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  1. This is very spot on, except the nastiness started long before Sanders ran for President. The discourse at public meetings against neighbors for the last 8-10 years was a precursor to Trump. In fact, when people were pretending to be shocked by Trump, I was saying, “what do you mean? This is how you were talking to your neighbors any time they asked legitimate questions at any public meeting about neighborhood development.”

  2. Minneapolis riots == “protests against police racism,” while January 6 riots == “deadly insurrection.”
    I learned that from listening to NPR this morning.

  3. In some cities, when our sports team loses, we burn cars and loot stores; but when our sports team wins, we loot stores and burn cars. The burning and looting don’t need a cause, only an opportunity.

    It will be interesting to see whether there are riots after the verdict, or whether their masters in The Usurper’s administration have them back under control.

  4. I don’t think this article mentioned it, but I think I read somewhere that (the) Detroit (city government) is not totally to blame for the state of the city. Dumb decisions were made, yes, but GM, Ford, and AMC have big portion of the blame for simply leaving and gutting the local economy.

    Mpls has no such excuse. It was the local city government alone in cahoots with the residents who pointed the metaphorical shotgun to the head and pulled the trigger. People like me who were born in Mpls, have/had family that family that lives/lived in Mpls, who liked visiting Mpls, who know how to get around Mpls… we never go there anymore unless it’s absolutely necessary.

    It’s slid a long ways down from Mary Tyler Moore flipping her beanie in the air.

  5. That link above from a further comment that started with this one.
    Back to this item. For those not familiar, the IDS Center is Minneapolis’ indoor town square. Person was robbed at an ATM at a quarter of nine on a Monday morning. The city is gone.

    Which came from this report
    Robbery of person near ATM.
    IDS 80 S 8th St #DTMpls
    Suspect: BM, 6’2″, striped stocking cap and red sweater, ran into skyway toward Baker Building.
    Squad 110
    08:47 https://facebook.com/CrimeWatch1stPct/posts/2133737596762466

  6. You think Minneapolis is bad now? Pfffft. Wait until Wahabi vs Sufi clan fighting erupts in little Mogadishu. You can’t call yourself a legit 3rd world shithole until you’ve had some machete slaughters and necklacing.

  7. JD: There will be “peaceful “ protests during the trial. Mainly road closures, some vandalism blamed on white supremacists. If there is anything less than 100 percent guilty of everything, Katy bar the door. By the way, live streaming the trial is the stupidest thing imaginable. I would approve only if the audience saw only what the jury sees. No lawyer grandstanding.

  8. Just a couple of months before the real burning of Mpls begins. Any rebuilding afterward will be like building your new cabin over your old outhouse. Best to just abandon the fetid remains and leave it to the reprobates to fester in the filth!

  9. Unless some new info comes out, it is hard to see how the cops will be convicted.
    Ellison over charged them. He has never worked as a prosecutor. This is what you get when you vote for a guy because he hates Trump as much as you do.

  10. Just a couple of months before the real burning of Mpls begins.

    Yes, and the best investment a guy could make would be to plastic wrap and distribute wooden matches throughout the city.

  11. When, in the next few months, you are treated to nightly news footage of Minneapolis burning again, remember how all of this, from the riots last may and June to today, are a result of the prefered policies of the elites, not the prefered policies of the people.
    Lock downs were imposed by the elites, not deliberated upon and approved by the people. Rioting was permitted, condoned, and approved of by the elites. The elites have decreed that the death of George Floyd was second degree murder, that is, intentional murder.
    Good luck with that conviction, and with the accessories to send degree murder charges.
    No one is denser than the American political elite, that is the source of nearly all the political trouble in the US.
    But no matter what happens, Minneapolis will burn.

  12. I see Biden has set his DOJ to the task of creating a civil rights case against the MPD cops.

    For those reprobates and Bidophiles too stupid to twig the meaning in that, it says they know the cops are going to be acquitted in the criminal trial.

    The reprobate fake news is going to need help keeping America from noticing all those white supremacists burning and looting again are black…again.

    They’ll probably ask the official US House of Reprobates Photoshop artist to put Chauvin in the Charlottesville tiki torch parade. The DOJ is gonna need all the help they can get.

  13. We can only hope & pray that the white supremacists do not make the unrest even worse by deploying Umbrella Man.

  14. In the news today (well, in the Strib, anyway): Target is postponing it’s timeline for moving it’s 8500 employees back to its downtown Minneapolis headquarters until this fall. They were previously saying they would return in June.

    Also in the news, the start of the Chauvin trial – currently scheduled for March 8 – maybe pushed back if the prosecution wins its appeal to reinstate 3rd degree murder charges (which it it adamantly refused to do earlier), since the prosecution will ask for more time to prepare its case. Meaning it could be a long, hot summer in downtown Minneapolis.

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