I’m Joe Biden, And I Approve This Bit Of Gaslighting

My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw the latest Biden ad, about the violence in our cities.

It’s not what’s in the ad, per se. It’s what’s missing.

Go ahead. What do you not see in this ad?

I’ll wait.

No identifiable “Anti”-Fa or BLM.

The only identifiable people in this ad are “right wing” protesters – in no case violent, not of of which burned or looted anything.

Biden – well, the people operating his animatronic controls, anyway – would have you believe the rioting, burning and looting, the coordinated and paid tantrum of the American Left (TM), was Trump’s fault.

This is what every spousal abuser says about their victims.

11 thoughts on “I’m Joe Biden, And I Approve This Bit Of Gaslighting

  1. Who could forget when the tiki torch dudes (not seen before or since) set fire to Lake Street?

  2. That may be the first time the US Flag has been used in a DNC ad in eight years. Four of them!

  3. Partisans have already decided who they’ll vote for. It’s the undecideds – the low-information voters, the people who make up their minds while staring at the ballot (“Oh, I’ve heard of him”) – whose votes determine the outcome of the election.

    For people who haven’t been paying attention and therefore know none of the history of the riots, this could be a powerful ad.


  4. Joe, I think there are a lot of urban voters who have been straight d for years who know whose fault these “mostly peaceful” riots are.

    I foresee many d’s becoming r’s.

  5. There was Tribune News Service editorial in the Hawaii newspaper the other day: “What is antifa? Mostly a Myth”
    It was chock full o’ talking points, and utterly devoid of reason. A person reading it would come to the conclusion that riots that have destroyed city life throughout the the country were random, never happened, and were also the work of white supremacists.

  6. 🇺🇸 Support the troops vote Biden 🇺🇸

    No narcissist could understand why someone would give their life for their country. But as a politician you’re supposed to at least pretend you get it. Because otherwise you’re rejecting patriotism.

  7. More unsourced gossip that Emery believes hook, line and sinker.
    A lot like the “Russian Collusion” hoax.

  8. Gaslight a virus? Why bother? The epidemic is over.

    An epidemic is determined by the (i) transmissibility, (ii) seriousness of disease and (iii) impact of the disease.

    Covid-19 is highly transmissible but not very serious to most people, and has little impact on the population outside of nursing homes. It acts like the flu. Cases are climbing (highly transmissible) but deaths are declining (not serious and low impact). The epidemic peaked in April. It’s over.

    Liberate America Now!

  9. The epidemic peaked in April. It’s over

    The problem is, JD, that like all the other leftist projects from The War on Poverty to the Blue Flu, there is no defined end-game so each project can and does continue in perpetuity. The only important thing is maintaining The Narrative to deal with any loose talk and loose ends.

  10. Does Biden even know that what he’s saying is nonsense? I have to wonder. Shame on his ghostwriters for abusing a dementia patient that way.

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