Remember December 1, 2016?

Maybe not.

But if you don’t, I consider it my mission to make sure that date lives on – dare I say, in infamy.

It was the date that reps from the New York Times and Washington Post newsrooms went on the air and told the nation…

…well, the tiny, self-selecting part of the nation that listens to NPR on the weekend – that it was time for the news media to stop playing by the rules that they always told the nation they played by, the whole “telling people the facts and let them draw their own concusions” thing, and started using their power to “de-normalize” President Trump.

And almost four years later, here we are:

Not Martin Van Buren, the most genuinely corrupt president in history.

Not James Buchanan, the inept buffoon who all but sent out engraved invitations to the Civil War.

Not Woodrow Wilson, the Princeton dean who lied about keeping the nation out of war, did more than any other single person to federalize and weaponize Jim Crow and empower the Klan, and launch the bureaucratic state that’s eating the nation alive today.

No. Trump. A coarse populist buffoon who has, nonetheless, pretty much done what he said he’d do (start bringing troops home, revive the economy after the slowest recovery since the Depression, nominate conservative SCOTUS justices), a few nobody expected (roll the ball farther toward peace in the middle east than any president, defeated ISIS), and brought the extreme delusional madness of the left fully out in the open, where (if America is wise) it can be stomped on hard, God willing…

…oh. I get it now.

10 thoughts on “Denormalizing

  1. Ok, so WaPo and NYT say they should no longer “play by the rules”, meaning by the way they shouldn’t simply accept Trumps’ lies at face value, and you have apoplexy, but the President suggests jailing political opponents, which his supporters embrace whole-heartedly, without any real evidence or at best based on flimsy evidence that never holds up in the light of day,

    And you’re good. Got it.

  2. buffoon

    Hmmm, if that jab means what I think it means, then this quote seems apropos as well,

    Say what you will about Trump, one thing thing that can’t be denied is how thoroughly and irreversibly he exposed the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the Republican establishment. Simply by overthrowing it Trump did the party a great service.

  3. More idiocy from the Peevster:
    Ok, so WaPo and NYT say they should no longer “play by the rules”, meaning by the way they shouldn’t simply accept Trumps’ lies at face value,
    Just like they accept at face value the lies of Obama, Bush I & II, and lie master Bill Clinton?
    suggests jailing political opponents
    You care about this? I don’t care about this. The feds can’t even jail the people who committed felonies by leaking to the press, and your worried about poor ol’ Hillary going to jail?

  4. Does anybody believe anyone with more cognitive skills than padded cell boi and his fellow Muppets read the NYT for anything other than comedic value?

    Does anyone expect sober analysis and keen insight from the squad of petulant, butthurt children that inhabit those formerly grand offices?

    At this point, the reprobate media is just joining in the insane Greek chorus screaming at the sky.

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  6. Funny, I’d thought that “the rules” that the mass media have followed at least since the 1990s was to NOT question lies….well, at least when those lies are coming from Democrats, I guess. That, and the “rules” also appear to have been to not only repeat lies made about Republicans by Democrats, but also to add a few for good measure.

  7. The MSM has been putting its thumbs on the scale since the advent of Camelot and they still can’t reliably elect their preferred candidates. But I suppose the professional Dems deciding to install a demented grifter on the top of the ticket doesn’t help the narrative crafting.

  8. Under Wilson, you missed a big one. He authorized a bunch of private bankers to control the sovereign currency of the United States, which is the largest single reason that our debt is so high. The fact that he knew it was wrong (He was said to have lamented, “I have just killed my country”, right after he signed off on it), makes it especially damning.

    Of course, then there was LBJ and his Great Society/War on Poverty, his sacrificing of thousands of lives during the Vietnam war and his sign off of moving Social Security money into the general fund, replacing it with worthless IOUs, so Democrats could have a ready slush fund.

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