The Chicanes Of Leftist Economics

If the Democrat party’s messaging machine were targeted at people who did critical thinking, I’d have a little sympathy for them.

They’d have to navigate a pretty tight logical hairpin turn.

To wit: they’d have to supervise the gaslighting of the people to believe the “experts” and not their lying eyes about the economy:

…and that workers have more buying power than they did five years ago…

…while simultaneously making them believe that public employee unions are doing less well:

As schools across the country struggle to find teachers to hire, more governors are pushing for pay increases, bonuses and other perks for the beleaguered profession.

Meanwhile, teacher salaries have fallen further and further behind those of their college-educated peers in other fields.

Remember – I said “if they had to convince people who could think critically”.

They don’t.

Steady as she goes.

14 thoughts on “The Chicanes Of Leftist Economics

  1. I heard some leftist federal reserve talking head trying to spin the fact that we’re in a recession, by claiming that it was a “selective recession”, that just happens to be affecting lower income families more astutely! You know, kinda like how WuFlu was a problem in restaurants and mom and pop businesses, but not in big box stores. The saddest part is that at least 40% of the sheep believe this and fail to understand what the elite jerks are doing to them.

  2. For me, it’s one of those where you just ask “now tell me–how much did such an item cost a few years back? Remember when gasoline was $1.85? Has your wage gone up 90% since then? That would be why people are complaining.”

    Ya gotta talk to these guys like they were in kindergarten, and often, even that won’t help.

  3. Brian Stelter says Biden Administration economists insist the Biden Economy is Not That Bad In Fact It’s Actually Booming so voters shouldn’t punish Biden for the Booming Biden Economy by throwing him out of office.

    Who you gonna believe – your cash register receipt or Brian Stelter?

  4. “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

  5. From

    The average Entry Level Teacher salary in Minnesota is $65,476 as of April 24, 2024, but the range typically falls between $54,665 and $79,877.

  6. A majority of Americans may not understand what a recession is, but they understand that everything costs more now than during the Trump administration. Smarter-than-you progs like Stelter can sneer all they want at the rubes, but in the end the rubes get to choose the president.

  7. Greg;
    I went through the Bloomington schools calendar last year. With the number of days off that teachers get during the school year and accounting for required activities at the beginning and end of the school year, I calculated that teachers here, on average, only work about seven and a half months. That’s damn good money for 7.5 months of actual work, especially when the fact that at least 12% of the state’s population makes less than $25k per year. The average median income in the state is $55,789. Of course, all of these calculations don’t include our usurious tax rates and union dues.

  8. boss, all true and then you add in just how poorly educated kids are nowadays, even in the basics, the three Rs (reading, writing, and arithmetic).

  9. jdm.
    I grew up in the Bloomington school system, as did my kids. I noticed a huge difference between when I graduated in 1972 and my kids graduating in 2003 and 2005. Until he passed about six years ago, I regularly spoke with one of my social studies teachers. Even he lamented the decline of Minnesota’s education system. One point that always bugged me as a parent, were the two MEA “vacations” that were allegedly for teacher’s workshops. On a few occasions, my wife and I would take those two days off and take the kids on mini-vacations. The number of teachers that I encountered waiting for or on our flights, some ending up at our destinations, really hacked me off. Not that I thought of school as a baby sitting service, but the fact that Education Minnesota didn’t require attendance, was maddening. That said, I looked at those days off differently when I was in school.

  10. boss, that you grew up in the Bloomington school system and graduated the year before me, sent me off on a long dreamy tangent reminiscing about visiting Bloomington Jefferson from far southern MN for pre-season swim meets (the pool was next door in Olson Jr high as I recall… is that right?).

    Sorry, totally off-topic… typical old man thing to do.

  11. Yup.

    Small world. My kids were swimmers, too, so spent A LOT of time there. Their HS seasons overlapped and they both swam club. I killed time by running the timing computer during the HS meets and officiating at Minnesota Swimming meets. I married into the sport. My brother in law and sister in law both coach. My brother in law coached at Southwest High for three years and my sister in law coached the Jefferson girls team for about five years.

  12. Greg, also don’t forget that the average education union member’s benefit package far outpaces their private sector equivalents. They get Cadillac health plans, and a guaranteed pension until death which is often 90% of their two highest salary years.
    I know I would LOVE to be able to be guaranteed a retirement income of 90% of the average of my two previous years of income. I have no guarantees in my retirement, especially if the Dems are successful in commandeering everyone’s 401(k)s as has been quietly bandied about. I doubt they will be trying to commandeer any public sector pensions.

  13. If the economy is so good why do we need to forgive student loans

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