There Are Two Americas

John Edwards was right; there are two Americas; one that has to follow the regular laws, and one for the big people.

NBC’s David Gregory skates on his “30 round magazine’ pratfall.

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

 It seems to me that if there was a clear violation of the law, then the Prosecutor should prosecute it. The arguments in mitigation (clean record) go toward the sentence.

Take it in another context – suppose I went to a school and threatened to shoot a bunch of schoolchildren with a .22 revolver, then claimed I did it to make a point about the silliness of the assault weapons bill. I have a clean record. I was making a political point. I only threatened them for a short time. I passed up other options to make my point. Should I get a pass as David Gregory did?

Or is the “break-the-law free” card only for Democrat VIPs?

Joe Doakes

Como Park

On guns?

It’s the VIP thing.

9 thoughts on “There Are Two Americas

  1. The NRA should have a bunch of protesters outside the studio all waving 30 round magazines. What could the cops actually do without revealing their double standard?

  2. Dave, if it weren’t for double standards, liberals would have no standards at all.

  3. David Gregory of Meet the Press won’t be charged with receiving, possessing or passing on (trafficking) a deadly 30-round magazine. All such magazine owners in the D.C. area without nefarious intent are no doubt breathing a sigh of relief. Don’t worry about whether this magazine will show up at your children’s school, though. ATF took the magazine into custody and walked it across the border to Mexico so it can’t be used on innocent American children.

  4. Fanning the flames.

    Gun related, but off immediate subject; I was a bar in Tennessee over the weekend in which a dozen or so Army guys were having beers. I bought them a round (naturally) and during discussion afterwards, I jokingly told them to remember the round when Obama sends them to my house to collect my rifles.

    One of ’em looks me straight in the eye and says “That c*cksucker’s got another thing comin’, now don’t he?”…to which all his buddies nodded gravely.

  5. swiftee, I have heard the same thing from military people that I know here. I’ve also heard many local union slaves utter the words, “Let ’em come and try to take my guns!”

  6. I saw a picture of him with the magazine on FB with a meme caption in it:

    “If I were black, I’d be in jail by now.”

    Nothing more needs to be said.

  7. Swiftee-

    the conversation at my Guard weekend drill was about guns and the irony that the National Guard could never be used to confiscate guns-to many of us would be on the list of gun owners.

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