4 thoughts on “Don’t Grab The Handle

  1. As he was floating down under canopy, his wife who was supposed to be filming his flight on the ground, yelled: “Do it again, I missed it.”

  2. Ugh! That was definitely an operational failure. Even experienced air crews in my time in service, followed pre-flight checklists and held a safety briefing and ejection procedures were covered. As a side note, as the aircraft Crew Chief, I also followed a pre-flight checklist and had to verify to the crews that all safety pins, on all six seats, were removed and stowed during my portion of the pre-flight.
    The sad part that we learned was that at least 10 Airmen had died over the years due to unpinned ejection seats going off from an inadvertent handle pull, including four that had a screwdriver or wrench in their pockets and caught them on the levers.

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