Joe Doakes emails us a link to a post by Clayton Cramer, who compares murder rates in Idaho and western Canada:

Idaho: 2.0/100,000

For the Canadian provinces:
Manitoba: 3.43
Saskatechewan: 2.13
Alberta: 2.52
Yukon: 6.88
Nunavut: 10.93

Yet all those provinces have Canada’s restrictive gun control laws.

Alhough, at least anecdotally, people in Saskatchewan and Alberta were the least obedient to Canada’s gun control laws when they were passed.

But I digress:

Idaho at that point had a shall-issue concealed weapon license law (now,  no licenses are required).  I can buy a gun without background check or waiting period, either at a licensed dealer or a gun show.  Friends own machine guns, completely legally.  Idaho is very similar demographically to Saskatechewan, Alberta, and Manitoba.  If gun availability or porous borders make , Idaho should be substantially worse than those Canadian provinces, not better.  Of course the gun control nuts don’t care about murder rates; this is really about cultural disparagement.

And cultural conquest.

17 thoughts on “Imbalance

  1. Also the murder rate in cities dominated by Swedes and Norwegians in the US is zero. (Scandia, Chisago City, Thief River Falls). You can’t say the same with Norway or Sweden.

  2. Silly JD! Having fun with numbers again? All those “additional” murders in Canadeh were committed by perps with their bare hands. Or feet. Hence your argument is a strawman. Tsk, tsk…

    (Wondering how quick this “defense” will become a talking point for the libturd orcs)

  3. MBerg wrote: And cultural conquest.
    The insight that inspired Orwell to write Nineteen Eighty-Four was that the goal of all totalitarians is arbitrary power.
    To the totalitarian Left, it doesn’t matter whether or not gun confiscation results in more or less gun violence. It only matters that they force you to do what they want you to do. Facts and reasoning do not matter to them, power does. The thing that stops them from imposing their will on you is not that the facts are on your side. They will invent whatever facts that they need. What stops them from imposing their will upon you is that you have the power to stop them from imposing their will upon you.

  4. Cramer is making the point that American gun control advocates often complain about America’s “gun culture” as the source of its violence, but violence actually is higher in Canada where there is no “gun culture” (at least, not officially).

    And contrast that with this list, in which only four American cities made the Top 50 Most Violent Cities:

    If Liberals are correct that nations can have a “culture of violence,” then why are we importing millions of immigrants from the nations on that list? How will importing their “culture of violence” change life in our own nation?

  5. So apparently Canada needs to import some rednecks from Idaho to bring the murder rate down….OK, seriously, the thing that jumps out to me, statistically speaking, is that the murder rate in Canada is about where I’d expect it to be if (a) the provinces in question have increasingly high “native Canadian” populations and (b) “native Canadian” populations have the some difficulties with alcohol and such that “native Americans” do in the U.S.

    I don’t know that this is the case, but knowing that the Hudson Bay Company and others did trade the same way north of the border as they did south of the border, it wouldn’t surprise me. Whiskey as “legal tender” in an area that makes its living by trapping and hunting, and where most of the population lacks an enzyme that greatly helps to digest alcohol, would likely have some very, very nasty effects.

  6. Joe, I had to check St. Louis, but as I suspected, it is a wholly owned Democrat joint along with the other 3 top US prize winners (Detroit, Baltimore and New Orleans).

    In fact, with the exception of two South African cities, the top world-wide blood baths are all in leftist banana republics. The poor people of Venezuela have had to watch their once wealthy, secure country get buried with Hugo Chavez.

    It is a lesson for us all.

  7. It is a lesson for us all.

    For some it is a lesson, for others it is a beacon. Because by golly, they just did not do it right!

  8. Clayton Cramer? Seriously? Better than Lott, but not by much.

    Geeze, much racism here? Swede and Norwegian cities don’t have gun violence? That seems notably without evidence.

    And there is no substance to the claim that those on the left are authoritarian; in contrast the evidence that the right tends to be authoritarian is much better documented scientifically. This is especially true of Trump supporters.

    Joe D. – people are escaping violent countries because they have too many guns, and resulting gun violence.

    I would point out that all those 40 some cities with more gun violence than Chicago, they are overwhelmingly in Republican controlled states with lax gun laws. You have to be a very dishonest person to try to argue that a city is responsible for guns while ignoring the surrounding state. For example, you have New York City with very low gun violence, Democratic control, but a statewide greater degree of gun restriction Further the city of NY has documented how those guns used on crimes are overwhelmingly brought into the city from lax gun law jurisdictions.

    And NO, Canada does not have higher gun violence than the US, unless you find some even-greater-than-usual contortions to lie.

    Facts are, as always, not on your side if you use them honestly. You promote a lack of intellectual integrity combined with willful ignorance that is staggering.

    I imagine that you prefer not to have the intrusion of reality into your delusional alternate reality. But that delusional not-reality you live in is dangerous, to you, and to others.

  9. In fact, with the exception of two South African cities, the top world-wide blood baths are all in leftist banana republics.

    We can quibble over whether South Africa is a “banana republic”, but it’s worth noting that it’s run by the African National Congress, a socialist/Communist outfit, so we can safely assume that all of the top 50 murder cities in the world are run by leftists. Many of them (especially those in South Africa) were not murder havens before the leftists took over.

    One can argue that it’s “only” correlation, but it gets harder and harder to reject causation out of hand here.

  10. DG,

    Again – since you have not seen fit to obey my simple, reasonable request, I’m not going to publish your comment until you do.

    The ball is in your court. You’ve wasted a *lot* of time not to follow the rules.

    “I imagine that you prefer not to have the intrusion of reality into your delusional alternate reality. But that delusional not-reality you live in is dangerous, to you, and to others.”

    You are not an intrusion of reality. You are utterly illogical, your “facts” usually aren’t, you debate like a spoiled child.

    “Delusional?” You are projecting.

    Follow my request, or this is the closest your comments will get to airing.

  11. In other news, a gun store in Millville was burglarized over the weekend, netting the Democrats that broke in from 80 to 100 guns. We all know that 99.99% of burglars and criminals vote Democrat. The owner is perplexed as to why BATF has not sent someone to investigate.

  12. When they say that you are dangerous, Lefties are forewarning you that they are willing to use violence to stop you. Dog Gone is a crazy person.

  13. Them darn nanuks. Take away their right to hunt baby seals and they have to spend their energy somehow. Besides, trying living without sun 9 months of the year and not hit the bottle.

  14. POD: 9 months of darkness per year, a genetic predisposition to not handle alcohol well, and a government that’s been “helping” them for over a century, no? Pretty much the same thing that afflicts native americans, just with a darker winter.

    (I did look it up, and it appears that alcoholism is sadly rife there)

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