Darn Those Redneck MAGA Fascists

Parents shut down a Dearborn, Michigan school board meeting over the distribution of “woke” books:

A school-board meeting in Dearborn, Mich. was shut down earlier this week by hundreds of protesters opposing the circulation of LGBTQ books across the city’s public-school system.

Viral videos recorded by a Detroit Free Press reporter circulated on Twitter showing pandemonium breaking out at the meeting Monday night. Many of the protesters carried signs in English and Arabic: “Keep Your Dirty Books in the Closet,” “Stop Grooming Our Kids,” and “Homosexuality Big Sin,” some read.

Darn those redneck fascists with their signs in English and…

…uh, what now?

Ooof. A protected class going after a couple of protected classes. That’s gotta be awkward.

Wonder what Rashida Tlaib has to say about it?

20 thoughts on “Darn Those Redneck MAGA Fascists

  1. Wonder what Rashida Tlaib has to say about it?

    “Joos made them do it!” of course.

  2. The Dearborn school district is so full of white rednecks that school athletic practices are held after sundown during Ramadan.

  3. Be careful what you wish for, Mr. Al-Qazwini, the Christians will be coming after you and yours once you’ve served their cause. Remember, they want bibles in their school libraries, not copies of the Qur’an. It’s the American way.

  4. This is awesome! The left is getting kicked by those Islamophobic…Oh wait! They are Muslims.
    The LGBTQ crowd apparently doesn’t realize that the more radical Muslims, hate them more than they hate Christians.

  5. The elites cannot imagine a world where they are not in charge.

  6. Woolly — I’m rather curious — when you say “elites” is that word interchangeable with ‘globalists’ in your vocabulary?

  7. Considering the definition of “elite” given in my 3:28, it should be obvious that rule by the elite is incompatible with democracy.

  8. “Fascism was a fuzzy totalitarianism, a collage of different philosophical and political ideas, a beehive of contradictions.” ~ Umberto Eco, “Ur-Fascism,”

  9. I like the Cambridge definition of elite: the richest, most powerful, best-educated, or best-trained group in a society:
    Notice that this definition has nothing at all to do with virtue or merit. Whether or not you are an elite is mostly a matter of bloodline, whom you may count as your parents.
    Another name for “rule by the elite” is oligarchy.
    One of the signs of oligarchy is the denial of oligarchy by the ruling class. People who were born into the top 5% or so of society when measured by wealth, education, and power, will claim that they come from an average, normal background.

  10. “The more conspiratorial discourse your society has, the more likely people will become anti-Semites,” ~ Yair Rosenberg

  11. Emery, you’ve been pushing the antisemitism line for a while now, have you got a hardon for the Jews for any particular reason or is it just your fall back position when you don’t have anything else to say?

  12. Yes, Emery is anti-Israel and Anti-Saudi, and pro-Iranian.
    Not sure what he makes of Putin buying mohajer and shahed drones & using them against Ukraine, but schizophrenia is the least of Emery’s mental difficulties.

  13. This is what Emery thinks of the nation that is selling Russia the drones it uses against the Ukrainians:
    It’s time for the West to live up to its promises and bring Iran — one of the region’s most Western friendly people — into its sphere of influence. Remove the sanctions and accept that Iran has always been a power in the region. It’s not going anywhere soon. The sanctions have caused lots of economic damage, but Iran’s influence only grew during that time.


  14. Persians have been troublemakers for all of recorded history. Islam made them worse.

  15. Wait till they show up at a library, drag the tranny out, set him on fire and throw him off the roof.

    That’s a side show I’d pay to see. Why….think of the wild ululations alone!

  16. Just checked CNN, MSNBC, Fox and Wikipedia for some Truth and guidance on this issue.


    All their journalists are at the front lines, embedded within Ukraine’s army of Supermen, probably.

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