Game-Changer In CD2

It was once said that the only thing that could hurt the career of a Chicago Democrat was being caught in bed with a live boy or a dead girl.

But in this blog’s comment section earlier this week, Mark “Mr. Dilettante” Heuring may have tripped onto something potentially more damning in re Angie Craig, the DFL-endorsed candidate taking on Jason Lewis in the Second Congressional District.

And she barely bothers to hide it. See if you can find it between the lines:

For the last 10 years of my career, I was a member of the leadership team at Minnesota start-up St. Jude Medical. At St. Jude, I was focused on supporting those employees who supported our business – so patients ultimately could benefit from their work.

Beneath all the executive verbal camouflage, it’s pretty clear.

Angie Craig works in HR.

Citizens of CD2 – think about life in your office.  Think; do you want to be represented, have your taxes set, have policies governing your life and livelihood…

…set by an HR person?

In a sane world, that would shut out the lights right there.

CD2, you can have better.

12 thoughts on “Game-Changer In CD2

  1. That’s funny as when I heard the commercial (about every 10 minutes during local news) I thought she really was an executive. Like in finance or something similar. Jason Lewis should say he was in sr management for a telecommunications company,

  2. My wife and I have four teenage sons…

    Oh, she includes children in her debauched, mentally deranged circus.

  3. The most feared person in any corporate hierarchy is the HR gal. The last thing anyone – anyone – wants to hear from her is “can you step into my office?

    And close the door?”

    She’s not an exec, but she has an executive scalpel.

  4. “My wife and I have four teenage sons”? Now I believe she really can work miracles in government, just as she has in the field of biology.

  5. J Ewing…did you see what the Democrats did in Wisconsin. A couple of lesbians wanted both their names on a child’s birth certificate. Sued and won. So now you don’t have to be the actual parent to be listed as the actual parent on a birth certificate. Science!

  6. MN Birth Certificates have one space for birth mother and one space for second parent. Last I checked though, there are only 2 options for the gender of the second parent, male or female (birth mother is preselected as female). Apparently MN DoH progressivism stopped 5-
    10 years ago.

  7. I will concede that it doesn’t happen a disturbing amount of the time, but it’s worth noting that one BIG purpose for writing the names of the father and mother on a birth certificate is because the child has the right to know who his biological parents are for a variety of reasons. One that even the left ought to embrace is that it’s a lot easier to find organ and tissue donors if one knows who one is related to.

    So extending the “make believe” parts of birth certificates beyond hiding the birth mother for adopted children has some very real dangers that even the left ought to admit.

    Parallel; I would argue that if a mother does not name the correct father (verified by word of father or DNA if father does not admit paternity), she ought not be eligible for full welfare benefits. Yes, I’m saying that when a mother takes welfare, the state ought to be making sure that the father is paying child support. But that’s a side note.

  8. MInnesota start-up??? I think Ms. Craig is trying to imply that she actually helped launch a new business. St. Jude Medical is a 40 year old company. When does the start-up designation end? Seems to me that getting hired at any company after it is 10+ years old disqualifies her claim. Minnesota-based would be more accurate since it’s doubtful any of the actual founders have actual operating responsibilities any more.

  9. Looking at her site, compare the list of endorsers–unions, Planned Infanticide and NARAL, homosexual rights groups, a host of DFL ne’er-do-wells–with her issues, where the words “union”, “abortion”, and “Obama” are not included. You can tell from some of her positions, like more funding for infrastructure and Pell Grants, that she’s a Democrat, but she’s really running pretty much an undercover campaign. I also note that she doesn’t seem to have a LinkedIn page–whether she scrubbed it or not, who knows. I’m leaning towards “scrubbed”.

    And here’s a page describing her work at St. Jude.

    Yup, HR. It also appears that she had a bunch of other “corporate responsibility” roles.

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