What If Someone Threw A “Genocide”, And No Entire Groups Were Murdered?

In addition to football, we saw last week the annual “progressive” tradition of wrapping one’s self and others in un-earned victimhood.

It was “Trans Violence Awareness Week”, during which Leftis pols conjured up victims from the ether to rally the soft-minded to their cause.

Senator Smith, for starters (with a riposte from Shawh Holster)

If the Human Rights Coalition says it, its worth fact-checking:

The only catch is that no such systemic violence exists. According to Jean-Pierre herself — and, presumably, to an LGBT-rights group with every interest in magnifying the phenomenon — the total number of trans-identified Americans known to have been killed in 2023 is 26. If we round that up to 30 (to account for December) and assume that just 1 percent of the U.S. population is trans (given that, as one very limited survey shows, around 3 percent of young Americans are), we obtain an annual transgender-murder rate of 30 in 3.32 million, or just 0.9 people per 100,000 people. Even if we, alternatively, assume an American trans population of just 1.6 million — to gel with one high-quality but conservative recent estimate — the resulting murder rate would be merely 1.9 per 100,000 people.

To put that in context, the murder rate for blacks in the U.S. is currently 30–33 per 100,000 people. The African-American community is an outlier but not necessarily a remarkable one: In a representative recent year, 4.5 percent of black-male deaths were the results of homicide, versus 2.3 percent for American Indians, 2.2 percent for Hispanics, 2 percent for Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders . . . and 4.9 percent for all whites under full majority. To say the obvious, all of these groups are currently living far more dangerously than “trans women.”

Holster ran down the HRC’s numbers in this twitter thread:

Long story short – like iron ore, Big Left wants to take the raw material of intra-relationship and street violence, and try to refine it into yet another social grievance to keep the ignorant and uncritical in a hot lather.

4 thoughts on “What If Someone Threw A “Genocide”, And No Entire Groups Were Murdered?

  1. Obligatory Disclaimer: every death is a tragedy to those involved.

    Pragmatic Analysis: 30 out of 300,000,000 is not a national crisis to which we must devote special time and attention. We have bigger problems which are more important to solve for the good of all society.

    Tinfoil Hat Conspiracy Theory: I question how many of those 30 were killed BECAUSE they were trans versus how many of those killed JUST HAPPENED to be trans (the Nashville shooter, for example) versus how many KILLED THEMSELVES but are included in the numbers (the way Old White Man Suicides are included in the ‘gun violence’ numbers). Were there really 30? Or was it just 3? Or any at all? Not that they deserved to die or that their death wasn’t tragic (see Obligatory Disclaimer, above), but the magnitude of the problem is relevant to the amount of resouces society can devote to it (see Pragmatic Analysis above), particularly if the resources demanded are monies paid to ‘advocacy groups’ whose sole function is to agitate for more money.

  2. Those are good questions, big guy. I just thought it worth mentioning that, in comparison, during the last 10 years, the US has averaged 27 lightning fatalities.

  3. “I question how many of those 30 were killed BECAUSE they were trans versus how many of those killed JUST HAPPENED to be trans”

    You missed a category: Trans people killed by their LGBT partner in “domestic violence” incidents.

    Based on statistics from the normal world, I’d bet a good number of the 26 trans deaths can be chalked up to domestic violence.

    The vast majority of homicides in the US annually are criminals killing other criminals, primarily in very concentrated areas, primarily in liberal cities. The vast majority of the remainder of homicides are committed by family members and close friends. There is no reason to suspect that trans homicides are any different.

  4. I looked up HRC’s lists, and it’s striking that the vast majority of victims are black, and a huge portion of them have been homeless and/or drug addicted as well. Also of noted is that a large portion of them clearly have been doing “sex work”, or are otherwise involved in “less than selective sexual relationships”, like “with men who are mentally ill, or don’t seem to have the option of dating a woman with a real vagina.” Looks overall like the general tragedy we see everyday on “Skid Rows” all around the country.

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