How debased is the English language, as it relates to politics in the US today?

The Democrats are chanting in unison that a bill regulating abortion is “extreme”.

No shock there.

What’s “extreme” is that it would ban abortion of fetuses after the 20th week of gestation.

20 weeks.  Five months.  Over halfway there.

More importantly, long after pain is known to register with the “fetuses” – and exactly two weeks earlier than children have survived premature delivery.

Two weeks.

When the “fetus” is fully formed in every particular; just not developed quite enough to survive on its own yet; 22 weeks involves working medical miracles; 24 weeks is difficult as hell and touch and go – but doable.

Note to infanticide supporters; say what you will about a “woman’s right to choose” – but when the “choice” involves something that is physically as well as morally indistinguishable from “a baby”, you’re not making any friends outside your echo chamber, provided they know what the actual story is.  Barring abortion of a “fetus” that is two weeks away from being a viable human being is not extreme.  Allowing it certainly is.



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  1. Liberals insist a mother must be allowed to kill her children. Conservatives ask: when must she stop?

    There is no scientific doubt an unborn child is a human being. DNA testing proves that. But so what? Just because you’re a human being doesn’t mean you’re entitled to rights under the law, as Blacks and Jews have learned from history.

    Conception, twinning, quickening, viability, birth, second birthday, 18th birthday, 21st birthday and “never” are arbitrary times to grant legal rights to homo sapiens. The challenge is to persuade me why your choice is more reasonable than mine.

    Chanting “extreme” is not persuasive.

  2. Folks, we have women filming their infanticide and posting it on you tube. There is a pro-infanticide ghoul from Minneapolis that spent an hour arguing the merits of partial birth abortion, and then posted an ultra sound of her own unborn clump of cells.

    If you think there is a shred of humanity left in any pro-infanticide ghoul you are simply not paying attention at all. We’re just short of having newborns pitched into the air and caught on bayonets.

  3. It’s worth noting that if hunting generally inflicted as much pain on the animal as late term abortion does on the child, it would be banned, and no butcher would dare inflict that much pain on an animal, either.

  4. I wonder what the abortion extremists think is experiencing pain at 20 weeks. How can a part of a woman’s body feel pain while the woman does not feel pain?

  5. BB, cows are slaughtered using pretty much the same method Dr. Frankenstein uses at Planned Parenthood’s abattoir.

  6. Not true, swiftee, unless methods have changed to ripping their limbs off with a giant pair of pliers, or cutting them up with a giant, dull spoon. I’ve served at a crisis pregnancy center, and part of training was learning how prenatal infanticide is committed, taught by someone who did it for a living. It was an actual video by the prenatal infanticide industry we watched. Suffice it to say that if the baby can feel pain, its suffering exceeds most of that which Torquemada administered.

    Butchers, on the other hand, lead the animal into a chute which calms it before putting a rubber bullet into its temple before slitting its throat. They do NOT want adrenaline in the meat, because it gives it a gamy taste.

  7. Ah, I thought they were still crushing their skulls with a mallet. So they’ve improved the methods to humanely slaughter cows, but Planned Parenthood is still old school butchery.

    I stand corrected.

  8. Well, Swiftee, if they spent any effort at all to ease the suffering of a fetus, they would be admitting that, indeed, the fetus did suffer. That would kind of make the whole procedure a murderous sham.

  9. This is, politically, a losing issue. Let it go.

    If you’re not in favor of abortion, don’t have one.

    God will deal with those that do. His wisdom undoubtedly exceeds yours.

  10. Have you noticed that nobody tells Dead Baby jokes anymore? They were the rage in the early 70’s, before Roe v. Wade. Now that 50 million dead babies have de-sensitized us, Dead Baby jokes have no shock value so they’re no longer funny.

    Think about that for a second: our society is not sensitive to Dead Babies. We’re indifferent to them, we accept them as routine, normal, the sensible cure for an unwanted burden.

  11. Swiftee; I learned how this was done nearly 40 years ago in Cub Scouts. Your knowledge is way behind the times in this.

    MNbubba; I heartily disagree. When people know what abortion is about, they tend to oppose it.

  12. Oh, come on, you’re allowed to disagree with me, too. :^) I much prefer Alabama BBQ to Carolina…..

    (written from 1000 miles away, I’m safe, right?)

    Actually, I’ve developed a liking for a number of genre, and still need to do some more testing to figure out which is really the best. But since I was basically invited to pick a fight, I figured I couldn’t disappoint our SC friend! :^)

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  14. Too right, Swiftee. I was in Jacksonville to visit my kid at Camp LeJeune, we ate at Smithfields. Pork soaked in vinegar; horrible.

    But we changed planes in Memphis on the way home and ate Corky’s BBQ in the airport. OUTSTANDING!

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