Legal Discrimination, Redux

A friend of the blog emails:

Seen on Twitter- “Some people really don’t get how much more appealing a place is when we know people like them won’t be there.”

Is this:

A- referring to Black Americans during segregation

B- referring to the unvaccinated

C- does it matter?

We might also add “D Dash Penzeys spices “call a republican a racist“ day“.

No shortage of bigotry out there.

No shortage of bigotry out there.

3 thoughts on “Legal Discrimination, Redux

  1. You know, this kinda brings up a can of worms I don’t think you want to open.

    The freedom of association used to be a thing until liberals fought it and tore it up in the 60s. It wasn’t enough that citizens, all citizens regardless of race, have access to government facilities and services: all citizens regardless of race must have access to everything. Even if that everything was privately owned.

    Thus, restaurants were forced to serve blacks, all-male clubs were forced to let in women as members, and WASP country clubs were forced to allow Jews. Should a business be allowed to restrict the customers it serves? Under liberal jurisprudence, no.

    I don’t know how I feel about this.

  2. jdm, no one clamoring for greater representation of females in the kind of low status, dangerous work overwhelmingly done by men.
    The problem with quotas, legal or not, is that they only go one way. There is only one class of people unprotected by discrimination law in the US, and that is heterosexual white men.

  3. Yeah, because living in South side Chicago is *just* like living in unvaxxed Woodbury.

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