I Heard It On The NARN

Doug Willletts is running for MN Senate in SD51 against Sandy Masin.

John Lott’s Newsweek article and RCP piece. Here’s the Crime Prevention Research Center.

And Diane Napper is running for the MN State Senate in SD63 against Patricia Torres Ray.

By the way, I specifically and explicitly offer equal time – let’s call it a “challenge to take the equal time” – to Senators Torres Ray and Masin.

I Heard It On The NARN

Alexander Buster Deputie is running for the MN State Senate in SD67 – the East Side, the Senate side of John Thompson’s seat. By all means, help him out – and if you know any Eastsiders who are sick and tired of paying Saint Paul’s insane taxes but having law enforcement called a “racist privilege” anyway, have a word with them.

Kyle Hooten writes for AlphaNews Minnesota. He’s been covering how the Soros-funded “Minnesota Freedom Fund” is paying bail for people whose “peaceful protest” includes beating people nearly to death. By the way – here’s a GoFundMe for one of Lionel Timms’ victims.

I Heard It On The NARN

Here’s the link to the Free Minnesota Coalition. The Government Oppression Hotline is (844) RIGHTS-0 (which is 1-844-744-4870, if you prefer. They want to file a case next week, so get on board fast if you’ve got a case – or would like to donate money or (if you’re a lawyer) time.

Here are the twitter links to the two CDC studies on Covid transmission:

This one was from last week – a CDC article about a study in Hong Kong.

This one came out this morning – in re an outbreak in a call center in South Korea.

Finally – “How Cowardice and Class Privilege Shift Shift Support for Coronavirus Lockdowns”.

I Heard It On The NARN

We had a couple calls to action on this week’s show.

Opioid Law Reform

Here’s the link to Rep. Munson’s fact page on opioid law reforms and his “intractable pain” bill, HF3746, which will reform the blunt-force abuses in MInnesota’s prescription opioid laws. The current law forces professionals – doctors, physician assistants, dentists, pharmacists and even veterinarians – to be far, far too cautious about helping people with long-term, intractable pain.

Please – call your legislators and have them support HF3746 (and its upcoming companion in the Senate).

The Truth about Coronavirus

And here’s Dr. Cathaleen Madsen’s piece on the realities of dealint with the Covid19 virus – and, really, all viral epidemics. Read it and be informed – something the mainstream media, in its lust to undercut the Trump administration, will effect only as a last resort.

I Heard It On The NARN

Dave Hughes has a strong shot at shocking the world up on the Minnesota Seventh.  Every dollar helps.

Shane Mekeland is running for MN House in 15B . He’ll be replacing Jim Newberger up in the greater Becker area.

Jason Lewis is running for re-election in MN CD2.  He could use a hand.

Pam Myhra is running for State Auditor – the only auditor among the two major-party candidates.  She could use a hand.

Jim Newberger is running for US Senate against Amy “The Kavanator” Klobuchar – rated as the worst boss in the US Senate.   Please help him out.

And yes, you can help Doug Wardlow usher Keith Ellison out of public life.   Please do.