Top Of His Game. For Sure.

We’re assured that President Biden is the most on-top-of-it president in history.

This was him, getting ready to attend yesterday’s D-Day ceremony in Normandy:

Looks like he could’ve jumped out of a Higgins boat then and there!

And this was him later:

And right after that:

To be fair, I don’t think the President was the only one filling a pants. I have a hunch Taiwanese citizens, and maybe the leaders of Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Estonia, might need a change right about now.

Just to make sure we’re clear on this? Here’s a President not crapping his literal pants and figurative bed:

Mean tweets are not looking so bad.

11 thoughts on “Top Of His Game. For Sure.

  1. Events like this bring to mind that I think a good argument can be made that those around FJB (Jill, his staff, Obama, the DNC) are all involved in elder abuse for the sake of staying power.

    However. FJB is such a disgusting person that I’m not really bothered by this. He deserves it – and his legacy does too.

  2. He is the Zaphod Beeblebrox president, there to distract us from noticing the people who hold the real power.

    His continued candidacy is a statement from them to us: you don’t matter, elections don’t matter, only we matter.

  3. Bigman;
    If only the useful idiot DemoCommie voters would wake up to that realization.

  4. FJB is so thoroughly compromised at this point that the demons are just playing with him, like dogs with a chew toy.

  5. Boss, as long as DemoCommies get free stuff and abortion forever, they could care less who holds power or how it is used.

  6. I’m curious as to what Jill was muttering to him behind her hand as she pretended to scratch her upper lip. She was obviously worried about someone lipreading her.

    Maybe it was something like “Stand up straight! if you’re going to shit yourself in public, at least have the dignity to try to hide it.”

  7. I’ll shed not one tear over any of his maladies. Frankly I don’t believe he’s going to be long for this world given his declining appearance.

    I watched his speech from Normandy this morning. What struck me is how staccato his delivery was. Not here and there for affect but purposely written that way to minimize the chance that he’d lose his place and go into a ramble. He is one lousy orator!

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  9. It is embarrassing most of all for the United States. I’m just disappointed in it all.

    Could they have at least selected a less medically compromised man as a puppet?

  10. M. Thompson:
    Actually, that’s exactly why they cheated so hard to get him installed. He’s a puppet that will do what he’s told to do by Obama, who once proclaimed, “Never underestimate the ability of Joe to f#%* things up.”

    I throw this at DemoCommie true believers frequently; “Have you noticed how many times, during his very few press conferences, he tells the media, “I’m not supposed to talk to you guys” or “I get in trouble when I talk to you guys” or “Let’s see…who am I supposed to call on.” Who is he getting in trouble with? He’s supposedly the POTUS!”

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