As Minneapolis heads towards what is almost certain to be a metaphorical and fiscal bloodletting, if not perhaps a literal one, the city is going through its crisis preparedness checklist:

  1. After nearly a year of calling public safety a privilege, erecting lots and lots of privilege around itself.
  2. Continue not only proving that public safety is a “privilege” in Minneapolis, but continue contributing financially to keeping it that way.
  3. Keep on gaslighting the proles. Er, taxpayers. Same/same.
  4. Transferring more wealth to adjunct members of the political class.
  5. Focusing on politically correct irrelevancies – perhaps to earn carbon credits for all the smoke the city expects to see generated.
  6. Ponder turning downtown into a social justice park and business-free zone.
  7. Keep letting Keith Ellison try, and fail, to pretend he’s a prosecutor, rather than the anti-market version of a personal injury attorney?
  8. Start reading up on life in Grozny, Baghdad, Beirut and Detroit.

You’re in the best of hands, Minneapolis.

11 thoughts on “Checklist

  1. Lest we forget — Ellison has never run a criminal prosecution.
    He was elected because he promised MN liberals that he would sue the Trump administration into the ground.
    Minnesota dems who voted for Walz & Ellison getting exactly what they wanted — an incompetent governor in thrall to the education establishment & an incompetent state AG.
    But they really, really hate Trump, so it’s all good.

  2. C’mon folks, get with the program. This time, it’s gonna be different, because… kumbaya.

  3. My guess is that Ellison won’t be the team leader on the ground. Which is too bad because he’s out of his league.

  4. Hey, way OT, but have to gloat: Abbott just rescinded all Wuhan Flu restrictions. We are 100% open and no more masks! Texas Independence Day indeed!

  5. jpa,
    Let’s see how many true believer commies keep wearing their maskies. If Texas is lucky, the majority of them will be so butt hurt and/or offended, that they will leave the state!

  6. Speaking of Governors and their response to bat flu:

    The reprobates are hoiking Cuomo off the planet. He’s personally responsible for the deaths of thousands of old leftists in nursing homes, but they’re 86ing him for sexual harassment. He didn’t actually *do* anything, but he said some stuff.

    “But that doesn’t make sense!” you say.

    But it makes perfect sense if you’re a reprobate. They don’t give a fuck about the old Democrats that died, hell their vote is just as good dead as alive, but what they DO care about is preserving the Dempanic, or at least the history as they want it.

    See, the reprobates used bat flu to panic the country, and to smear Trump; and for a lot of potato heads it worked. Trump sent a huge fucking ship to help save the leftists in NYC, but Cuomo refused to make use of it; it sat there empty for 2 weeks, then sailed back home. Instead, he packed the old lefties into nursing homes where they died.

    Now, the truth has emerged, and it’s gaining steam.

    THAT is why Cuomo has to go, and why they’re conjuring up a “Me too” BS story to do it. The leftist slags that are accusing Cuomo will land plum government jobs in some reprobate’s office.

    Leftists are scum. Everything they do is grounded in filth, lies and treachery.

  7. It’s more than that, DrPS. It is better to scapegoat Cumoo over meetoo, than to have him tried for deaths of seniors – because then the other 4 demoncRat gubs who did the same will be on the hook as well.

  8. No, Ellison will not personally run the prosecution of Chauvin et alia, but he jumped the gun and said what they will be charged with.

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