After reading this story, I’m overwhelmed with a desire to lead a movement to get conservatives to eschew smashing their own faces into rock or cement walls.

No true conservative would ever smash their face into a cement or rock wall.

Just a bunch of face smashing sheeple.

Who’s with me?

26 thoughts on “Mission

  1. Meanwhile, Sweden reports almost 32,000 cases of side effects from the jabs.

    Eric Clapton has also commented that he, too, was suffering side effects from his jab.

  2. 223 people died after contracting Wuhan Flu after being fully jabbed. How many people contracted measels, or mumps, or chicken pox after being vaccinated, let alone dying from those diseases? Just saying…

  3. Funny thing is that as a young person with very low risk of serious side effects from the ‘rona, Hogg really would have done better to simply get the disease, isolate himself from older people while it played out, and then been a mostly immune non-transmitter. I guess that the left doesn’t do science very well, though.

  4. Super weird how some of you alternately believe no one died from Covid but everyone dies from vaccines.

    Bunch of snowflakes ❄️
    Hogg has nothing over you boys.

  5. Super weird how some of you alternately believe no one died from Covid but everyone dies from vaccines.

    Enh. Vaccines have side effects and <100% effectiveness. It's nothing new.

    But "super weird" how all you Karens were all for science, provided "science" meant "lots of little passive-aggressive rules for you to enforce on your hapless neighbors", and suddenly the CDC is stupid.

    Bunch of snowflakes .

    Not sure you know what that term means.

    Hogg has nothing over you boys.

    Correct, and in so many ways. Just not the way you think.

  6. bh249 saw that someone died on his timeline, jumped to conclusions that it was vaccine related because that’s his hobby horse, and is now you’re busy defending his bullshitery.

  7. Super weird how some of you alternately believe no one died from Covid but everyone dies from vaccines.

    I’d like to see troll-boy back up this statement. Otherwise, a guy might think he’s throwing clumps of his own 5hit against a wall, hoping that something might stick.

  8. Emery trumpeted: “you’re just a lazy American who was waiting to be bribed like a child.”

    As MO and the CDC itself has observed the Black and Hispanic communities have the lowest vaccination rates. The ONLY way to understand your remarks Emery is as a stereotypical racist characterization of historically marginalized communities.

  9. Ohio sees boost in shots…

    Which is not correlated with any boost in sh*ts…given in this comment section.

    Unless talking about it would induce Hogg to do something else stupid, childish and venal. Which is a well that seems to have no bottom.

  10. ^^ Every Clinton 2016 state has vaccinated at least half of its population, except Nevada; every Trump 2016 state has vaccinated less than half, except Pennsylvania

    Not only that, but the states with the largest vaccination rates — Vermont, Hawaii, Mass — aren’t just blue but super blue and the states with the lowest vaccination rates are some of the reddest.

  11. EI: and the state that reached zero COVID deaths in a given day months before ordinary expectations was one of those backward,Neanderthal, Trump-loving states. Texas.

    Maybe it’s time for those Clinton-loving states to get with the program and start applying science.

  12. @MBerg — I’ve always wondered why AOC and David Hogg continue to trigger so many conservatives.

  13. ^^ So the states with largest vaccination rates are super blue… that would be Trump vaccines, yes? The ones you and your ilk swore never to use.

  14. The Democrat’s Dictionary (apologies to AB):
    trigger – used as provocation in a feeble attempt to draw attention away from the really stupid 5shit said by the dumba55es that make up the Democrat intellectual elite.

  15. ^^ I don’t mean to condescend in any way, but how in the world, after all this, can one not carve out 20 minutes to get this vaccine? 14 months of over 600K death and stifling mitigation efforts, but now there is no time for the remarkably effective vaccine? Some people have the strangest priorities

    Is country is so decadent that saving your own life and protecting those around you isn’t enough of an incentive to get a free miracle drug?

  16. He sounds like he’s campaigning the board of directors to be a high priest in the Church of Vaccinatology.

    “Miracle Drug”………good lord, the idolatry.

  17. Speaking of bullshit, Emery Idiot, neither the masks nor the injection of experimental gene manipulators prevent anyone from getting or passing on the China virus to others. It’s funny how you and your heroes, namely Killer Cuomo, Pedo Joe and SF Ho Harris, all declared that “they weren’t going to trust the juice because Trump was behind it”, likely causing millions of their drooling stooge followers, probably even you, to shun it themselves. Now, you same hypocritical ass clowns are telling everyone to get it. You morons make me laugh at the fact that Trump is still living in your heads rent free.

  18. Who said no one dies of covid sfb?

    Mitch, I again implore you to do the right thing and drop the ban hammer.

    See, I am going to challenge emetic to provide a quote or citation for one of his bs drools, and he won’t, because he can’t because it isn’t true.

    No one has ever said that.

  19. I’m a bit taken aback by the lack of faith in the “Trump Vaccine”.

  20. I know its tough for all the kids at a high school that has had a deranged shooter.

    This guy is really screwed up.

    I kinda feel sorry for Pillow Boy.

  21. Even CDC is now admitting the accuracy of the 6% number they released earlier. But hey, science™!

  22. Bill C wrote: “Miracle Drug”………good lord, the idolatry.“

    God gave you 3 vaccines that work — what more could you ask of him?

  23. I’m a bit taken aback by the lack of faith in the “Trump Vaccine”.

    3 comments later….

    God gave you 3 vaccines that work — what more could you ask of him?

    And he accuses us of elevating DJT to a higher plane.

    I’m not asking for anything from God (or whowever/whatever is your deity of choice) regarding COVID. Especially not a rushed vaccine that isn’t really a “vaccine”, when you define “vaccine” as “contains dead virus cells so that your immune system can learn to resist those viruses”.

  24. There’s alway alt-medicine: “disinfectant and powerful light”….

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