Clear Priorities

The Vice President flew to Nashville…

…to support the three legislators who bum-rushed the House floor to demand legislation against the law-abiding gun owner who had nothing to do with…

…the Nashville massacre that Vice President Harris ignored.

Because the three representatives are the real victims…

39 thoughts on “Clear Priorities

  1. I wouldn’t be shocked if the Biden administration requested time with the families only to be rebuffed. I mean, would you want to meet with a representative from the admin who spins their loved ones’ killer and his/her ilk as the victims?

  2. What you was a member of a protected class (woman/trans) murdering in cold blood a black man, two women, and three children (all members of protected classes).
    Whose fault was this?
    The middle aged white men who make up the NRA & TN legislature.
    If we are really this dumb as culture we deserve Biden.
    This is part of the ongoing madness of the American elite.

  3. Blacks and reprobate, leftist White’s stick together.

    The blacks were happy it wasn’t another chimpout mass shooting, and see an opportunity to gaslight their 13/68 problem.

    White degenerates might have taken a hit here, this being the 5th time one of their mental ward refugees went on a shooting spree, but they rallied together and called it a case of Christians getting what’s coming to them. Conservative Patriots™️ cowered like battered wives.


    🚨 #BREAKING: Manifesto reveals a trans person’s plans to carry out MULTIPLE school shootings in Colorado, as well as take out President Trump, calling him a “con-man”

    William Whitworth, a 19 year old, biological male that goes by “Lily,” has been charged with attempted murder

    The police affidavit said, “Once entering the home there was trash piled up all around the house to where it made it hard to walk inside. There were numerous containers filled with half eaten food with mold growing inside and numerous alcoholic beverage containers laying around the house,” according to KKTV-TV.

    (That sounds like rAT Emery’s Colorado Ski shak)

  4. I just did a survey of SC news media.

    This weekend, there were 23 people killed or wounded by gunfire in the Palmetto state. Every single one of the shooters, and 19 of the victims are black.

    When you read comments about these stories, it’s absolutely clear *everyone* knows what the problem is, and given cover of anonymity, everyone is willing to name it.

    It seems we’re reaching the point where normie White people are pissed off enough to actually start speaking out publicly. If that happens, expect a whole laundry list of banned topics to suddenly become hot topics.

    Some day, a White politician or other prominent person will call a press conference in Baltimore, or Oakland, or Kansas City, or Atlanta, or San Francisco, or Detroit, face the camera in the eye and say

    “Look at this shit! Its a fucking disaster…what the fuck is wrong with White people? How could we have let this happen?”

  5. My theory is that with the push to normalize trans identity by America’s elites, especially among young people, every looney toon under the age of 30 decides to adopt a trans identity.
    You immediately become a member of a protected class.
    You have community with other looney toons online, if nowhere else.
    You have a support network at school or university.
    Your emotional problems are not your own, to deal with or let fester & rot. Your emotional problems are not your fault, they are the fault of maga people & especially conservative Christians who will not accept your emotional problems as an “identity.”
    It is telling that autism is about x2 prevalent among gender confused youth as it is among the general public.
    Trans women are male incels.

  6. President interfering with people’s elected representatives in the state legislature
    not a job duty listed in Article II of the Constitution
    but there’s precedent going back to the civil war
    not Tennessee; Maryland

    Lesko Brandon hoping to be the next Abe Lincoln

  7. MP, what do you have against Looney Toons? They would never, ever go woke!

  8. They didn’t have the votes to pass a gun grab bill, so they grabbed bull horns and INTERRUPTED the democratic process.

    Insurrection, plain as day.

  9. Geez, Mitch, I can’t believe you – well, everyone now – has overlooked the Real Victim in that whole TN kerfuffle, the tranny murderer.

    Odd how that disgusting creature’s manifesto has just kinda disappeared.

  10. It disappeared because the narrative has been decreed to be “more gun control” and not “woman who identifies as man kills 6 Christians in a murder rage!”
    A serious question. If you are so far gone that you are willing to wantonly massacre six people, including three children, and for some reason you can’t get your hands on an AR-15, what do you do? Go on the internet and write mean tweets?
    The problem is not the gun, it is the murder rage.
    Releasing the manifesto would expose people to the truth, and that must be avoided at all costs.
    Those two bozos that booted from the TN legislature know that the gun violence that is endemic in their “community” is thugs carrying guns illegally. Do you think that they give a sh*t about a crazy white lady shooting up a Christian school? They want to deflect the blame and make you think gun violence is the fault of the NRA and the GOP in the state legislature.

  11. There are about 45,000 gun related deaths in the US every year. About 25,000 of these are suicides. The remaining 20,000 murders are overwhelmingly gang bangers.
    The FBI says that fewer than 100 people a year die on so-called “mass shooting events.” Gun control advocates use a different accounting method, and they claim < 600 deaths/year from mass shooting events.
    So even if there was some miraculous way you could stop every single mass shooting event in the event you wouldn't reduce the number of gun deaths by so much 1%.
    So why do the gun grabbers think this is a big deal?

  12. ^ Logic, facts, reason… none of these have any purchase among people who think men can become women and vice versa.

  13. Liberals know their base is low-information emotional voters so they play to their base with heart-wringing lies and tragic tales

    suburban moms don’t care about gangbangers shooting each other, that’s just what Those People do, nothing to do with us, they’re simply not our class, dear.

    suburban moms worry about little Madison getting shot in school. that’s why they want all the nasty guns taken away. And liberals play to that fear by counting every gang-banger shooting near a school as a “school shooting.”

    truth has nothing to do with it.

  14. Night,
    Good observation. This is an argument that I had with my dip shit droog representative Steve “Puppet” Elkins at his town hall. It’s OK to kill the kids in the womb or within minutes of their births, which is infanticide, but God forbid they get shot by a deranged tranny at school. Then, it’s the gun, not the low rent scum firing it.

  15. The First Amendment for me, not for thee. This is what actual “cancel culture” looks like.

  16. Throwing them out of the house is going to give them a larger voice and platform to fight for what they believe is right. They can only prove their point by expelling them.

  17. ^ So it’s better that they’ve been thrown out? Sounds like a win-win! And, by the way, what is their point?

  18. Another example of clueless idiocy on the Left.

    The First Amendment has absolutely nothing to do with a state legislature’s power to discipline its own members. That’s what the concepts of “federalism” and “states’ rights” are all about.

    of course, canadians wouldn’t know that. or liberals.

  19. Off the topic here but just wanted to note that I think Alissa Heinerscheid’s language usage -as demonstrated by the clip where she talks about her reasons for rebranding Bud Light– sound remarkably like Kamala’s. A lot of gobbblety gook sprinkled with woke nonsense. Alissa needs to work on her laugh though.

  20. Typical Bot Boy hypocrisy. Like you said dip stick, the First Amendment for me, not for thee. The biggest violators for the past five years, have been you sieg heilin, jack booted, goose stepping Nazi thugs, masquerading as Democrats. Well done, Komeraden!

    Emery: “Oh, first amendment for me, but not for thee, eh?”
    Here is the truth: the two legislators who were ejected are political activists who, before they were elected, engaged in nasty tactics when protesting the TN legislature. When the protests started last week, they reverted to using activist tactics when they had a voice in actually writing and voting on the law. They wanted to shutdown the political institution that they were a part of.

  22. BossHoss, the latest from the whacky left is that if you force me to permit your voice to be heard, you are stomping on my first amendment.
    Which means that the heckler’s veto is paramount, and freedom of speech becomes an argument about power, not about your right to speak.

  23. And because it is being forgotten, the whole “pivot to gun control and racism” by the Left is an attempt to distract you from the fact that they cannot condemn the murder of Christians by a supposed transgendered person. They literally want you to believe that the cold blooded, premeditated rage murders of six Christians, including three children, by a transgendered person indicates just how much danger Christians pose to the transgendered.
    They are literally insane.

  24. And another one, apparently a former bank employee who would pass every background check there is, and Biden’s response is…

    “mandate safe storage and background checks”

    Like it or not, the perp would pass those checks with flying colors, and might well have had his (?) gun in a very secure safe.

    Just like the Nashville case, where the perp did indeed pass background checks, and stored her firearms securely enough that her parents under whose roof she lived, had no idea they were there.

  25. Do state legislature critters swear to uphold the law and constitution when they are sworn into office? Would not violating that oath be tantamount to sedition, insurrection, dereliction of duty and yes, lying under oath? Sounds time like solid grounds for dismissal, no? Should be the same for all levels of government, up to and including the current occupant, no?

  26. We are in the mode where Democrats claim that they are the party of Democracy and the Rule of Law, until that means that they cannot have something they desire (like a ban on large capacity magazines or judging people based their immutable racial characteristics), at which point it’s “give me what I want or I burn this motherfucker down.”

  27. The GOP does not understand the way that what I will call “urban politics” works. Most. almost all, GOP reps represent areas with medium to low density populations. The political dynamics of urban areas are different, they are almost always dominated by Democrats, the winners are chosen early in the process where a candidate is endorsed, and public money is handed out to political supporters on a scale that would make old-time Chicago ward heelers blush.
    Look at what just happened in Chicago, for Goodness Sake. If Ilhan Omar were kicked out office for her immigration crimes, who do you think would replace her? Don’t waste your time whining about Ilhan Omar.

  28. We are in the mode where Democrats claim that they are the party of Democracy and the Rule of Law

    I dunno. Sure, maybe. But does this explain why AG Hakim has to take over a murder case from HennCo’s Attorney Moriarty who won’t prosecute it?

    From MnPost:
    Moriarty compared the intervention by Walz and Ellison to state officials in Republican-led states who target progressive prosecutors and intervene by taking cases away, including one instance in Florida where GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis removed Tampa prosecutor Andrew Warren after Warren vowed not to prosecute people under the state’s new abortion and gender-affirming care restrictions.

  29. “The GOP does not understand the way that what I will call “urban politics” works.”

    Oh, they understand pandering every bit as well as the degenerates, AIUMMP. And they’re doing it good as they can.

    Their problem is, there’s juuuust enough Repubs out there saying “Eh, no” to make it inauthentic.

    Perhaps you forgot; Nancy Pelosi and her fetid crew literally groveled on the floor of the US capital, begging the forgiveness of a drug addicted, violent blak felon.

    How they gonna top that?

  30. BTW, I’d pay plenty to see a video clip of Louis Farakahn’s face when Gerald Nadler made a half hearted attempt to find his knees wearing that African scarf.

    I bet it was epic.

  31. The GOP does not understand the way that what I will call “urban politics” works.

    What GOP does not understand is they are fighting in the trenches against an all-out, no holds barred, asymmetric guerilla warfare.

  32. A bit of history (libs despise & hate history):
    The Tennesean, March 1, 2019:
    A protester behind a series of recent demonstrations at the Tennessee state Capitol has been banned from the building and ordered to have no contact with House Speaker Glen Casada after being charged Thursday with assault.
    Justin Jones, 23, was charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault and one count of disorderly conduct after authorities say he threw a cup of coffee into an elevator, striking Casada and Rep. Debra Moody, R-Covington.
    Jones, a Vanderbilt University divinity student, and more than a dozen other protesters assembled outside the House chamber on Thursday to protest the bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest, a Confederate general and early Ku Klux Klan leader.

  33. Owned just like the US House degenerates and Conservative Patriots® that booted MTG and Matt Gaetz from their committee assignments, right rAT?

    They really showed ’em. They really won that one.

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