I Went To Rochester, And All I Got Was A Hotel Bill

People have asked me what I thought about last week’s GOP convention.

First things first:  I’m happy that Jeff Johnson won the endorsement.  I never, ever “endorse” candidates myself – it’s really arrogant, it’s hell on bookings, and who cares what I think? – but I was honestly torn between Jeff and Dave Thompson, and will be happy to support either of them, or Seifert, Honour, Farnsworth or Zellers for that matter, if they wind up on the ballot after the primary.   Dayton

“But what about the Seifert flap?”   My friend Ben Kruse, broadcasting at the lesser talk station, made waves by lighting up Seifert earlier this week.  I’m less certain; I think it was a tactical play that didn’t work, but may not necessarily have backfired.  It’s a long way to the primary. 

“How about McFadden?” I get the impression that the Norm Colemans and Vin Webers and other K Street eminimentoes who are behind the McFadden campaign are presuming that keeping a candidate enigmatic until the last final push to the election is a good tactic, starving the media beast of opposition research opportunities.  Part of me wonders if the tactic isn’t to keep him quiet now (when 1% of the electorate cares) until Labor Day (when maybe 10% cares), but sometime before the week or two before the election (when the vast majority start to pay attention).  It’s an interesting experiment, if that’s the case. 

I would urge McFadden to get straight with Minnesota’s gun owners.  They’re a big, organized, conservative bloc – and you do not want them staying home, or squandering their votes on some bobbleheaded Libertarian, come election day. 

More on the show tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “I Went To Rochester, And All I Got Was A Hotel Bill

  1. I don’t know about Seifert, Mitch. He made the statement that “we need MNSURE” which is just a double down on Obamacare. Why should taxpayers pay twice? If he clarifies that stance, then maybe, but to me, his actions illustrate what the left is claiming; there is infighting within the GOP.

  2. Marty Seifert drives me nuts. He’s a brilliant man but his instincts are just horrible. And he’s angered a lot of people who could have helped him. He needs to take a step away from statewide politics for a while and look at something else, like CD-7 in 2016. You can’t be an effective politician if you don’t win elections.

  3. Seifert may be a capable representative, but after his apologies and excuse making on UaAE yesterday, he sure as hell is no leader.

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