Open Letter To Those Who Just Don’t Get It Yet

To:  Some Of You Trump Opponents Out There
From:  Mitch Berg, Ornery Peasant
Re:  Terminology

Dear Hollywood and New York Showbiz and Media “Elites”

As we come up on inauguration day, some of you are still sore about Donald Trump.  I get it.  I mean, I didn’t vote for him, either.

You’d like to pretend he’s not your president.  Yadda yadda.  Whatever.  Gotcha.  It’s a free country (and will stay that way, so quit  your whining), so you can say what you want, and I can mock you for it.  But relax; I’m not mocking you for that.  Not now.

No, this is worse.

It’s come to my attention that some of you Hollywood types are calling yourselves “the Resistance”.

Stop.  Now.

You are among the wealthiest, most privileged, most untouchable residents in one of hte wealthiest, most privileged parts of the wealthiest and free-est society in the world.   You lost an election.  In four years, you’ll get a rematch (although the way you all are going at this point, most of you will stroke out by mid-terms).  And you will get the rematch; there’ll be no dictatorships, no camps, no nothing.  Why, I bet a President Trump won’t even jabber about siccing the Federal Elections on your blogs, or turn a politicized IRS and DHS loose on your political movements, the way Obama did for eight years.  Our democratic process, imperfect as it is, will go on, and if you don’t go full-blown Joan Crawford on us, you might have a shot, again, someday, God help us all.

So stop using – I believe the term these days is “Appropriating” – the term “Resistance”.  That’s a term used by people who had actual skin in the game; the Jews who, as disarmed as you want us all to be, fought back against the Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto; the Norwegians who overcame the impossible and destroyed the Nazi nuke program; the Polish fighters who rose and took Warsaw, only to be betrayed by one dictator and hunted down like rats by another; the Danes who, the risk of a summary execution hanging over their heads, snuck their nation’s Jews out to safety; people who, with all hope extinguished, still pulled together and rose up and, mostly, died, but gave their tormentors and murders and bloody nose and, in a few cases, against higher odds than Michael Moore winning the NYC Marathon, survived the war to witness against their captors.

Real people, who left behind whatever hadn’t been taken from them, and fought a real enemy who promised to kill them and their families if they failed.

Not overpaid, plushbottom Hollywood prima-donnas upset that they can’t install their choice of president by coup now that the hoi polloi have rejected their candidate.

Here’s my promise to you; call yourselves “the resistance” to my face, and I will spit in yours.

That is all.

11 thoughts on “Open Letter To Those Who Just Don’t Get It Yet

  1. My Scoutmaster (in the late 1970’s) had been a member of the Dutch Resistance as a Boy Scout himself during the war. Like many of that generation, he rarely mentioned it – mostly when we would complain about something trivial – as he considered it ordinary. They did courier work moving messages until the Nazi’s figured it out, banned the Boy Scout’s and then they were forced to go underground. There were real consequences for being a member of a resistance then and the consequences could be fatal.
    To today’s “resistors”, the concern that Trump will cancel the Correspondents Dinner compares equally to a Nazi hanging you with a length of piano wire.

  2. Some people will think “it is too early to tell” about a Trump presidency. Everything after that is just crystal-ball gazing for the most part. Trump seems mildly contemptuous of the status quo. His arguments may turn out to be wrong but they are worth considering.

    I did not vote for Trump. Like everyone else, I worry about his big mouth and his tendency to shoot from the hip. But, as an American, I want him to succeed — although I am mentally prepared for him to fail. Most of all, I am willing to wait a few months for a sober assessment on how the man is doing his job.

  3. I’ll just say it’s adorable, I consider the resistance also anyone in France who fought the Nazis and the Nazi propped up Vichy government that should forever remain a stain on France. ://

    Also people who were close to Hitler who tried to assassinate him multiple times and unfortunately failed every time.

    Let them call themselves the resistance, see how well it plays in the rust belt and flyover land. Let’s make sure everyone remembers in 2018 and 2020. Don’t get mad Mitch, laugh at them. Anger by our side legitimizes them in their eyes. Laughter disarms them meaning we think they are a joke and it makes them angry and more likely to do something stupid. Well more stupid at least

  4. I wouldn’t underestimate how badly things can go for the radical left. If the notion of limited government takes off, subsidies for organic coffee houses and coops will fade, and they’ll be left alone in a cold world without organic soy lattes and aragula. Oh, the humanity!

  5. It makes me laugh out loud when these egotistical, pampered, overpaid and illiterate celebrities try to compare themselves to those brave people that mounted real resistance, to real threats,!knowing that it could mean their lives. I will not spend my money to contribute to them by watching their movies.

  6. I have a daughter that lives in Prague. As she shared today:

    “There’s a bronze cross embedded in the cobblestones in front of the National Museum in Prague, and it’s currently buried under a mess of flowers and candles. 48 years ago today, Jan Palach died of his injuries after setting himself on fire three days prior to protest the end of the Prague Spring and the continuing Soviet oppression in (then) Czechoslovakia. His example was followed by several others, including Jan Zajíc (who shares the memorial cross with Palach). ”

    The two Jans self-immolated after decades of Communist oppression. The guy in New York earlier this week set himself on fire over what he thought might happen. The Czech guys were the resistance. The guy in New York is mentally ill.

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  8. I watched much of the Steve Mnuchin (Treasury Sec’y) today. He did very well. It was interesting watch basically low information internet trolls (Democrats on the panel) trying to come up with “gotcha” questions to a long time professional. With Trump it looks like the adults are back in control.

    The part that gives me optimism is that while talking about off-shore accounts and entities, Mnuchin said we should change the tax code so companies and non-profits have no reason to do this.

  9. I had an issue with Mnuchin saying we had to keep raising the debt ceiling. Giveth with one hand, taketh away with the other.

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