Next Time Governor Klink Yaps About The Economy

Once the colonoscopy removes all that smoke the DFL and media have been blowing into your distal colon, the news about Minnesota’s business climate just ain’t good:

Published last week, Chief Executive’s list of 2024 Best & Worst States for Business ranked Minnesota near the bottom at No. 41. The result isn’t much different from last year when Minnesota ranked at No. 40. Over 500 CEOs and business owners were surveyed across the U.S.

Turns out you can only pay so many taxes for so few badly-allocated “services” before you start looking into that “Galt” guy.

6 thoughts on “Next Time Governor Klink Yaps About The Economy

  1. Sorry, unless and until the DemoCommie voters (AWFLs, non-whites, mostly metro area residents) can actually make the connection between their choices (and dictates) and the effects of these on their lives, nothing’s gonna change.

  2. jdm,

    They do make the connection, in Minnesota money flows from those who do to those who don’t, which is why they vote DFL.

  3. I see your point, Greg, and I agree. I was thinking more of when or just if DemoCommie voters might see the connections, for example, between burgeoning crime stats and not actually punishing criminals. Or price increases in stores because companies have to make up for losses due to crime. Or being laid off because the company is leaving the state because of taxes, crime, bureaucracy, etc.

  4. It’s pretty simple, jdm, the DFL supporters know that bad things happen to other people and good things happen to them.

    Who notices rising food prices when the greatest share of you grocery bill is Uber Eats? Now if Uber goes away, that would be a problem – but look how fast that got fixed.

    Or like my Democratic Socialist cousin says,”Crime is not a problem in my neighborhood.”

    As for taxes, who cares how high they are when you either don’t pay them or your comfortable livelihood depends on them?

  5. jdm, consider the possibility that they can’t admit the connection because it would destroy them.

    I have my own world-view, constructed of my beliefs and conclusions, based on intelligence guided by experience. You have your own world-view but you don’t have my experiences so your world-view differs from mine, perhaps only slightly, perhaps greatly. Everybody’s world-view will differ to some degree.

    On a broad, generational level, all WW II generation shared the experience of the Great Depression and Winning The War and Post-War Prosperity. But their kids didn’t, and their grandkids lump Pearl Harbor in the same category of ancient history as George Washington and Julius Caesar so they certainly don’t have the same shared experience resulting in the same world-view.

    Democrats today share a world-view rooted in the moral superiority of the civil rights movement and the obligation of noblese oblige to do something for the innocent victims who are also persons of color. If the facts were to prove that the policies Democrats support caused all the problems they hope to solve, it would require a superhuman effort of will to completely change their worldview, to say, “Everything I believed was a lie but I see that now and I resolve to do better. I will campaign against Democrats to reverse their policies and save my state.”

    I suspect instead, they will quietly sell their home and move away from the crime and blight they’ve caused. It’s not disgusting White Flight when they do it; it’s Downsizing which produces a smaller carbon footprint and is a Good Thing. They remain morally superior. They can vote for more handouts to the less fortunate to be paid by Taxing The Rich. World-view preserved.

  6. Big,
    Yea. Like former leftist Minneapolis city clowncil president Lisa Bender. Helps in turning the city into a steaming pile, then tries to sugarcoat the vandalism on her house, then moves to Wayzata.

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