While Making Your Afternoon Listening Plans

Please tune in to AM1280 this afternoon from 4-6PM for a special broadcast about Critical Race Theory in Minnesota, and what you and I can do about it.

It’ll feature:

  • Kendall Qualls and Alfrieda Baldwin from “Take Charge Minnesota”
  • Catrin Wigfall from the Center of the American Experiment
  • Rebekah Hagstrom from “Education Nation”.

We’ll be having the actual conversation that the CRT crowd plays lip service to.

I’ll be moderating the discussion.

Hope you can listen in!

6 thoughts on “While Making Your Afternoon Listening Plans

  1. Wait. Talk radio actually performing a public service? Just stahp it.

    Seriously though, kudos to AM1280. Pulling the rug right from under the PBS propaganda mill.

  2. Credit goes to the station, the the CAE, Kendall and Take Charge, and Rebekah.

    I’m merely the dog and pony.

  3. Been listening. Great material. We need many more people like this!

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