Open Letter To Common Cause Minnesota

[I just sent the following to Mark Dean, director of Common Cause MN, which just filed a complaint against conservative PAC “Minnesota’s Future” for doing exactly what “Alliance For A Better Minnesota”, “Win Minnesota” and “The 2010 Fund” have been doing – or about 10% of what they’re doing, anyway…]

Mr. Dean,

I’m Mitch Berg, one of the hosts of the Northern Alliance Radio Network on AM1280 in the Twin Cities.

I’d like to invite you to appear on the “NARN” with Ed Morrissey and I one of these next weekends to discuss your complaint against “Minnesota’s Future”; we’re curious why Common Cause has neglected to file a similar complaint against “”Alliance For A Better MInnesota”, “Win Minnesota” and “The 2010 Fund”, which are doing exactly what you allege Minnesota’s Future has done, only with many times more money.

On the chance it was all a ghastly oversight, I’ll bring a complaint form. We can fill it out on the air together.

While the request is pointed, the Northern Alliance prides ourselves on doing civil, respectful interviews. Previous “non-partisan” guests include RT Rybak, Dane Smith, Eric Black and Rochelle Olson.

We would sincerely love to discuss this before the election.

Let me know if any of the next few Saturdays work. Our program airs from 1-3PM.

I do hope to hear from you.


Mitch Berg

Co-host, The Northern Alliance Radio Network,

AM1280 (WWTC-AM) Radio.

“Shot In The Dark” (

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4 thoughts on “Open Letter To Common Cause Minnesota

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  2. How many complaint forms are you bringing to a Common Cause interview Mitch? Would you then also be filling out a complaint form against Minnesota Future, if Common Cause complains about the others?

    Or is this one sided? (Yes, I’m nudging your sense of fairness here, but only because I sincerely believe you have one. )

  3. Absolutely not, DG. I oppose speech rationing; furthermore, this complaint is nothing more than a smoke screen to create (with the help of a compliant media) the impression that republicans are “cheating”.

    However, it’d be pointless for me to bring two forms; if MN Future has done anything wrong, then the complaint is filed; there is no need to be redundant, merely to be fair and show some integrity and have Common Cause file against WinMN, ABM and the 2010 Fund.

    I’m just giving Common Cause the opportunity to show some integrity. Not that I expect it.

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