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  1. The author invites us to “steel man” his analysis. It’s an intriguing notion. His analysis treats all nations as identically likely to revolt. I wonder if a cultural fudge factor should be applied to the math?

    For the last century or so, the governments of the United States and Canada (and, aside from World Wars, the governments of Norway, Sweden and Finland) have been pretty stable (+1 stability), the governments of Italy, France and Greece less so (neutral stability), the governments of many African nations, much less so (-1 stability).

    Where does the United States fall on this scale? What is the effect of large-scale immigration from different cultures since 1965, and does lack of assimilation help or hurt stability? What is the effect of the accelerating domestic political shift towards outright socialism?

    Does the decline in Methodist membership make Trulbert! less likely?

  2. More primitive superstition. Guns are inanimate objects. They do not act on their own, some person must use them – for Good or for Evil. You’d think Christian ministers would understand the concept of Good versus Evil.

    I hope the Report says: “No Ruger firearm caused any gun violence. Some Rugers firearms allegedly were used by criminals for illegal purposes after the firearms left our control, which we did not intend and which we legally could not have prevented. No change in our business practice is warranted.”

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