Resetting The Reset

Green, “sustainable” energy policies that make middle class live unsustainable.

Transitioning from houses to apartments, from cars to mass transit.

Moving from meat to vegetables, with maybe some insect thrown in as a treat.

Hyperinflation, which serves mainly to make common savings and investment worthless, but does wonders for the wealth of the plutocrats, “futurists” and pols – who will give up no cars, houses, yachts ,warmth or food.

Seems like the “new world order” looks a lot like the old, pre-1776 world order, doesn’t it?

Victor Davis Hanson – perhaps more optimistic than I feel at the moment – in a piece you should read. Pull quote:

So a reset reckoning is coming—in reaction to the “new orders” championed by Biden and the Davos set. 

In the November 2022 midterms, we are likely to see a historic “No!” to the orthodox left-wing agenda that has resulted in unsustainable inflation, unaffordable energy, war, and humiliation abroad, spiraling crime, racial hostility—and arrogant defiance from those who deliberately enacted these disastrous policies. 

What will replace it is a return to what until recently had worked. 

I hope he’s right. The boundless stupidity of the “send me more stimmies” set – whose votes count just as much as those of smart people – serves as the counterexhibit.

8 thoughts on “Resetting The Reset

  1. Yup! The DemoCommies use numerous non profits, through which they launder their payoffs and political campaigns, always scream “racissss” as soon as they are caught and have to account for the money. To wit; Warren Wilhelm DeBlasio’s wife was in charge of about $18 million that disappeared. She hasn’t even been held to task for it, because she’s black. Then, locally, Feeding Our Children had their office raided by the FBI, due to massive misuse of WuFlu funds, including purchases of luxury homes (including a couple in Nigeria), exotic vacations and luxury cars. The director, Amy Bock, is white, but she maintains that the only reason they are being scrutinized, is because they serve poor, black children.

  2. There is a lot of wickedness hidden in the word “sustainable.”
    It’s the old “who” versus “whom” issue. Who decides what “sustainable” means, and whose behavior must change to achieve “sustainability”?
    When you hear “sustainable,” think “Central Economic Planning.”

  3. What will replace it is a return to what until recently had worked

    I like VDH. His writing, his perspective, his immense knowledge about the ancient world and its similarities to today, but this time he’s wrong.

    That so-called return needs to involve firing thousands of government workers and punishment for the many and varied who have shown themselves to be intent on destroying this country, this culture. And it should be widespread and deep and severe (the last few years should’ve shown the recalcitrant what the left is willing and capable of).

    Anything less and nothing will change. The left will simply wait out the few years with Republicans in charge (while RINOs sabotage any necessary actions) and return again to continue down their road to destruction.

  4. Senators Chuck Grassley and Wisconsin’s own Ron Johnson have released some of Hunter Biden’s bank records. They show payments from Chinese nationals closely associated with the CCP to corporations controlled by Hunter Biden & close associates for unidentifiable work. They amount tomillions of dollars. Notably, the payments were made 2017-2018, when Joe Biden was a private citizen. What I am seeing is another reason to vote ol’ Slow Joe out of office, not something impeachable.
    I think that this kind of graft is common place in DC, among Democrats and Republicans both.
    It would be fascinating to have a spreadsheet that gave the name of each senator and congressman, and the occupation and employer of his or her siblings, children, and spouses and ex-spouses. Plus the same for the president and all cabinet appointees.

  5. Friends, when I retire I plan to establish a Library for my personal correspondence, same as every President. Or maybe a Museum touting my many achievements, same as many Senators. It’ll cost a fortune to build, which is why I’ll need you to give me money. And it’ll cost a continuing fortune for my son the CEO to run it, so I’ll need even more money.

    In exchange for your participation at the Donor Level, you get a lunch meeting with me, a signed photograph suitable for framing, and a private, unlisted phone number you can call any time of the day or night to hear my personal thoughts on the issues of the day.

    For a slightly larger contribution at the Friend Level, you also receive a signed copy of my book, “Joe Doakes, Statesman and Leader,” containing photos of me at work in Congress and shaking hands with important people, as well as thought-provoking chapters summarizing the greatest political minds of all time.

    Those select few who participate at The Big Guy level will receive . . . .

    Why does it feel, slimy?

  6. Republicans can sweep the House and Senate in ’22, and retake the Presidency in ’24, but the first law or EO that reopens a pipeline, or drains a pipettes worth of swamp, will be struck down by a judiciary that finds a Constitutional violation in enacting representative democracy.

  7. +1. All EO’s issued by libturds are unassailable and all EO’s issued by Repubs are unconsitutional.

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