A Tale Of Two Years

Leftists, 2020: “Punch a Nazi!”

Leftists, 2024, being thwarted in their protests in support of actual modern-day Nazis [1]:

“Heeeeeeey! No fair punching!”

[1] In the “fascist dictatorship founded on racial obsession, focused on murdering Jews” sense of the term, rather than the “I’m a leftist and I don’t whatever it is” sense.

4 thoughts on “A Tale Of Two Years

  1. Not sure why the confusion:

    Nazi’s are Christians who wear MAGA hats.

    Palestinians are Muslims who wear keffiyehs.

    I hope this helps.

  2. I see that actors, directors, and producers of Pallywood are teaching our college youth: Curious how the “peaceful” protesters endure all these hardships only when the cameras in everybody’s pocket are not recording, much like the “carnage” in Gaza only seems to start recording after the Israeli forces have allegedly targeted innocent civilians. Never seems to catch the “action” during the alleged attacks.

  3. Looks like the poor little girl forgot sunscreen, and now she’s going to need to buy some aloe, too. Thanks to capitalism, you can buy that in Ann Arbor.

  4. Ian,
    Please allow me to add this. The same thing happens when there is an incident between a white police officer and a black thug. Fifty cell phone videos record such incidents, but black gang bangers gun each other down in broad daylight and in front of numerous witnesses, yet nobody seen nuffin’!

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