A Hell “We” Can Make Happen

I came across this tweet last week.

At first blush, I thought it was parody, and not especially good.

I moved from there to Assumption B – a chuckleheaded sophomore political science major from Austin, or Seattle, or maybe the University of Saint Thomas. It can be hard to tell parody from reality with them, sometimes.

That’s what I thought. Or, let’s be honest, that’s what I hoped. Parody, or young lefty dolt.

But no. Mr. Lee is a California state assemblyman, detailing the world he and most of Big Left hold out as their idea.

No mention of that social credit score you gotta pass to get into your “public bank account”. No mention of who’s going to be teaching at those “awesome public schools” or building, maintaining and operating that “green transit”, or even why either would exist if people get Universal Basic Income. No mention of how in a world without the generation of value and wealth, the “UBI” will pretty much inevitably devolve into ration tickets, to buy…what? Who’s doing the producing, the farming? Robotic cricket mills creating insect paste is about the only logical option.

27 thoughts on “A Hell “We” Can Make Happen

  1. Even the utopian dreams of the Greenies is impoverished.
    Much of interest going on in Europe, where people are beginning to pay the price for the goal of “net zero.
    As I predicted, “net zero” is now in conflict with the forces of Democracy & liberalism. Net Zero (which is my shorthand for Green tyranny) is Leviathan. The elites aren’t going to give up their plans just because the people reject them.

  2. The dude has to be a ChiCom agent. I guess the old saying that “you can take the boy out of communism, but you can’t take communism out of the boy”, applies here.

  3. First question; in his utopia why do you need people in social housing flats? Wouldn’t appropriate population reduction be more efficient, perhaps to be maintained a sustainable 500 million world wide?

    Second question: isn’t he describing 12th century serfdom brought up to date?

  4. Mr Lee’s suggestion could be the first painless steps on the return path to a hybrid manorialism that combined Greek city-state political entities(LA, SF, Seattle, Portland, Mpls, etc) with medieval serfdom/feudalism. A truly bright future for all.

  5. Socialism “done right” is what he’s describing. What could possibly go awry?

  6. Robotic cricket mills creating insect paste is about the only logical option.

    You wish! Soylent Green for you!

    This is sooooooo depressing… I run away from this shit to face THIS crap? Vote Harder™!

  7. Ans here is news from another Hell:

    Zelensky: D.C. Knows We Lose Without U.S. Help, Public Will Push Me to Make Peace if Bakhmut Falls

    Hmmmm…. I guess Ukes, ie the Public, do not want to be the “last Uke” as Kermit promised. Who’s following the will of the people, aka Public? Who is the monster?

  8. in his utopia why do you need people in social housing flats?

    To keep track of them, of course.

    I think it’s worth mentioning that there’s lots of people who would have no problem living in that world. You know, kinda like those people who think that illegal searches and seizures are just fine because they themselves aren’t hiding anything. Or all of the voters for that Lee clown.

  9. Lee’s idea is basically to put everybody into the projects, of which there are some in his district. Does he really have no clue about the results of those efforts? Should we have had memorial museums of the horrors of Pruitt-Igoe, Cabrini Green, the Robert Taylor Homes, and the like, so people might remember why this was a really, really bad idea? Maybe featuring some pictures of Jane Byrne and her husband under heavy guard in Cabrini Green?

    What color is the sun on this guy’s planet?

  10. “Awesome public school” is code for paying teachers & education bureaucrats more.

  11. What comes to mind for me is the nearly inevitable contention whenever you point out the historical track record of government programs (ie socialism/communism), is that REAL Socialism/Communism hasn’t been implemented yet.

  12. It is not for him and his kids (has none, member of lgbtq caucus). It is for the poor, the unfortunate, the justice involved, all those “other” who need the enlightened assistance of democratic socializm.

    White Man’s Burden. 2023 style.

  13. RE: why do you need people in social housing flats?

    It will soon occur to even the most squishy Soci4list that there is no good reason to keep large unproductive populations on the payroll. The largest mass murders of the 20th century occurred when governments decided they had excess population (see Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin & Co.). While not exclusive to Soci4list governments democide seems to appeal to them when it comes to final solutions.
    Don’t assume that Mr Lee and Co. haven’t already thought of that possibility to finally solve what they perceive as the earth’s overpopulation problem.

  14. I hadn’t thought of it that way, Mac. Fair take. I was thinking more of those people in Xi-land.

  15. In other news, I’m disking my food acre on Saturday, to get the greens and root vegs in. Tomatoes and corn next week.

    Just checked my safe;
    hard currency ✔️
    hard response to authority ✔️

  16. Just as I predicted in my 11:09 this very day, “Net Zero (which is my shorthand for Green tyranny) is Leviathan. The elites aren’t going to give up their plans just because the people reject them.”
    We now have this:
    The European Commission – an unelected body – has ‘ordered’ the Dutch government to stick to its nitrogen policies & expropriation plan, despite the elections. It’s 100% a preconceived plan to double down while pretending they‘ve got their arm twisted by Brussels. We need #Nexit.

  17. As I have written in comments on SITD for literally, the concepts of “Global Warming” and “Climate Change” are to nebulous to be scientific ideas. They are political ideas. The idea of Net Zero becomes absurd when you remember that just a few decades ago the elites were claiming that we were running out of hydrocarbons to burn, so they wanted to ration our use of them, which would make us poorer.
    Decades later, it turns out we are not running out of hydrocarbons to burn. The response of the elites? Burning hydrocarbons makes the future earth poorer, so we must ration the use of hydrocarbons and make you poorer.
    “Net Zero Self Awareness” is the better term.

  18. Are the Dutch armed?

    If not, maybe Putin will sell them some slightly used Ukrainian Army gear.

  19. UMMP, this link has its primary focus on wind power, but the final paragraph applies to your comment above.

    Last year, Associate Professor Simon Michaux warned the Finnish Government that there were not enough minerals in the world to supply all the batteries needed for Net Zero. […] Meanwhile, Menton concluded, with an opinion that some might consider unduly charitable: “It is hard to avoid the conclusion that the people planning the Net Zero transition have no idea what they are doing.”

    Oh, I think they know what they’re doing.

  20. “A Hell “We” Can Make Happen”

    Indict Drumpf for some bogus hush money case.

    Lmao. I fucking love this!

  21. Yes, JDM, they aren’t even trying to hide it. They will make you poorer.
    Go to any website that tells you how to reduce your carbon foot print. Your house will be smaller and heated less well in the winter & cooled less well in the summer. You will have fewer children. You will drive fewer miles, if you have a car at all, and you will travel less by airplane. You will consume less meat. You will not have a pet.
    This is poverty.

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  23. Read that Slag’s campaign bio, and tell me it wasn’t written by a CCP ChatAI…

    “Since my first day in office, we have challenged the entrenched special interests that block progress. My first act was to introduce legislation to ban corporate contributions, so the government works for the people and not special interests. Every day, we are working on creating more affordable housing, establishing universal health care, combating climate change, and increasing transparency within government for the digital era. Every day, I fight for our community, just as you placed your trust in me to do.”

    A bot that was specifically taught to speak to 80IQ California nitwits…

    “We won because of a people-powered campaign that resonated with our community. Our message was simple: my legislative experience will work for you, the people, not the powerful corporate special interests in Sacramento. With your help, I became the youngest Asian American and first openly bisexual legislator ever elected in California history.”


    He’s representing a district my sisters live in…we don’t converse unless it’s regarding some family business.

    The future he wants is recognized as life today by every drone in Beijing.

  24. Lee received 68% of the vote in Cali district 24:
    “The district straddles the transition from San Francisco Peninsula suburbia into Silicon Valley. It is home to numerous notable high-tech companies and affluent residential communities. ”
    Limosuine liberals, voting to keep everyone else poor.

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