Damned If You Don’t

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Every day, new claims of sexual harassment against powerful men. Some are admitted and therefore true. Some are denied and may be true, may not be. All are possible only because powerful men spent time alone with women not their wives. Which brings us back to Vice President Mike Pence, who got a ton of grief for practicing the defensive policies necessary to avoid false claims of sexual harassment and avoid the temptation to engage in it. I assume an apology will shortly be forthcoming.

Joe Doakes

Of course it will be…

36 thoughts on “Damned If You Don’t

  1. After Trump’s crackerjack team of investigators return from Hawaii perhaps Trump could redirect them to investigate on Moore’s behalf.

  2. One of my early lessons in marriage was to avoid the APPEARANCE of impropriety. Never, ever, ever, allow yourself to be with a member of the opposite sex in what might possibly be interpreted as “compromising.” No exceptions.

    Thirty four years later, I can tell you it works.

  3. Yeah, funny how Pence was ridiculed about that, given what we now see was happening at that level.

  4. eTASS, you must live in an absolute vacuum in that alternate reality of yours. Utter darkness and trolls lurking under your bed full of nails. It is no wonder you are devoid of any original thought. The cavity where there is supposed to be a brain, there is a void. A deep void. You poor cupcake.

  5. Fifth estate is already living in the progressive paradise. The one where all you have to do is j’accuse and a black raven sedan appears at the door to promptly whisk you away to be tortured at Lyublyanka and then you spent the rest of your existence in a Gulag. This is what libturds pine for, this is what they are doing.

  6. I’m thinking that the main objection Hollywood types have to Pence is that (a) it says that the life portrayed by Hollywood is a caustic farce and (b) it makes Pence much more difficult to subject to a November surprise like the one sprung on Roy Moore.

  7. If Moore has proof that he wasn’t a child molester, It seems odd he would sit on it until later in the week. Just sayin….

    One should hope that the threshold for choosing a Senator would be higher than, “doesn’t generally date 16-year olds” (when in his 30s).

  8. Emery, can you provide proof that you are not a child molester? Of course you can’t. Doesn’t mean you are a child molester.

    Can anyone prove a negative?

  9. Loren, I had the very same thoughts! Seems today all that has to be done is to make salacious accusations and the blood in the water makes for a wild feeding frenzy. Roy Moore has been through multiple contentious elections and I never heard of any sexual claims until now. Seems to be the flavor of the day to try to force out someone who’s unpopular with both the Dems and some in the entrenched Repubs.

    Here in MN the accusations against Tony Cornish have my blood boiling. I haven’t seen anything said against him that would give rise to sexual harassment charges, but there are claims being made none the less. I think Tony needs to take a page from the Mike Pence book.

  10. etASS can. He does it in his every tl;dr post. So can penny. When black is white in your universe and you are completely void of any logic and comprehension, everything is possible. Now if we can just have eTASS-BFL-SPM stop beating his wife.

  11. It doesn’t have to be this way. What men like Moore, Cornish and Schoen and others have in common was they took the easy way out for men, but also a dead end. Their moral compass gave them a reason to support equal opportunities for women without having to treat women as fully human and deserving of respect. Many of today’s young men are struggling to catch up with today’s young women, partly because too many of their fathers ended up in that cul-de-sac, never having taken full responsibility for their role in a family or in society at large

  12. If Moore has proof that he wasn’t a child molester, It seems odd he would sit on it until later in the week. Just sayin….

    Logically speaking, you generally cannot prove a negative. Just sayin’. Now if the accusers had made accusations that were specific enough to be tested, Moore could review travel schedules, credit card records, and the like to figure out he wasn’t even in the same city, but as far as I can tell, the accusations are gloriously vague that way.

  13. There is something sick about believing that if women are not treated as men, they are being treated as though they weren’t fully human.
    You are knocking down the straw man you have built, Emery. I cannot think of a single human being who would say that they believed women weren’t fully human.

  14. Emery, more and more your comments prove you to be purely pompous and full of baloney. Most all your comments appear to take the contrarian viewpoint just to invoke the ire of other commenters. Sad…..

  15. Moore’s defense: Why didn’t they expose me a long time ago?

    I’m shocked. He seemed like such a class act. Moore is part of a long overdue and growing backlash against sexual predatory behavior and sexual assault.

  16. More trollery from the vacuous bobblehead. Why don’t you go troll on the “digging deeper” thread, cupcake? It is what you are good at. The only thing you are good at. Sad, really. And please stop beating your wife.

  17. You don’t like it, don’t vote for Moore, Emery.
    I’m not going to vote for him. Or his opponent.
    Because I am not an Alabaman. The people of Alabama get to choose their senator.

  18. Clearly the greatest plus Alabama have going for them is that the democracy they have is one that they chose. If the last 20 years has proven anything, it is that democracy cannot successfully be imposed from the outside.

  19. All this hullabaloo about Moore, I am going to go through the threads to see if eTASS was similarly appalled at Bob Menendez. Nah, I am just kidding, there is no need, since progressive hypocrisy knows no bounds. Squirrel! All eTASS is missing is a head cone, he is already foaming at the mouth.

  20. Alabama is a poor state. I would not choose to live there.
    One of the interesting things about our would be elites is that they blame the people who live in southern states for their backwardness and poverty. They don’t do that for any place outside of the United States. If you said to one of the elites — let’s say a typical professor of the humanities — that the people of Alabama are poor because they are idiots, you would get no disagreement. If you said the same thing about, say, Vietnam or Nigeria, you would get a lecture on bigotry.

  21. Well, this is interesting. Washington Post follows up its Moore Sex Fiend revelations with admission that, within a certain portion of the Southern Christian culture, it’s perfectly normal and acceptable behavior. The 17 girl asked her Mom if she should date a 30-year-old Moore and Mom said she’d be the luckiest girl in the world.


    This puts a familiar hypocritical perspective on the thing. If the Post were writing about arranged marriages between Muslims, they’d be admonishing the rest of the nation to respect Muslim culture. If they were writing about teen unwed pregnancy in the Black community, they’d be demanding jail for anybody who hinted at disapproval of that cultural norm. But if it’s a Christian cultural issue, then it’s fair game. All cultures are equal and deserving of respect – except one.

  22. If you are man in a powerful position with a history of “wandering hands” or predatory behavior, be careful! You’re now vulnerable in this new era of disclosure.

  23. At the root of the disclosure is intolerance. Some of the alacious Moore allegations go back to the mid 1970s. And we are supposed to ignore what Bill Clinton did in the 1980s?

  24. MP: or the 1990s. OK, it’s 100% wrong for Moore to have dated teens without having sex with them in a culture that accepted April-July relationships, but it was acceptable for Bill Clinton to take advantage of interns? Seriously?

  25. When I was 20, my girlfriend was 15. When I was 22, I had a 17 year old girlfriend. I went to her high school graduation. Guess my political career is shot.

  26. Well, this is interesting. Turns out there’s nothing inherently sacred about a particular age for consent to sexual relations, it varies by state, by nation, by culture, by religion. France is now considering 13 years old as the bottom limit, which would retro-actively ratify everything Moore is accused of doing (and Roman Polanski, too, along with Bill Clinton and everybody on The Lolita Express).

    Maybe Moore was just ahead of his time, a trend-setter, different strokes for different folks, whatever makes you happy, if it feels good – do it, don’t try to impose your religious values, man.


  27. Word on the street is Emery dresses up like an Indian and invites young boys into his teepee, buggers them and tells them he will scalp them if they say anything.

    I don’t have any proof he did, but he hasn’t denied it or provided any proof it’s false. It definitely *sounds* like something he’d do.

    Must be true.

  28. Mike Pence has taken the “don’t talk to the police, ever” adivce and applied it to other critical areas of his life.

    There is no limit to what reprobate, lefty skaanks will do for their agenda. You literally cannot think of a behavior low enough.

    This is a smart man, which is why WaPo doesn’t waste time digging for dirt on him.

  29. MP…Hawaii is a poor state. And I bet the proportions of moocher to producer is as bad, or worse than Alabama.

    But you do have better coffee.

    Jus sayin’. 😉

  30. Swiftee: Parents noticed a decline in children’s bicycle seat theft @ St. Josephs and Elizabeth Ann Seton after you left the area. Probably a coincidence.

    The lefties are up to their old tricks again. Knowing Roy Moore was going to run for the Senate in 40 years, they convinced Moore to cruise the mall looking for teenage girls while he was in his thirties. Then they obviously paid many young teenage girls to flirt with him, entice him to write in their yearbooks, and go for rides in his car. Moore was obviously a victim of entrapment.

  31. Is Moore on trial? Have any charges been filed against him? Answer us that, eTASS. Until there is a discovery, everything you say is a supposition, innuendo and a lie. Unlike Menendez. Keep it up cupcake, the hole needs to be dug a little deeper to fit all your crap, so get to it, little doggie.

  32. ugh. here we go again { cue spam music }

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  33. The only inconsistencies with Roy Moore is that sometimes he hit on 16 year-olds and sometimes he hit on 14 year-olds.

    Sometimes you feel/act like a pedophile, sometimes you don’t.

  34. Is that a proven fact in a proper context, eTASS-BFL-SPM? Why don’t you go write another laudatory ode to Menendez, Polanski, and Clintoon, while you are at it? Just so you can keep your hypocrisy senses in check.

  35. “Sometimes you feel/act like a pedophile, sometimes you don’t.”

    You go odd even days, cupcake? Astrological signs? Coin flip?

    How is it you keep track of bicycle seat thefts at elementary schools? Ya count em during recess?

    Nah…I’m just fucking with you cupcake. You aiight?

  36. How is it you keep track of bicycle seat thefts at elementary schools?

    Swiftee, how dare you make fun of eTASS’s bicycle seat sniffing fetish?

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