Every Ghoul Demands Action For Gun Safety

Looking at the financial statements from major gun control organizations shows us a couple of things;  Michael Bloomberg owns the industry, and they sure raised a lot of money – some of it from people other than Bloomberg, sort of – after Sandy Hook.

The essential PAGunblog rounds up the usual suspects:

First, let’s look at the Brady Campaign. In 2012, the Brady Campaign made 4.91 million dollars in revenue, which was up from 2.93 million in 2011. We suspect most of that money poured in during the few weeks after Sandy Hook on December 15, 2012. It was the fight into early 2013 where it became apparent that Bloomberg and the White House were running the gun control agenda, and Brady started falling off everyone’s radar. So it is not surprising that in 2013, the Brady Campaign did not raise as much money as it did in 2012, most of which was probably raised in the first several weeks of that year.

For all their decades of blather, Brady is actually relatively moderate.  The “Coalition to Stop Gun Violence” is not…

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence had a similar story to the Bradys. They had raised 333 grand in 2011, and 492 grand in2012. But again, in 2013, they were down to 484 grand. EFSGV, their 501(c)(3) branch, also tracks the Brady Center. In 2011, 460 grand in revenue, then 638 grand in 2012. In 2013, EFSGV raised 950 grand, almost a million dollars. I guess maybe that foaming at the mouth stuff works! They outperformed the Brady Center in terms of revenue growth.

…and it seems a lot of extremist money came out of the woodwork in the fever swamp this last couple of years.

The “Violence Policy Center” – whom I’ve made my personal kick toy in this space for well over a decade now – is perhaps the ultimate gun control group; literally, as well as morally and financially, controlled by liberals with deep pockets:

VPC is largely supported by wealthy foundations, but their revenue was also up in 2013. They managed to boost their public support percentage to 21.50%, which is actually still pretty sad, but better than 2011 when it was 17.28% and2012, when it was 18.17%. I’m sure they are hoping since their public support is heading in the right direction, the IRS will stay off their backs.

That’s so cute – thinking Obama’s IRS is going to go after a gun control group.

And now, the big kahuna – Bloomberg:

It is without doubt Everytown is now king of the gun control movement, with 2103 revenues of 36 million. Their 2012 revenue was 4.86 when they were [Mayors Against Illegal Guns]. I’d note that Everytown spends previous little on fundraising, which means most of that money is likely coming from Bloomberg. We all pretty much knew as much.

If it weren’t for progressive plutocrats with deep pockets and deeper agendas, the gun control movement would have to hold a bake sale to raise money.

The long story short?  Part 1:  Michael Bloomberg has basically purchased the American gun control movement.

Part 2?  One liberal plutocrat can’t fight five million Real Americans (emphasis added by me):

I would not get despondent over their improved fortunes, however. Why?

Because in 2012, NRA’s revenues went from 219MM to 256MM, and in 2013 they went to $348MM. Get that? Between 2011 and 2013, NRA’s revenue increased by 129MM. That’s more than 3x the amount of every other gun control group’s revenue increase from 2011 to 2013 combined. And that’s just NRA proper.

And unlike the alphabet soup of gun-grabber front groups, the NRA is actual grassroots Real Americans.

Take heart.  Conservatism isn’t winning every issue – but the gun issues shows that it can win in today’s America.

2 thoughts on “Every Ghoul Demands Action For Gun Safety

  1. Why would the IRS investigate advocacy groups like Brady and “Moms want action” for having just a few wealthy (foundation) donors? Not that I wouldn’t laugh if the IRS did shut some of them down, of course, but apart from the VPC or whatever being a shell game for money laundering or something, I really don’t get the problem with them having only a few donors.

    Come to think of it, if memory serves correctly, I’ve been in a few churches that had only a few major donors, and I’ve been one of them a time or two. Wonder if the IRS will come calling there, too.

    Gotta join the NRA……

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