Rhyme Unreason

What a horribly un-woke childhood I had.  I remember the old version.
Of course, the new version works for the LGBT+ crowd nowadays.
And here’s the family court version.
Of course, you must listen all the way to the end to get the humor.  I suspect college professors in Wymins Studies never got beyond the first sentence before thinking “Brilliant!  Let’s Do It!”
Joe Doakes

Remember – Berg’s 21st Law is called a “law” for a reason.

3 thoughts on “Rhyme Unreason

  1. “What a horribly un-woke childhood I had. I remember the old version.”

    I often read comments from people that came up during the 80’s, waxing fondly about what a care free time it was.

    What I remember is women getting onto the BART (rapid transit) wearing nice dresses and jogging shoes, a Sony Walkman plugged into their heads; fleets of BMW 320i’s with “baby on board” signs unironically hanging in the back window; friends buying huge houses and furnishing them with magnificent dining room table sets, while the rest of the hose is fit with wood crates and Gramma’s old sofa; Beanie Baby wars.

    The 80’s are where the pozz gained a real foothold on American society; Globohomo was on the march. Young parents were so busy putting on the show, they didn’t pay any attention to what their kids were being taught in school, and what they were watching on TV, they made up for their lack of attention by blackening one another’s eyes at Toys R US (come to think of it, it was Popeyes for wypipul, lol).

    I guess everyone thinks their childhood were the Golden Years…because they were.

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