”…

Well, thanks, Sergeant Obvious.

To be fair (something Raw Story will not), it’s entirely possible there are law-abiding shooters out there who do think it’s like the movies.

But you don’t go through any sort of concealed-carry training with any such illusions – any more than any cop or soldier.

But while we’re on the topic of cops and soldiers…:

“When I heard gunfire [in Iraq], I didn’t immediately pick up my rifle and react. I first tried to ascertain where the shooting was coming from, where I was in relation to the gunfire and how far away it was. I think most untrained people are either going to freeze up, or just whip out their gun and start firing in that circumstance.”

Right.  In combat, where the situation is fluid and confusing and the adrenaline and stress are overwhelming, lots of training is required to survive, much less make sure you don’t kill the wrong person.   And for police work, where there generally isn’t an “enemy” and situations can be incredibly ambiguous (ambiguous enough that police departments grant cops a lot of qualified immunity for the inevitable, inadvertent, accidental shootings of the wrong people in the line of duty), lots of training is a legal, moral and tactical imperative.


Complete The Thought, Now…:  …self-defense is not combat, and it’s not police work.

As we pointed out in Monday’s piece, there are 3-4 criteria that a civilian – not a soldier in combat, or a cop on duty – must follow for a shooting to be considered legal self-defense [1].  And “hearing a shooting, and running to engage the shooter”, depending on your state and the zeal of the prosecutor, might very well violate two of them (“The Threat Must Be Immediate” and “Duty to Retreat”).

There’s a flip side to that; while hearing gunfire in the distance is chock full of nasty, lethal ambiguities, there are certain situations that are not ambiguous at all:

None of these situations are remotely ambiguous.  You don’t need military training, or police experience, or even to have an IQ above 75, to know exactly what is going on.  You need nothing special in terms of knowledge to know that each of these situations is an immediate threat to your life.  Right now.  

And you don’t need any special training (although practice and drilling and, yes, training certainly help) to respond.

Which brings us to the next non-sequitur:

Stephen Benson first learned during Navy SEAL training that carrying a gun would be more likely to expose him to gun violence.

That lesson directly contradicts the message promoted by the National Rifle Association and increasingly cited by gun owners as their motivation for buying a firearm, reported The Nation [There’s a freaking shock].

“It’s insane,” Benson said, recalling how his military training exposed the lie behind the most persistent pro-gun argument.

“We put on our issue .45s, and our instructor said, ‘Gentlemen, the first and most important thing you’ve done by putting on that weapon is you’ve increased your chances of being in a gunfight by 100 percent,’” he said.

[By the way – this last couple of paragraphs tripped my BS detector.  And as Joe Doakes showed in the comments, my BS detector is better than Raw Story’s, or my stalker’s.  See the UPDATE below]

After which the SEALS (who are not, to the best of my knowledge, “issued” .45s, although it’s entirely possible Mr. Benson went through “SEAL training” before 1985) did what?  Learned de-escalation techniques and put the guns away?

No – they learned how to win gunfights.  It’s their job.

For civilians, it is a non-sequitur; if you carry (concealed, usually – not openly, inviting a pre-emptive strike), it should decrease your chance of ever getting into a fight of any kind, since avoiding fights becomes an imperative.  It also decreases your chance of being defenseless against a lethal threat.  To zero?  No – sometimes it just doesn’t work, But the record is good: hundreds of justifiable homicides a year; tens of thousands of defensive gun uses, mostly with no shots fired; crime rates lowered with no gun use needed at all.

Said No Law Abiding Civilian Gun Owner, Ever:  The rest of the article is more of the same; this sort of thing:

“Unless it’s constantly drilled into you, it’s very hard to maintain discipline in those situations,” [former ATF agent and Vietnam veteran ]  told The Nation. “You’re immediately hit with a massive thump of adrenaline…conscious thought shuts down because you’ve been taken over by your nervous system, and your nervous system is saying, ‘Holy sh*t, things just got really bad.’”…“Someone can always say, ‘If your mother is being raped by 5 people, wouldn’t you want her to have a gun?’ Well, okay, if you put it that way, I’d say yes — but that’s not a likely scenario.”

Well, duh.  It’s not likely to happen to anyone’s given mom on any given day.  But if it’s any given mom, and that mom doesn’t wanna get raped, is Mr. Benson saying that there’s any ambiguity in the situation requiring any special training ?

Any at all?

 “The question is: If you see someone running out of a gas station with a gun in their hand, do you want an untrained person jumping out and opening fire?” the former ATF agent said. “For me, the answer is clearly ‘no.’”

Far be it from me to question the qualifications of an ATF agent – an elite, utterly-qualified federal agency that gave guns to narcotraficantes  but the “answer is clearly no” to any citizen with a carry permit and no badge, too.   Jumping out and firing at people who aren’t a direct threat to you can get you in trouble with the wrong prosecutor – and even, sometimes justifiably, the right ones.

Look – we get it.  If you have a heart attack as you’re walking down the aisle at Target, you’d like the first person to come along to be a cardiologist, not a receptionist with a cell phone and a six-months-old Red Cross first aid card.  If you’re is stranded in a blizzard, you’d like it to happen as you pull up to a Embassy Suites with a trunkful of “Free Evening With Champagne” coupons rather than in the middle of the prairie with a candle, a bag of Snickers bars and a space blanket.  And if you’re stuck in a room at your church when a pasty-faced forty-something loser in a “Minnesota Progressive Project” t-shirt barges in with a .25 automatic, you’d like there to just happen to be an off-duty cop with a service  Glock in the room with you rather than some random guy with a carry permit.

But if the only thing standing between you and personal extinction is that secretary, that candle and those snickers, or tha pudgy projectile-sweating middle-aged guy holding a pistol in his shaky hands, are you going to say “No! I choose death on priciple, you mere pretenders!”

I’m gonna guess not.

Especially since – all the derision from Raw Story The Nation notwithstanding – the regular schlemiel’s record is pretty good, all in all.

UPDATE:  Mr. Benson, the “SEAL”, who gave the spiel about the “Instructor” in “SEAL Training” that “warned him” about the risk of “gunfights” if he”carried a gun” like “SEALs” do, tripped my BS detector even as I quoted him.  I thought Mr. Benson sounded more like Heather Martens than Marcus Luttrell.

And as Joe Doakes pointed out in the comments– my BS detector is pretty darn good after all .  Mr. Benson, the “SEAL”, is a fraud.  He duped The Nation:

The original story identified a source as a combat veteran and former Navy SEAL. A records search has since revealed that he significantly exaggerated his military record. His comments have been removed from the article, and the headline has been changed. We apologize to our readers.

Of course, Raw Story doesn’t favor us with that factoid in their copy and paste job.  And my not-very-smart stalker is probably gonna find it a surprise as well.

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Airman First Class Spencer Stone – one of the heroes of last summer’s episode on the French train, when Stone and two American friends disarmed and subdued a Muslim terrorist with an assault rifle – has been stabbed in the chest.

Stone is apparently in stable condition.

Sacramento police said it was a random happenstance, not related to the incident in France.

Still looking to see if Homeland Security is rounding up “right wing terrorists” as suspects.

Some Blog Housekeeping

I’m going to introduce you to one new feature on this blog, and throw in a mention of one that’s been around for years.

The new one?  “A Guy With A Gun” – a list of episodes where a citizen with a firearm has interrupted a mass shooting.  This information has beens scattered about the blog for years (and it still is; the page is a work in progress); now, this blog has a one-stop page for episodes.  As episodes come to my attention, I’ll be adding them.  Feel free to leave new episodes in the comment section.

Another that’s been around a while, but that I’ll be updating more aggressively, is “Climate of Hate“.   I first started the page 5.5 years ago, as a response to the left’s conceit that there was an epidemic of right-wing violence in this country; it is, in fact, the left that resorts to violence first.

Got new episodes of either mass-shootings ended by citizens, or of lefty violence (or particularly ugly threats or transference)?  Leave a comment in either page (or here – but this post will soon crawl away to obscurity, while the Pages will be up top forever…)

Note:  Unlike everywhere else in this blog, off-topic or threadjacking comments on either of these pages will be deleted without any further ceremony or warnin – as will on-topic comments once I’ve decided if the subject matter merits inclusion or not.

A Nation Of Classical Philosophers

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

America was founded on the belief that people were endowed by their Creator with certain rights, including the right to life, which carries with it the right to defend one’s life from those who would take it.  A gun-free zone denies effective self-defense which jeopardizes the right to life; it is an unjust law.

The classical philosophers from St. Augustine and Abraham Lincoln through Thoreau, Martin Luther King and Gandhi agree we have a moral duty to disobey unjust laws.

Turns out, guns are common on that Oregon college campus despite the gun-free policy.   Lots of classical philosophers there.  Good for them!

Wonder how long before someone complains that students who carry on campus make others feel “unsafe” so the school must expel them?

Joe Doakes

Just you watch.

Open Letter To Netflix

To: Netflix
From: Mitch Berg, Angry Viewer
Re: Grrrr

Dear Mr. Flix,

It’s a good thing Narcos is so very, very good.

Because it might almost make up for you cancelling Lilyhammer.


Seriously:  how am I supposed to tell my granddaughter the world is a decent place when Lilyhammer is cancelled, while Orange is the New Black just keeps on and on?

That is all.

The Lawyer’s Burden

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Catholics in Medieval times had to do penance for remission of sin every so often, lest they die in a state of sin and be denied heaven.  The penance was usually some physically unpleasant thing like kneeling for hours in prayer or wearing a scratchy shirt all day. That was a nuisance for the penitent and helped nobody else, so the Church decided it’d be okay to pay money for forgiveness instead doing penance.  The practice died out after a certain German priest threw a fit about it, but the precedent is there.

Minnesota lawyers must sit through two hours of penance every three years, lest they perpetuate Bias In The Legal Profession.  It’s not physical but being harangued by harridans is still unpleasant. That’s a nuisance for busy people and helps nobody else.  It’s time to resurrect the old system of selling indulgences – I’ll send them a check, they’ll pretend I’m cured of bias.  Think of all the money we could raise, all the lawyers we could hire for poor people.  And their children!  Do it for the children.

Joe Doakes

They’ll have the children in those classes before too long.

Unclear On The Concept

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo presides over a state that led the nation in attempting to ratchet up gun control after the Sandy Hook massacre.  It also includes New York City, where gun crime is surging in the wake of those restrictions (and, to be fair, Bill DeBlasio’s hapless attitude toward law enforcement, which is rapidly undoing the progress of the Giuliani era).  While the “surge” isn’t close to seventies-era levels (when 2,200 a year were being killed), it’s still shaping up to be much worse than the 300 or so from the Giuliani and Bloomberg eras.

Anyway – Cuomo’s proposed solution:  More gun control.

And to get it, he wants to shut down government to get the GOP to go along:

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reiterated his call for Democrats to shut down government in order to force Republicans to support gun control.

Cuomo first issued this demand on September 26 while speaking at the funeral of ex-aide Carey Gabay, who was shot and fatally wounded in one of the numerous shootings surrounding the Labor Day J’Ouvert celebration in Brooklyn.

The New York Daily News quoted Cuomo saying:

If the far right is willing to shut down the government because they don’t get a tax cut for the rich, then our people should have the same resolve and threaten to shut down the government if they don’t get a real gun control law to stop killing of their innocents.

Cuomo doubled down on this demand following the heinous October 1 attack on innocents at Umpqua Community College, saying, “I’d love to see the Democrats stand up and say, ‘We’re going to shut down the federal government or threaten to shut down the government if we don’t get real gun control legislation,’”

Opportunity knocks.

The Boogeyman

The NYTimes’ “Room For Debate” feature – which generally gathers a bunch of liberals and a token conservative or two to laboriously discuss issues – currently features the question “Is the NRA Still Invincible”.

This time, the series features a piece by Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds, who notes, quite correctly, that it’s a matter of trust – and that as people trust government less and less, they are forced to trust themselves more and more.

“But that’s just paranoid!”, the left will respond.  “Government is…all of us”.

No it’s not.  Government is a bureaucracy that serves, primarily, itself.   And its actions, and indeed its statements, are less and less trustworthy as we go.

“Huh? What do you mean?”

As Reynolds points out – in 2008, Barack Obama pointed out that “we’re not coming for your guns”.  Last week, though, he listed as his model for gun control Australia – which carried out a gun confiscation that was incredibly draconian by Western standards.  And even when they stay out of the realm of specific proposals, it doesn’t help that whenever they open their mouths, they’re lying.  Every time.  No exceptions.

Is the NRA invincible?  It’s irrelevant; in many states (Minnesota included) the NRA is a marginal player.  It’s the people that make the Second Amendment human rights movement a juggernaut.  Not invincible, mind you; we came within a cat’s whisker of losing the Second Amendment 40 years ago.  We can’t let our guard down like that ever again.

Our House

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Immigrants stormed the Chunnel and got 10 miles toward Britain before police stopped them.  Refugees or invaders?
New estimates show the vast wave of immigrants moving to Europe is about 25% refugees fleeing violence in Syria, and the rest young men from Balkan countries looking for a better welfare deal in Northern countries, hoping they can bring their families to join them.  They’re not fleeing violence, just Third World squalor, possibly of their own making.  Northern Europeans are showing signs of reluctance to admit unlimited numbers of violent freeloaders and the usual suspects are aghast.  How to explain the problem in terms ordinary people can understand?
You’re at home.  It’s a stormy night.  There’s a knock at the door.  You flip on the light and see a family huddled on your stoop.  “Our car broke down, it’s pouring, we saw your light; can we wait inside for our ride?”  Sure, why not?   As you’re getting them towels, another knock.  More stranded motorists, needing more towels, and something hot to drink.  Another knock, a bunch of young men who saw the lights and figured there was a party, some head to the kitchen to raid your fridge and one is feeling up your daughter.  Another knock . . . .
At what point do you say “That’s it! This is my house, everybody get the hell out!”
Joe Doakes

Depends on who you ask, naturally.

This is yet another issue where Libertarians – who often favor unrestricted immigration – have their feet planted firmly in the clouds.  Unrestricted immigration may make perfect sense – if the immigrants are all autonomous gentlemen farmers who match the local population of, well, autonomous gentleman farmers.

As opposed to, y’know, uninvited guests.

Watch Mitch Berg DESTROY This Liberal Hamster’s Argument With This One Weird Trick

Check Out Paragraph Nine.  Mind Blown.

The website “Raw Story” is, in general , almost as useless as Buzzfeed; at least Buzzfeed has some really cool recipes, which Raw Story utterly lacks.

Raw Story (henceforth RS) is as useless as “The Awl”.  There.  Got it.

Anyway, they ran a piece last week about the Oregon shooting that claimed that guns were useless for defending against mass shootings because…

…one shooter has a solid sense of physical and legal self-preservation.

But they sure think they’re onto something, as evidenced by their cool-handed, measured, sober headline:

Armed vet destroys gun nuts’ argument on mass shooters by explaining why he didn’t attack Oregon killer

So let’s look at the story and see what gets “destroyed”.

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You’ve Got A Lot Of Nerve…

The Saint Paul City Council, “just for fun”, has opted to honor former Minneapolitan Bob Dylan by renaming part of Fourth Street “Positively Fourth Street”, in honor of a Dylan song (named, most likely, after a street in Greenwich Village).

I’d like to offer a similar resolution; let’s start renaming streets after colors of the rainbow.

Then we can have a little fun with the never-ending nightmare of road work on Snelling Avenue by saying we’re “Tangled Up In Blue”.

It’s as close as well get to a better pun in Saint Paul, whose city government is locked in the late sixties, ensuring the Times will Never A-Change.

Rules For The Paleo Man

Last week, the NYTimes published a piece by a Brian Lombardi, “27 Rules for the Modern Castratus” – retitled “27 Rules for the Modern Man” at publication time.  In it, he spelled out a list of “rules” for what passes for a “modern man” among NYTimes readers and staff – a few that were pure common sense, and a bunch more that seemed to devolve from some combination of “feminization” and “slavery to marketing”.

And while the criticism of the piece was immediate and usually hi-freaking-larious, I figured it was high time we codified the rules for those of us who consider modernity to be a cancer when it comes to matters of eternal principle.

And so I present “Rules for the Paleo Man”

  1. The Paleo man does a good job, whatever his job is.  He also knows it’s his responsibility alone to know what “good job” means, and how to do it.
  2. A Paleo man presents himself to the world exactly as he needs to to be appreciated as what he is; whether a CEO, a plumber, a soldier or a radiology technician, he says what he needs to say, does what he needs to do, wears what he needs to wear to convey the impression that he does a good job.  Fashions and trends and brand names are irrelevant; being seen as a good investment of others’ time and stewards of others’ investment, property, well-being or safety is.
  3. The Paleo man respects himself.  He treats himself accordingly in his personal habits.
  4. Because the Paleo man respects himself, he respects others, and acts accordingly.  It also means he keeps the opinions of others in proper perspective; they’re feedback, not guideposts.
  5. The Paleo man respects women in general, and his significant other in particular.
  6. The Paleo man has integrity; he practices what he preaches, and he only preaches what he needs to.
  7. The Paleo man takes care of his kids, whatever it takes.
  8. The Paleo man protects himself, his loved ones, his neighbors and his property; whether childproofing his living room or becoming proficient with a shotgun – and teaching them how to do the same – he learns, and does, what needs to be done.
  9. The Paleo man has the tools he needs to do all of the above; whether that tool is a socket set, a book on “Diaper Changing for Dummies”, a melon baller, a new Java Virtual Machine, a shotgun or an Armani, he knows, obtains and takes care of the tools he needs to earn a living, care for and protect his family.  Brands and fashions and trends don’t matter to him; effectiveness does.
  10. A Paleo man doesn’t need a list of rules to tell him any of this.
  11. A Paleo man doesn’t tell others how to live their lives.  And he quietly dismisses others who try to tell him how to live his.
  12. A Paleo man only goes into a club with a DJ if it’s a very promising date.   Otherwise, it’s either a live band, or a jukebox.


Taking Back The Tenth Amendment By Default

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

America was founded on the belief that people were endowed by their Creator with certain rights, including the right to life, which carries with it the right to defend one’s life from those who would take it.  A gun-free zone denies effective self-defense which jeopardizes the right to life; it is an unjust law.


The classical philosophers from St. Augustine and Abraham Lincoln through Thoreau, Martin Luther King and Gandhi agree we have a moral duty to obey just laws, and a moral duty to disobey unjust laws.


Turns out, guns are common on that Oregon college campus despite the gun-free policy.   Lots of classical philosophers there.  Good for them!


Joe Doakes

That may be the best hope for democracy that we have; much of our society – at least between the Hudson and the Sierra Madre – is becoming in tune with the idea of nullifying laws by ignoring them.

At least when it comes to gun free zones, speed limits and the like.

You gotta start somewhere.


Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

My brother claims the reason I hate light rail has nothing to do with public transportation, and everything to do with Junior High math. See the problem is, I want to meet my buddy for beer after work, but if my train leaves Saint Paul at 5:00 and his leaves Minneapolis at 5:15, both traveling 35 miles an hour and randomly hitting the lights, which bar will we meet and what time? Last one to arrive buys and it’s always me. I think my brother is on to something.

Some days, you’ll meet on the part of the Green Line where the only bar will be the White Castle.