Watching The Defectives

At the “Pride” Parade in Minneapolis yesterday, the processijon got delayed 20 or so minutes by a BLM group that apparently couldn’t find the freeway.

After they’d had their die-in, they got up and spent the rest of the parade marching a block or two ahead of the rest of the procession.

But not before issuing a list of demands…to the Pride organizers.

Here they are – direct and unedited:


  1. We demand that Twin Cities Pride honors the legacy and life of trans women of color and recognize Pride as the byproduct of their resistance of police brutality and repression
  1.  We demand Twin Cities Pride combats State violence with the total elimination of police and law enforcement

I’m sure that’ll go over well.

  1. We demand Twin Cities Pride is accountable for their perpetuation of white supremacy and homonormativity and that they eradicate their normalization of these violent systems


I’m just gonna let that sit there like a big glob of goo.

  1. We demand Twin Cities Pride provide an exclusive healing space at future events for indigenous and people of color to process, rest, and restorative justice

“Process, rest and restorative justice” – Verb, Verb, Noun phrase?

Apparently grammar is an agent of white supremacy.

  1. We demand Twin Cities Pride divests from all corporations as they promote the marginalization, exploitation, and criminalization of marginalized communities
  1. We demand Twin Cities Pride funds and organizes a Town Hall alongside members from marginalized communities including but not limited to Twin Cities Coalition for Justice 4 Jamar, Native Lives Matter, and Justice4MarcusGolden
  1. We demand Twin Cities Pride provide radical reparations via redistribution of resources and monetary compensation to grassroots organizations of the coalition’s choice

And there we are;  good old-fashioned extortion.

My big question:  will the left manage to eat itself before it eats everything of worth in our society?

14 thoughts on “Watching The Defectives

  1. To a degree, you may be right. Their response isn’t governed by rationality, logic, or a desire for fairness; it is governed (it seems) by a crazed, uncontrolled anger against those they view to be their antagonists. Instead of offering solutions, the BLM movement has become part of the problem.

  2. Well, now, hold on there a minute, Mitch, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. There are some good ideas on this list.

    If BLM succeeds in the total elimination of police, then law-and-order will be provided by neighborhood vigilance committees who, of necessity, will be forced to arm themselves and administer street justice swiftly and without political correctness. I suspect neighborhoods will racially self-segregate, which will eliminate White oppression in Black neighborhoods. After a brief period of intense violence, racial boundaries would be clearly established and (except for those living on the border), life would go on much as before: peace and quiet in my neighborhood, open warfare in theirs.

    With a bit of luck, someone would drop a match at Lexington and Charles on a day with prevailing Westerly winds, White firemen would decide it’s too dangerous to respond in that neighborhood, and St. Paul would experience an opportunity for urban renewal about three miles long and half-a-mile wide.

    /sarcasm off/

  3. Kidding aside, the BLM demand to disband police is a fundamental misunderstanding of how society operates. Modern police do not exist to harass and annoy and occasionally execute Black people, modern police exist to protect Black people and they do a surprisingly good job of it.

    No, seriously. Imagine if there were no cops and BLM wanted to march on the freeway: how long before some fed-up driver said “Blank it” and drove over the protestors? Imagine if a store owner believed a Black kid stole a bottle of liquor from him, so the owner shot the kid dead.

    If there are no cops, nobody to investigate and arrest suspected law-breakers to haul them before an impartial judge, then how do you get justice? How do you deter criminals?

  4. I made the mistake of interacting with advocates of liberal causes on another site recently, and suffice it to say I’ve learned my lesson. There are some people where no matter what you say, you are a Nazi who wants to rape the disabled or something. Scary world we live in.

  5. In this context, “pride” == “power”, power over those not in the group, to be precise.
    It is a nationalist slogan. The idea is to take things from other groups for your group. What thins? Whatever they want. They decide what reparations they deserve, you don’t.

  6. Its almost become a spectator sport watching the left fight with their own factions.

  7. In Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, victory came from endurance (with minor armed resistance intended to help the West endure, not to win militarily). Tolkien was an eccentric, not at all the kindly grandfather story-teller he is sometimes made out to be.
    But the people still read Tolkien (and C.S. Lewis), while outside of required courses they ignore his contemporaries Virginia Woolf, Ford Maddox Ford, etc.

  8. /sarcasm off/

    JD, that tag was completely unnecessary. Speaking truth and consequence is not sarcasm.

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  10. I saw very few Black people in the photos of the protest at the Pride parade.

  11. There are reports that in San Francisco, Jewish women were asked to leave the Pride parade because people were “triggered” at the Star of David on their rainbow flags. The far left is increasingly the kids who “did not play well with other children”, it seems, and never bothered to grow up.

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