Topic Number One And Only…

…in the media, these days, seems to be the idea that “the GOP is racist”, since Donald Trump, who has certainly brought out more than his fair share of the angry and the ignorant (sort of the flipside of Bernie Sanders, who, let’s not forget, is pimping xenophobic socialism himself) and who will be out of the race in a couple of months, is being closely tailed, and in the aggregate outnumbered, by two Latinos, a woman, and an African-American, all vying for the chance to take a shot at one of the three geriatric honkies on the Democrat side.

Which, in turn, is the sum, total, entire reason the media is obsessing over “racism”.


3 thoughts on “Topic Number One And Only…

  1. Democrats: “Republicans are racist”
    Republicans: “No we aren’t. That’s stupid to even say that”

    Republicans: “Most Democrats are anti-Christian bigots”
    Democrats: “We hate Bible-thumping Christofacists”

  2. From what I’ve read, these tools were angling for an “idiot perps” part on COPS. Did they really video themselves waving a pistol around on the way down to antagonize a mob of protesting Negros? Evidently Melissa Click taught them nothing.

    I’m guessing the mob rat-packed them (SHOCK), they panicked and started shooting. I hope they enjoy themselves in Stillwater.

  3. Mussolini made a very successful career out of corralling the dim-witted; there’s no reason Trump can’t do the same.

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