4 thoughts on “The Next Time Some Puling Progressive…

  1. “And then never, ever even think about compromising with the orcs.”

    Says Mr. Don’t throw out the good for the perfect.


  2. My take on this one is that in civilized places, taco trucks do not need to hire security guards, and those carrying sawed off shotguns are put in jail where they cannot grab a Kalishnikov to murder anyone. For that matter, in the civilized place where I live, I’m pretty sure that even the BANKS I go to don’t have a security guard there most of the time.

    Maybe instead of messing up life for the rest of us, former Oakland prosecutors need to get a clue about how putting criminals in jail benefits all of us.

  3. when I clicked on the article I got a lovely pop up asking for $9.99 a month for unlimited access. Man papers are getting desperate, youd have to pay me more than 10 bucks a month to read the garbage the USA Today puts out. Were they ever a good paper? Also, all this talk will totally boomerang on them. I hope dems make anti-gun legislation a campaign talking point. Also where is that Parkland idiot David Hogg? Notice how he has fallen off the face of the Earth the last 2 weeks? I think some lefties got ahold of some internal polling showing how damaging he is. Hence why hes no longer a media darling.

  4. Mossberg has announced they won’t sell any more firearms to Dicks sporting goods.

    This is one boycott I think will have a real impact. Waiting to hear Dicks squeal like a pig.

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