The Babylon Bee Has Apparently Taken Over Democrat Messaging

They can’t overturn Roe again, but the Democrats don’t think their audience knows any better:

I’m surprised the trooper wasn’t wearing a Darth Vader helmet.

Then, there’s the vital issue of…


…text equity. Here’s Senator Warren, who is no-how, no way a race fraud, nosirreebob:

Y’see, iPhones display messages from other iPhones in blue, but non-Apple message systems come across as green.

This is real Pettus Bridge stuff.

4 thoughts on “The Babylon Bee Has Apparently Taken Over Democrat Messaging

  1. How does one express something as an unimportant problem with modern day items/conditions? “First world problem.”

    How does one express something so minutely inconsequential that it renders the term “First world problem” as hilariously exaggerated? 0th world problem? Pixie dust problem?

  2. ^ of course, you’re assuming that Fauxcahontas and her followers (voters) care about the correct meaning of monopoly. The Constanza Rule of Lies (It’s not a lie if you believe it) applies here albeit tangentially, It’s not ignorant nonsense, if you believe it.

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