“Oceania Has Always Been At War With Eastasia”

Hearing the strum und drang from Democrats over Trump’s impending inauguration brought this little tidbit to mind:

It’s from the fake-news site and memes-for-dumb-people mill “Occupy Democrats” – one of very few “news” “sources” in the world not equipped to mock Minnesota Progressive Project’s relative intelligence – back in 2012.

Suddenly, I suspect, dissent is the highest virtue again.

“Urban Liberal Privilege” is when nothing you say is ever inconsistent, much less wrong.

4 thoughts on ““Oceania Has Always Been At War With Eastasia”

  1. All those triggered, effeminate Hollywood twerps need a real good kick in their pusses, and their butch girlfriends one in the balls.

    Kid Rock is on-board the T-rain, and T could use him to great effect if he so chooses.

    While Kid bangs out a special arrangement of Cowboy, written just for the occasion (let your own imaginations run wild, here) through a Wall of Marshall’s, T rides in with a huge “Bikers 4 Trump” escort. He jumps off his custom, gold plated Glide, and flanked by twerking hot girls, cruises over and gives the entire catering staff at his inaugural ball a Presidential Medal of Freedom; he gives the blacks two.

    It would be Yuge.

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