Privileged Couple’s Gentrified Night Out Interrupted By Austere Social Scholars’ Mostly Peaceful Protest

OK, that’s not the real tag line on the story.


But it doesn’t seem implausible at all, does it?

Minneapolis couple out on the town in the North Loop, attacked by 8-10…

…well, the piece leaves that wide open:

Probably more white supremacist Hells Angels. They’re behind everything that’s wrong in Minneapolis.

Darned white supremacists.

14 thoughts on “Privileged Couple’s Gentrified Night Out Interrupted By Austere Social Scholars’ Mostly Peaceful Protest

  1. I don’t know if you neglected a link to the article on purpose or the link syntax got messed up, but the link is here.

    “Anytime we hear of an incident like this really, really disappointing, and one incident is too many,” says Steve Cramer, President and CEO of the Downtown Minneapolis Council.

    Disappointment. I’m that’s what that couple felt too.

  2. “While traffic is down due to COVID restrictions…” I’m sure it’s partially that, but I’d also say that this isn’t the first time it’s happened. Suburban folks aren’t likely to be going downtown again anytime soon. If you live downtown, I wouldn’t be walking around as just a couple. Toss in a couple of drinks, good times with friends, and your situational awareness is shot. Not worth it.

    Or, is that victim blaming?

  3. I miss the sound of the kick drum and a great guitar lick. I used to go to about a dozen shows a year at First Ave, The Turf Club or The Palace.

    I thought to myself that I’m not ready to be jammed in First Ave with a belly full of beer having a thousand drunk people breathe on me.

    I really don’t want to leave First Avenue at midnight with a belly full of beer. Period/.

  4. One tin-foil hat theory claims that when a White person does something bad, their race/photo is prominently stated in the article. If the person is mixed-race, like George Zimmerman (who shot Treyvon), the White part is emphasized by calling him “half-White.”

    The theory claims that if a Black person does something bad, their race is stated – if at all – at the end of the article and the photo rarely shown.

    The key to understanding the news, the theorists claim, is to look for what’s missing. In this case, if the theory were correct, we could assume the pack of feral youth who attacked a middle-aged White couple were not, themselves, White. Therefore, they must be . . .

    See, this kind of crazy talk is how stereotypes get started, and why middle-class people are afraid to go downtown anymore.

  5. Joe makes a good point.

    I found it very funny that my state Senator, Melisa Franzen, a Puerto Rican raised Democrat, is running for re-election under her hyphenated name, Melisa.LOPEZ Franzen. In fairness though, although neither her nor my state representative Steve Elkins, condemned the violence in Minneapolis, Franzen seems to be a little more like an old line Democrat than a socialist.

  6. I think Lopez Franzen is being opportunistic.

    My city council “representative” was elected as Mitra Jalali-Nelson. She’s since dropped the “Nelson” from her name – and any pretense of being anything but a radical.

    Virtue duly signaled.

    She’d fit in on the Minneapolis council, no problem.

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  8. It is the “one drop” rule.
    Look at Minnesota’s Lieutenant Governor. Or Obama.

  9. “It is the “one drop” rule.”

    Exactly and precisely, MP.

    And “passing” has become popular again, too. Of course, we’d be remiss not to mention as well, the resurgence of hooded men gathering at night, chanting and setting fires.

    So many quaint customs have been revived in the current year. Can’t be long until dueling comes back into popularity; I predict it will be hugely popular.

  10. From our pal JD; ” If the person is mixed-race, like George Zimmerman (who shot Treyvon), the White part is emphasized by calling him “half-White.”

    It always struck me that they never talked about Obama in those terms. In fact I never heard of him referred to as being “half-Black” either. They wanted to differentiate him from his “white” political opponents, and being half anything wouldn’t sufficiently accomplish that. Hence the 1st “Black” President.

  11. Scott Hughes, excellent point on Obumbler.

    A couple of my conservative black colleagues, pointed this out during his first term. They were outing the lefty aligned blacks as hypocrites, stating that because he was a half breed, 99% of blacks would normally shun him, but since he was POTUS, he was their “boy”.

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