NPR’s “On The Media”: Fake Analysis Of “Fake News”

There are a few things in the American media for which I have more contempt than the WNYC  program “On The Media”. I’ve written about it in the past – it’s an NPR show, hosted by Bob Garfield and Brooke Gladstone, that seems to be based around the premise the journalist is a noble order of high priest of information, having a salonic conversation about the rarefied heights of American journalism.

In point of fact, it’s a Democrat party propaganda mill, no different than “Occupy Democrats” or any of the left’s other “fake news” mills.

Prosecutors exhibit A? This past weekend’s broadcast, which focused on “not normalizing Trump”.

And as a Tfump non-supporter and someone who was taught journalism by old-school practitioners who actually valued telling the story, rather than achieving a political goal,, I get it.

Of course, when OTM talks about “not normalizing” someone like Donald Trump, not a word will be mentioned about the media having normalized bald-faced support for Hillary Clinton, at a level that we have once been considered a crime against journalism.

Bonus visit bit of nausea induction: as a guest, Bob Garfield interviewed George Lakoff, a noted linguist who pointed out the techniques that Trump has mastered in turning  peoples opinions on their heads, and the need to not normalize that sort of thing…

Of course, Garfield didn’t mention that Lakoff has been working, and as I recall been paid for quite some time now, to try to do exactly what the program complains about Trump doing; trying  to turn language to the service of Democrats.

Apparently they didn’t think we needed to know that.

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  1. Liberal press, conservative press, blogs and Alt-right media forever sees crisis, crusades, movements and hob-goblins where there are none.

  2. Someone who thinks he or she is the best person in the country to be President isn’t “normal” to begin with.

  3. I enjoyed the ‘fake news’ story of the pedophilia ring running out of D.C. pizza restaurant. Are we allowed to call these people idiots yet? Or are we still supposed to be keeping an open mind? They’re literally looking for secret tunnels in a random Washington DC pizza joint, like they’re Nicholas Cage.

  4. good luck getting NPR to admit that its programming and content have a liberal tilt.
    NPR lives in a world of delusion. It serves up an exquisitely politically correct ethnic mix of reporters and content to an audience that is very old, white, and educated:
    “Race & Ethnicity. The majority of the NPR audience (87%) identifies itself as
    white. Hispanics make up the second largest audience for NPR programming,
    comprising 7% of all listeners. African-Americans make up 33% of the NPR Jazz
    station listeners. Lifestyle and consumption patterns are similar for NPR listeners
    across ethnic groups.”
    The NPR audience does not look like America.
    NPR is educated white people on the coasts and the upper Midwest hijacking taxpayer dollars.

  5. “They’re literally looking for secret tunnels in a random Washington DC pizza joint, like they’re Nicholas Cage.”
    I blame the Russians!

  6. I’m astonished at you, Emery Incognito. How could you fail to remember the lesson I taught here:

    Update the lesson four more years, and throw in what we now know about officials looking away from some pedophile rings such as Rotherham, and ask why the standard is different? Why do we need proof beyond a scintilla of a doubt before beginning an investigation? How can we determine that the charge is fake without asking any questions?

    Well, no point in asking now, is there? Any half-way competent criminal would have moved the operation the day the story broke. Nothing to see there now.

    But notice how the media treatment of this story parallels the treatment of every Clinton scandal over the last 30 years? That, alone, is enough to make me wonder.

    “The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons.”

  7. And Emery? It’s not a “random pizza joint.” The owner (Jim Alefantis) has close associations with the Democrat party and Podesta. Alefantis made an appearance in the hacked Podesta emails (Russkis again!):
    Date: 2008-09-28 00:22
    Subject: Re: Comet Ping Pong and OBAMA…and Podesta?.

    I can probably get there around 8:30. Love to do somethind after
    politics and prose. Catch up on that early in the week.

    On 9/27/08, James A (Personal) wrote:
    > John,
    > Hello. Some young lawyer type friends of mine are hosting an Obama
    > Fundraiser at Comet Ping Pong on Thursday Night and then watching the
    > debate. Should be about 150 people and they are raising between 25
    > and 35 thousand dollars. Would you be willing to stop by around 8
    > o’clock or so and make a little speech. They (and I) would be
    > thrilled to have you of course. I understand if you are not available.
    > Also, I saw that you are reading at Politics & Prose soon. What can
    > we do afterward? Would you like to have a dinner at my places?!?
    > Big or small. What do you think?
    > See you soon.
    > Yours, James Alefantis

  8. I was exchanging comments on Facebook with someone about “fake news”. I was pointed to an NPR report where they tracked down one such fake news sort on a kitchen table in some suburban home. I noted that that was interesting, but wondered why they didn’t check their own lunchroom first.

  9. Emery, yes Dan Rather made a killing for years before finally getting caught with his pants down

  10. More fake news, this time from “The Week”: Yet as governor, he has worked diligently to get ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion in his state, and more importantly, used his pardon power to restore voting rights to over 109,000 ex-felons.
    A felon is a person who has committed a felony. You cannot become an ex-felon any more than you can become an ex-murderer.
    This is fake news in pursuit of a political objective. The law in VA did not revoke the rights of people convicted of crimes, only of crimes serious enough to be felonies. The writer wanted to say that voting rights had been restored to ex-cons, but since ex-cons have voting rights (felons don’t) he created the word “ex-felon” and misused it.

  11. NPR reporters are an especially thin skinned breed, in my experience. It may be because they see their careers as more tenuous than their privately financed ilk, but no one is quicker to look down along their noses with a distasteful sneer at alternative media, or mainstream media for that matter, than an NPR ink stained wretch; Bob Collins as much as anyone.

    That being said, publicly financed news organizations may be the one bright spot for the snowflakes out there squirting tears about the electoral college. As they say, 2.5 million Californians voted for Hillary than Trump got in total.

    That is a lot of leftists available to finance leftist news radio; unfortunately many are tuned into Pitbull on Spotify.

    Serious question for Bob, though. If I’m not mistaken, you used to cover Minnesota politics as a straight news reporter for MPR, before your blogging career blossomed. Do you think blowing your cover will ever come back to bite you?

    By that I mean, do you think you could ever recover enough credibility to do straight news again for an audience that expects plausible deniability, at a minimum, from a supposed unbiased source ?

  12. Bob Collins,

    For some reason, I had “APM” in their billboard in my head.

    OK. Changed it. Thanks.

  13. Update:

    I should have said “but, since the professional demise of Nick “I know stuff” Coleman, no one is quicker to look down along their noses with a distasteful sneer at alternative media, or mainstream media for that matter…”

  14. DG,

    I wish I could publish your comment. Because it is so utterly devoid of fact, it needs to be pointed out.

    But you were told to respond to the responses to this post before I’d let your comments out of moderation.

    Go there and respond. Because you’re wrong. And anyone wants to condescend to me, they’d damn well better pack the gear.

    You do not.

    Answer my questions at the link above, or find another playground.

    There is no “c”.

  15. SSOLS Emery alleged: “I understand ‘fake news’ can be quite a profitable enterprise.”

    It is a sure bet to pay better than comment thread plagiarization. Why not start your own fake blog, or better yet, throw in with teh Peevee’s already running operation?

  16. Since July 18th 2016 DGs blog has received 3591 hits, Total! For the whole site!
    Thats roughly 25.4 hits per day. Her audience is dropping off – she used to average nearly 30 hits a day
    By comparison this single thread has received over 300 hits today. It must really suck for her that she doesn’t have access to this audience that is obviously 1200% larger than hers.

  17. Dilbert creator, Scott Adams, may have been the first person to detect Trump’s linguistic skills. When I first read his observations, I thought he was being wry (being Scott Adams), but he was dead serious; and he was right.

  18. “I understand ‘fake news’ can be quite a profitable enterprise.”

    Brian Williams comes to mind. And Enderlin. And that hero of yours, Durante. And this is not talking about other same-minded libturds like you of a lesser ilk. I looked up top 10, 15, 20 and they are all like you – mud sucking slugs. You have been p0wned once again in a spectacular fashion. You are welcome.

  19. This morning WCCO radio news reported that a proposed new law Texas requires aborted babies to have “funerals”. This is not true. WCCO radio is fake news.

  20. Yeah, well, that’s WCCO. I never fall for fake news sites like that. I prefer the New York Times. My favorite there is Jayson Blair.

  21. <i.Since July 18th 2016 DGs blog has received 3591 hits

    Not a single one from me, ever. I thank those of you who are willing to expose yourself to the crazy. I’m not.

  22. My newspaper column took on fake news this week:

    “The Fallacy of Fake News”

    Question: What do “The Daily Show” television program, “The Onion” newspaper and Web site, and pretty much every tabloid magazine you see in the grocery checkout aisle have in common?

    Answer: They all pedal “fake news.”

    In the case of “The Daily Show,” they’ve loudly and proudly built their reputation around the idea that they’re a fake news show. Yet, millions of people, for much more than a decade, have tuned into the show to get their “news.” When Jon Stewart hosted the program, he routinely ducked criticism by hiding behind his Emperor’s New Clothes shield of being a fake news show, and fans adored him for it.

    In the case of “The Onion,” it’s been a fantastically satirical newspaper—based out of Madison, Wis.—since 1988, with an online presence beginning in 1996. Despite the fact it’s always been quite obviously a humorous satire “news” site, its stories have often been circulated, erroneously, as fact by reputable and less-reputable news organizations from around the world. Fun fact: President Obama never sent the nation a rambling 75,000-word e-mail back in Nov. 2010, despite “The Onion” article saying so being deemed genuine by the Fox Nation website.

    The point is, fake news has always been a part of the world media discourse, in a myriad of different forms and mediums, from America’s “yellow” journalism’s heyday in the late 1800s, probably going back to Neanderthals throwing rocks at each other etched with headlines like “Og Smells Like Goats” and “Balrog Kisses Mammoth Rear.”

    And yet, we’re now supposed to believe that half of Americans were hoodwinked into voting for Donald Trump, at least in part due to fake news articles circulating through their Facebook feeds. Suddenly, the very idea of fake news is an international emergency requiring intensely furrowed brows of concern, fainting couches and smelling salts.

    The same media organizations that insist fake news is a threat to the very fabric of society have elevated people like the Kardashians to positions of great importance when, in a just world, the Kardashians would be scrubbing Port-a-Potties with their tongues. The same media organizations that proclaim fake news is akin to the Visogoths sacking Rome nevertheless feverishly report on a 200 member gathering of some nothing organization called “alt-right” as if armies of millions of bigoted trolls are taking over our metropolitan centers nationwide.

    In other words, the same media organizations who are adamant fake news is the equivalent of John Wilkes Booth being granted an all access pass to Ford’s Theater are, in fact, creating reams and reams of their very own fake news and selling it as legitimate information. Most accepted real news is almost guaranteed to be fake in some way or another.

    I write all this with the full realization of the crushing irony inherent in me complaining about the fakeness of fake news outrage in the opinion section of a newspaper.

    So, yeah, this entire opinion piece is probably fake. Except for the Kardashians scrubbing Port-a-Potties with their tongues, which is totally true.

  23. The Onion is one of the funniest publications there is. It’s following the pioneers, Mad Magazine and National Lampoon.

  24. As noted by Twitterer “furious_a”

    CNN: fake Hands Up Don’t Shoot
    CBS: fake Texas ANG Memo
    Newsweek: fake Flushed Koran
    Rolling Stone: fake UVA Rape

  25. Yoss…. I know several people who get most of their news from the Daily Show. They actually think it is real news.

    Also today….NYT times is reporting today a “spike in hate crimes since Trump was elected”. If you read the details, the “spike” is a 6% increase. And one of the “crimes” was someone yelled “go back home” to a Muslim.

  26. Bill C on December 6, 2016 at 3:27 pm said:
    . . .
    I thank those of you who are willing to expose yourself to the crazy. I’m not.
    It’s been several months since my last visit. At that time Pen blog had a vibe of Jack Torrance thinking he was writing a novel, while he was really typing “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” thousands and thousands of times.

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  28. Jethrene, judging from the time I’m guessing you’re at work.

    Please tell me you are skiing down.

  29. Yossarian, God love you, as fun a read as I’ve had for some time. I particulary enjoyed the Kardashian reference!

  30. Nope, Swiftee, I am at home. This time of year I am five hours behind EDT. I was on shift from Tuesday through Saturday last week. I was on the summit from 5:30 to 7:30 PM HST last Wednesday before I evacuated. Winds were ~30 mph, with temps about -4 C, and ice fog down to 12,000′, where the road transitions from paved to unpaved. I monitored the weather from our office at HP at 9500′. I saw summit temps hit -9 C for a few minutes around midnight, about 16 deg. F. Very, very cold for Mauna Kea.
    Until about a decade ago it was typical to have weather like this in the winter on MK. Then we went into a drought cycle, more wind and cold temps in the winter than blizzards. These days, Mauna Kea weather info from mets stations and web cams is easily accessible on the internet. I think that’s why “snow in Hawaii” has been a popular news item this week.

  31. I saw summit temps hit -9 C for a few minutes around midnight, about 16 deg. F. Very, very cold for Mauna Kea.

    “More proof of global warming”TM

  32. Mitch, you should create a weekly post Stuck in Moderation. It can be the SitD version of Sunday Morning Comic Relief. We’re missing our DG funnies, though I completely understand your Moderation Purgatory.
    Alternative option, a weekly email for those of us that sign up.

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