When All You Have Is A Dribble Glass Full Of Kombucha, All The World Is A Reichstag Fire

Block a freeway? Burn down a neighborhood? Jack a car, rob a store, shoot up on a train, b**w a john on a bus, attack someone on a train platform?

Mary Moriarty’s got your back.

Exercise your first amendent right to demonstrate for Mary Moriarty’s enemies, whoever they are, wherever you are?

You’re a threat to democracy:

Mary Moriarty is the real authoritarian – or “fascist”, as the kids are calling ’em these days.

UPDATE: Here’s Londregan’s attorney, Chris Madel’s response.

And let me tell you…

…it may be the best press conference I’ve seen since Norman Schwartzkopf’s wartime pressers. More drop-mic moments than a “Freddie Mercury” night at a karaoke bar.

Wish we could get this guy to run for Senator or Governor, if he’s GOP.

8 thoughts on “When All You Have Is A Dribble Glass Full Of Kombucha, All The World Is A Reichstag Fire

  1. A former public defender like Moriarty is somehow shocked, SHOCKED, when the police union gets involved when she charges an officer? As I’ve noted before, she should lose her law license for what she did to Londregan, if reports be indicative. There is no excuse for failing to provide exculpatory evidence and dragging a guy through the mud this way.

  2. How is this acceptable? Where is their humanity?

    A master class in the lack of self-awareness.

    Sadly, Minneapolis and its suburbs are overrun with Mary Moriarty clones.

  3. Man, wonder for how long that big ol’ gorilla balloon that is the J6 kerfuffle can be inflated again and again.

  4. He quoted Ron Burgundy… man, if I ever get in a criminal bind, I want this guy as my attorney.

  5. Moriarty hates demonstrations only when conservatives copy liberal tactics.

    I’m pretty sure she didn’t complain about fencing off the Government Center and the mass of rabid protesters when Chauvin was tried.

    And ironically, she complained that Londregan had three attorneys working on his defense when we know she hired four DC attorneys to prosecute him. Apparently she can’t stand a nearly even fight and wanted the same 13 v. 1 ratio Keith had against Chauvin.

  6. it’s my hope that this is the last case Moriarty participates in, or anyone on her team.

    To be fair, one of the reasons Moriarty had to retain consultants was that her team didn’t want to be anywhere near the case.

    UPDATE FROM MITCH: Not sure how I wound up editing this comment instead of responding to it. It’s been a day.

  7. Yes, Moriarty didn’t want to be anywhere near it, but she does not get to say “well, the colossal screw-up reflects on the high paid consultants, and not on the person who hired them.”. A pox on all their houses–they were ignoring evidence they’ve had from the beginning, and they’re likely going to pay for it big time in a civil action.

    (no worries on the edit)

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