Demand For Justice!

The hue and cry grows:

But if that black woman isn’t transgender, then this movement is no better than Hitler.

By the way – remember when the advice was “never read the comments?” It’s even more true w/r/t comment sections of lefty pressure groups tweets.

19 thoughts on “Demand For Justice!

  1. I’ll go further than that, MBerg. There have already been black people on the Supreme Court. There have already been women on the Supreme court.
    Biden to think boldly.
    His replacement for Breyer should not only be a black woman, but to better represent people with disabilities, she should suffer from a severe mental disability, either psychosis or scizophrenia, or both. It would be really good if she was a foreigner.
    The ideal candidate would be a mixed race transgender psychopath non-English speaker. Perhaps one can be found on death row in a Brazilian prison?

  2. Bryer is only 82, and can still walk. According to the Ginsberg precedent, he’s got at least 10 years to go…he’s in his prime.

  3. golfdoc;
    Yea, but the $64,000 question is “can Justice Breyer talk in logical and relevant sentences?”

  4. Thanks for the link, Dr Pete. The Red Star Tribune calls thieves customers now.

    What a world.

  5. Nice find, Doctor. I’m looking forward to all the articles justifying widespread looting.

  6. Boss and Golf, of course he’s logically challenged. He’s a Liberal.
    Max, we can’t appoint that candidate to the SCOTUS. We need (insert appropriate pronoun here) to run against Ilhan Omar in the DFL MN CD5 Primary.

  7. I’m amused by the notion that changing the packaging on a Liberal Justice makes any difference to the outcome. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomeyer (White females) voted the same way as Stephen Breyer (White male). Is there any reason to suspect that adding a Black female would stray off the plantation to somehow alter the Liberal lock-step voting block? Or are Liberals so shallow they actually obsess over the diversity of skin color in a full-court photograph? If so, shouldn’t the nominee be an Asian, Eskimo or Indian (feather, not dot)?

  8. As with all plans reprobates come up with, legalized looting for blax will end up a disaster, and, as with the welfare state, it’s the blax that will pay the most.

    If they realize they can just walk out with a bag of Taki’s and some purple drank, how long before they get after the stuff they really want; $500 sneakers, liquor and expensive clothes. And after they get away with that, how long before they are walking out of Moeller’s jewelry with Rolex watches and driving Mercedes off the lots?

    As soon as the thefts escalate, you know they will, and the cops do not respond, people will start using firearms to protect themselves and their property. And from there, how long before mobs of armed aggrieved black men start open combat in White neighborhoods? What might be the result of that, do you think?

    This is insanity; we shouldn’t have to live like this…and civilized people won’t for too much longer.

  9. Still got your arms, DPS? How long before ALL law-abiding citizens are stripped of their arms due to the gun health crisis and Karens filing red flags on every law-abiding citizen? You STILL think that is NOT happening? You STILL think there is LAW and ORDER in this country? Oh wait, we don’t have a country because we have a border – check. Oh wait, we do not have laws because they are ignored – check. We have no equal protection so we no longer have constitution, besides it not absolute, Bidon declared so. Welcome to the jungle!

  10. What you will see is an attempt to strong-arm businesses into paying protection money to “community groups” if they want to stay in these areas.
    I’d tell them to get out. I am certain that these suburbs & cities track investment dollars, I’d like to see how they have changed over the last year.

  11. Black dominated areas will soon become liquor, shoe, cell phone and weave store deserts…BLM will demand legislation forcing people to open them.

  12. The Midway Walmart had only recently closed when we first moved to St. Paul in 2019. I was surprised to hear complaints from a couple of locals that they left because of “too much shoplifting”. I would imagine we are approaching the threshold where retailers leave regardless of their desire to virtue signal by remaining. Can you imagine the progressive pols begging them not to leave?

  13. I’d comment more but I have to run to the liquor store before the curfew. Oh, you didn’t know? Some cops stopped a Black guy in one of the Brooklyns, he fought them and jumped in his car to take off, one of the cops shot him. Police chief says it ws an accident which sparked riots last night, President Biden demanding an investigation today, curfew imposed in Ramsey, Hennepin and Anoka Counties tonight.

    Oddly, St. Paul curfew exempts news media and homeless. I write to Mitch a lot. Does that make me ‘news media’? How do I prove the negative, that I don’t own a home? I assume the curfew doesn’t apply to Persons Whose Lives matter that are engaged in ‘peaceful protests,’ since none of the earlier curfews did.

    I’m about the only person in my neighborhood who IS affected by it. Wonder what’s on the tube tonight?

  14. zdad,
    And yet, the woke mob never decried WalMart leaving the area. I guess they didn’t want to expose themselves as being part of the cause.

  15. My response is the same as it has ever been. If I were black, I’d be pleading with the protesters to get off my side–“OK, a wannabe or real drug dealer resists arrest and flees….gets shot….and so your response is to destroy the businesses where I work and shop? Get.Off.My.Side and go torment someone else!”

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