You Called?

There was one time since Ronald Reagan left the stage that I felt like this nation had a genuine chance to succeed – with “success” defined as “being the nation that the founding fathers envisioned it being”. That was during the Tea Party.

Kids, ask your parents.

The Tea Party was organic. It was a mass movement that almost entirely led with its its ideals – from leaving its demonstration sites cleaner than we found them, to focusing on its principles more than any mass movement (worth following) I can recall in my lifetime. Fiscal responsibility, federalism, checks and balances, civil liberties, equality, a tamed bureacracy – what wasn’t to like?

Naturally, this was a threat, both to the Democrat party (whom the Tea Party shellacked in the 2010 midterms) but the GOP establishment; both, with their handmaidens and drinking buddies in the media, combined to undercut the movement via the most defamatory attack PR campaign not waged on behalf of a Clinton that I can recall.

Which led to Trump, for better or worse, as millions of workadaddy, hugamommy people figured playing nice wasn’t going to work (notwithstanding the Tea Party having led one of the great electoral tsunamis in history in 2010 and 2012).

The Tea Party has lurked in the shadows, or in some cases been appropriated by hucksters.

It’s time for that to change.

Six months into Joe Biden’s presidency, the opposition to his sweeping agenda is practically nonexistent. This week, in direct violation of his oath of office, President Biden extended a moratorium on evictions despite acknowledging beforehand that doing so would be illegal. Meanwhile, his party is trying to push through a multi-trillion-dollar package that will radically transform the relationship between citizens and government from birth through retirement. This is a five-alarm fire for conservatism and Republicans should be fighting Biden with every tool at their disposal. Instead, Republicans have remained largely silent about his unconstitutional power grab and, far from resisting his spending spree, are greasing the wheels for it by agreeing to pass one of his top priorities — an unnecessary infrastructure bill that is effectively an appendage of the larger social-welfare package…Historically, the path of least resistance was always for Republicans to come to Washington and rubber stamp more spending. At the height of the Tea Party’s power, there was a period during which Republicans were more afraid of voting to increase spending than they were of voting to cut spending. That was an important development that effectively put the brakes on Obama’s legislative agenda after 2010.

It was a brief period – but it showed it could be done.

And that’s what we need to shoot for:

Today, the U.S. is at a scary point in its history. The last time the nation racked up so much debt, it was in response to the short-term crisis of World War II. Yet once that crisis ended, so did the elevated spending.

I’m more than ready to get back to it.

12 thoughts on “You Called?

  1. Right after 11 RINOS helped advance that piece of crap bill last week, Democrats added at least 250 attachments. This this is totally out of hand. We all know that these losers are bankrupting the country and doing everything they can to destroy the country. They are following the same Cloward – Piven playbook, which has its roots in Nazi and Soviet doctrine.

  2. Boss, apparently there is a “tax the miles you drive” pilot program in the bill.

    Um, no, that is not going to fly.

  3. Methinks the GOP are so cowed by the media portrayal of 6 Jan as the single biggest act of domestic terror that they’re reluctant to start calling Biden on his unconstitutional behavior. Screw that, the media is going to portray Republicans as boogeymen regardless. Start calling him “Uncle Joe from Scranton”. Remind voters the only thing VP Harris has ever successfully been on top of is Willie Brown. Play Pelosi in front of her commercial-grade ice cream freezer and call her “Nancy Antoinette.”

  4. Ian, I have the same concerns that you do. However, this might work to our advantage. As long as the imposters looking to stir up trouble are identified, and not allowed to disrupt the rally or cause violence, the more people see peaceful protests being called “insurrection”, the more eyes will open to the lies about Jan 6. Which by the way is about 25% as important to most voters as it is to big media and big left.

  5. We have had a year and more of a planned economy.
    The result has been inflation and the kind of shortages Americans always associated with war time or foreign countries with shitty, corrupt governments.
    But the Bidens and Walz’s of the world think everything went just great. They are looking for more and more authoritarian rule. They are now quite open about your freedom being their enemy.

  6. Oh. Now this shit’s real to the cucks at National Review (and all the little conservo-grifters). Has there been much if anything from those assholes about the 1/6 political prisoners? I mean, sheesh, even Putin knows about it. And isn’t Congress still surrounded by barbed wire? And SCOTUS mostly just sits and avoids anything that might be anti-commie.

    You dumbasses who think that the national debt is more important than the looming left-wing dictatorship are hopeless. The Tea Party died because they believed all the Schoolhouse Rock myths while the commies were infiltrating and sabotaging our government. Of course NR likes ’em because NR propagates the same myths.

    I won’t even get into Trump because none of you so-called conservatives have answered the questions posed by jpa as exactly what policies Trump implemented were so bad that you would not vote for the guy. And don’t give me the national debt dodge because you know – or you should know – that once you explain to people the ramifications of aggressively attacking the national debt you would never be elected again.

    But mean tweets…

  7. Want a rallying point? How about the hundreds of American citizens being held in solitary confinement as they await their trials for trespassing at the Capital?

    There are already people raising a ruckus outside the jail, but the scumbags holding those men might have a better sense of urgency if 10k people showed up.

  8. Bill Peterson’s;

    I’ve been railing, literally daily, about those alleged “insurrectionists” being held in solitary, without being charged and being beaten by their guards. Our two worthless Senators have responded with contempt, but I just keep at them.

    My message to Dean Phillips was pretty pointed. Maybe it was a little over the top, but as a fellow Vietnam vet, I felt that I needed to remind Deano of what his dad supposedly died for, in a foreign land, in a war started and mismanaged by Democrats. I asked him how, in good conscience, could he be a member of that party. So far, I haven’t heard back.

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  10. BH, I’m not getting anything better out of my “conservative” Republican Senators and although my US Rep is sympathetic, I must have missed his news conference in front of the DC jailhouse.

  11. The four jackasses of the apocalypse — “Reps. Paul A. Gosar (R-Ariz.), Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), Louis Gohmert (R-Tex.), and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) — showed up at the D.C. jail demanding to inspect the treatment of those detained in connection with Jan. 6”

    Wow. How does a plan like that come together? I can picture the four of them lounging around doing Jello shots and laughing at the Rubes, and someone says, “I know, we’ve called them political prisoners, now let’s accuse the government of torturing them!”

    In truth — the discussion was more like,”Here’s a great way to get back in the news.”

  12. Say there Twat!

    When Bill Peterson’s chin twat is pleasuring Mrs Swift is that considered twat on twat action? Asking for a friend.

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