Open Letter To Governors Abbot And DeSantis


Seeing the hair pulling response of upper middle class leftist to actually have to pay the freight for their own policies on the border is, to put it frankly, utterly glorious:

Put another way:

Might I humbly suggest you send a couple of buses to:

  • Merriam Park in Saint Paul
  • Kenwood in Minneapolis
  • City Hall in Rochester
  • Crocus Hill in Saint Paul
  • Linden Hills in Minneapolis
  • Lexington at Chatsworth in Saint Paul
  • The DFL headquarters, down on Plato Boulevard.

The footage will be off the hook.

That is all.

37 thoughts on “Open Letter To Governors Abbot And DeSantis

  1. Film maker Ken Burns has compared the MV transplant of illegals to Nazi Germany. Can’t make this crap up. I doubt he would make his epic Civil War series today. Too many white people in it.

  2. RULE 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

    Particularly if the enemy’s rules are self-congratulatory.

  3. It’s fine to send illegals to places where they’ll be voting in red districts, and imposing welfare/school/etc. expenses there, but not if they go to blue districts. Isn’t that obvious?

  4. bike,
    You bring up a great point.
    If I were the GOP Governor of a red state, I would get Federal funds, then add state money, to turn these invaders into capitalism loving, productive, legal US citizens, under the proviso that they vote GOP forever. Hell, it worked for the DemoCommies, minus the helping them gain citizenship part.

  5. One of the largest Venezuelan communities in the US is in Miami. The plane that DeSantis sent to Martha’s Vineyard were Venezuelan’s from TX.

    From what I read in the news, the Venezuelan community in Miami is livid with DeSantis over this and many of them are eligible to vote.

    With FL always having razor thin margins in elections, it will be interesting to see if this clown stunt comes back to haunt him.

  6. Miami herald is not a reliable source, Emery.
    Or do you think that American citizens of Venezuelan descent in Florida are “livid” because DeSantis sent Venezuelan illegals in TX to Martha’s Vineyard?
    Doesn’t pass the smell test. Obviously.
    Come back later & I’ll larn ya’ agin.

  7. ^^ We could certainly have debates about whether our catastrophic and incoherent immigration “policy” of the last few decades puts different burdens on different states. But not treating the humans involved as humans strikes me as chillingly sociopathic.

  8. The feds showed up and took the Martha’s Vineyard illegals to a military base, guarded by 150 NG troops!
    It really doesn’t get any better than this. Now the feds are doing just what DeSantis, Abbot, and Doocey have done, minus the voluntary nature of the program.
    Watching Slow Joe’s poisonous open border policy foisted on rich white libs is the most fun I’ve had in weeks!
    Someone in the GOP seems to have figured out that the best political jiu-jitsu move is the one your enemy cannot counter without losing.

  9. Other than welcoming them, feeding them, housing them, and ensuring they’re cared for,..
    Your argument is as dead as your career.

    This is why you shouldn’t ban history books… and it’s why DeSantis and Abbott are trying to.

    Reverse Freedom Ride
    Negro Family on Way Here

    To embarrass northern liberals and humiliate black people, southern White Citizens Councils started their so-called “Reverse Freedom Rides,” giving black people one-way tickets to northern cities with false promises of jobs, housing, and better lives.

  10. southern White Citizens Councils started their so-called “Reverse Freedom Rides,” giving black people one-way tickets to northern cities with false promises of jobs, housing, and better lives.

    Instead, what they got was passive-aggressive hatred, welfare, stacked like rats in subsidized housing complexes (which they promptly turned into war zones), failure, drugs and anger.

    Nice job, Northern reprobates!

  11. Film maker Ken Burns has compared the MV transplant of illegals to Nazi Germany.

    Yeah, yeah I know…Nazis…Hitler…blah, blah, blah. Just stfu cunt, get those river riders into some hotel rooms and get them some damn room service.

  12. Emery apparently does not know that the feds routinely ship groups of illegals, against their will, to various locations around the US.

    Hey, If MV is a sanctuary community, how come they called the feds & had them round up their illegals and send them to a federal concentration camp?
    You mean it was all vain moral posturing?
    Next you’ll tell me that when there is a shooting in a “gun free zone,” people don’t call for a social worker, instead they call the cops and tell them to get the hell over there with every frikkin’ gun they got!

  13. Why isn’t there already a version of the Met Council for Martha’s Vineyard to assure diversity, density, and affordable housing?

    Oh, right – that doesn’t happen until AFTER the Revolution.

  14. Other than welcoming them, feeding them, housing them, and ensuring they’re cared for,..

    Waittaminute, DeSantis and Abbot are shipping these people to sanctuary cities. Cities that have declared explicitly if not implicitly that they would welcome, feed, house, and cared for them. And then the “feds showed up and took the Martha’s Vineyard illegals to a military base, guarded by 150 NG troops”! You mean, the feds came and deported them to a mililtary base. But sanctuary cities!

    Btw, Martha’s Vineyard claims to be a “sanctuary” jurisdiction that welcomes illegal aliens. Most of those multi million dollar mansions are summer homes that are vacant most of the year. They can be used to house thousands of illegal migrants.

  15. Slow Joe’s people are tying their shoe laces together, standing up, taking off like a jack rabbit, and falling flat on their faces.
    Biden’s spox sez that twice as many illegals are intering the country under Biden than under Trump, because under Trump the system was broken and Biden fixed it.
    The latest dem misinformation is to say that, true, the feds bus illegals to all kinds of places, but that they are cared for when they arrive at their destination. This leads to uncomfortable questions about whether or not the feds know where the illegals they crammed on buses and shipped to Miami actually are (the answer is “no”).

  16. Martha’s Vineyard libs, September 1, 2022: “There is only one reason people do not welcome immigrants to their towns and neighborhoods, and that is because they are hate filled bigots!”


  17. Maybe some day, some journalist will ask Slow Joe about how these “hard working” illegal aliens are able to work legally w/o an SSN?

  18. UMMP.
    Yup! Obumbler sent a bunch of Somalis, many of whom were most likely part of the insurrection that resulted in Black Hawk Down, right here to Minneapolis. One of the tragic results of that debacle, was racist, incestuous, anti-Semite, fraudster and adulteress Ilhan Omar and her ilk.

  19. It’s so funny watching Bot Boy’s feeble attempts to defend the regime of Pedo Pete and Commandant Klink. These hypocritical hacks, claim that Governors Abbot and De Santis are inhuman for sending these poor, disadvantaged invaders to other cities. Funny! Every one of them sent out of Texas, signed off on going to the cities they were sent to.
    Unfortunately for Emery, his arguments are lame, because PP let in at least a million unvaccinated, infected with WuFlu and diseases that haven’t been seen in this country in decades to be together in a mob, as they surged across our borders.
    But hey! Good news! Hillary told butt wipe Joe Scarborough that helping out these smelly brown people is one of the missions of the Clinton Graft Fund, I mean the Clinton Global Initiative. Strange that she didn’t say anything about actually helping any of them.

  20. BH, my buddy was serving aboard the USS America (CVA 66) during the Somalia debacle. He said you could smell Mogadishu 10 miles off shore. He said it smelled like a zoo.

    Just thought I’d toss that out there.

  21. Apparently the “reverse freedom rides” is making the rounds on the most rabid of Leftist web sites.
    It’s like the ultimate in whataboutism.
    DeSantis: “I’m sending a bus full of illegals up to the “Sanctuary Community” of Martha’s Vineyard. Let them live with the consequences of their politics for a change”
    Isn’t anything like a “reverse freedom ride” that supposedly was undertaken by Democrats in the segregated South sixty years ago. If it is, so are the Biden administration’s actions of, well, packing illegals onto buses and sending them to places where they have never been before and releasing them with a court date. Only the targeted community is different.

  22. The other commentary I’m hearing about the DeSantis/Abbot/Doocey caravans is how the hard Leftists have become their own worst enemy. They could have said “well, 50 illegals in an incredibly wealthy sanctuary community isn’t much, let’s us liberals show our true colors here and welcome these people and get them jobs and housing, show the Texans and Floridians how it is done!”
    And I have heard that this idea was floated by a few Lefty commentators, but they were immediately turned on by the vicious pack of radicals that runs the Democrat party these days. They hate DeSantis and Abbot so much they reacted stupidly, coming out with weird memes that don’t make sense to people who aren’t rabid, foaming at the mouth extremists who spend their free hours posting pics of DeSantis with a photoshopped Hitler mustache on twitter.

  23. And now NY is threatening to send its illegals to Florida.
    Man, this is great! Put the absolute mess that Slow Joe has made of the southern border front & center. Let it dominate every news cycle.

  24. Joe Biden, before he took office, Dec.22, 2020:
    “The last thing we need is to say we’re going to stop immediately, the access to asylum, the way it’s being run now, and then end up with 2 million people on our border.”
    In fact Biden stopped enforcing Trump’s border controls days after he was sworn in.
    And you know what the result was?
    2,000,000 illegal aliens.
    This Sunday on Sixty Minutes (who knew it was still on the air) Biden will warn Putin not to use his nukes: “Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. You will change the face of war unlike anything since World War II”
    Might be a good time go short.

  25. Free trip to Martha’s Vineyard == cruelty, according to Emery.
    The guy is f’n nutz.

  26. MAGA DeSantis gives 50 illegals a free trip to Martha’s Vineyard.
    Biden sends the NG to corral them and ship them off to a military camp.
    Guess which action Emery thinks is cruel?
    It is really difficult to be as stupid as Emery is. It’s got to be a gag.

  27. it was cruel to send them to the richest neighborhood on the planet only to be grabbed and thrown in military prison

    for a brief moment they thought they had made it to the promised land but the promise was snatched from them by hateful white people

    theyd have been much better off living in a cardboard box under a freeway overpass in the texas summer thats how kind generous considerate lesko brandon handles them not cruelly taunting them wiht riches they can never have because liberals are too cheap and bigoted to share

    damn that putin

  28. The cruelty is the point. It always is with MAGA crowd. The cruelty is always the point…

    The difference between MAGA and progressive cruelty: progressives keep theirs out of sight.

  29. These accusations of MAGA cruelty seem curiously vague. As vague as the proof behind these accusations of MAGA cruelty seems curiously empty.

    And to back up Greg’s point, what did happen and how many were there of those midnight flights or bus rides to nowhere (anywhere).

    But we know about the 15k people (per day!) under a bridge in TX in summer heat encouraged to go there by Biden and gang. Two million per year. We know this encouragement resulted in 53 deaths in a semi-truck trailer – interesting number that 53; three more than those nice young Venezuelans just looking for work in Martha’s Vineyard and yet not one concern elicited from Biden at al. Nor the fentanyl smuggled in from China via MX nor the deaths it’s caused.

  30. What no one seems to be asking is whether or not the the MV illegals were given a choice about being taken to an army camp, and if they were free to leave once they arrived there. What is the army going to do with them? Send them to TX? FL?
    That won’t look good on teevee, will it?

  31. I bike throughout St Paul neighborhoods (as I am not going to Mpls if I can manage not to, even though I used to love to before Saint GF was um…er…, you know. But I digress.. The virtue signaling in Crocus Hill, while not rampant everywhere is still eye rolling and makes my skin crawl.

  32. ‘Free trip to Martha’s Vineyard == cruelty, according to Emery.
    The guy is f’n nutz.’ Since recently joing ‘Shot’ it is plain as day. A prig of the 10th order.

  33. Seems more to suggest a political stunt and sense of desperation for republicans that is looking for ways to restart a lagging campaign and distract from their abortion policies.

  34. ^^Seems like a fantasy fed to hard core lefties by lefty “thought leaders.”
    Just yesterday Emery was pushing the idea that DeSantis had, for some reason, by his action incurred the hatred of the voting Venezuelan community in FL.
    This is a fantasy, you can tell this because the claim was dropped by the left within 24 hours. The reason? It turns out that Venezuelans in FL are mostly refugees from the Chavez/Maduro regime, and those guys are far more pissed at Biden for taking a softer line on Maduro than Trump did.
    Emery’s analysis of these things alternates between shallow and uninformed. Emery seems to operate under the assumption that if some political commentary appears on a left wing web site it must be well thought out.
    This is wrong.
    Leftists have a real problem with this. This is because they assume that they have a lock on the truth. Conservatives have bad or incorrect opinions, they have the truth.
    So they find themselves in a rage because, since the very, very bestest most smartest people were wrong (as in the Brexit vote and Trump’s victory over Hillary), the problem must be . . . Russian collusion! Misinformation on the internets!

  35. ^^ It was an entirely defensible, accurate, and really minor observation. And your whining about it says far more about you than me.

    There’s a difference between a border state sending migrants to the kinds of cities they already want to head for, and making a sharp political point in the process, and tricking migrants into going somewhere for no reason *except* the political point.

    If DeSantis has a different story about what he did here, where the immigrants weren’t actually tricked, he should tell it. But meanwhile liberals should at least understand the actual point being made.

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