The More Things Stay The Same, The More Things Change

So, Erin Murphy is the new MN Senate Majority Leader, replacing Senator Dziedzik (whom I wish the best in her ongoing battle with cancer).

What this means is that the old “Labor” coalition that ran the DFL and often Minnesota has been demoted to the back seat. Dziedzik’s father was a long-time Northeast MInneapolis politician who was a perfect metaphor for the coalition; blue-collar, from Northeast or the Iron Range, pretty much your typical Perpich voter.

Murphy represents the, uh, great leap forward for the DFL: Metro, public employee union, and not one degree behind The Squad in terms of perfect “progressive” credentials.

Anyway, here we are:

By the way – has anyone noticed that, if you left all anthropological terms out of the rhetoric, the “improvements” the DFL is making are the same kind of thing a farmer does to take care of a herd of livestock?

As opposed to free people?

6 thoughts on “The More Things Stay The Same, The More Things Change

  1. the old “Labor” coalition that ran the DFL

    Curious if or when the DemoCommies are going to nuke the FL part of DFL. I mean, they really don’t represent Farmers or Laborers anymore – heck, the DFL doesn’t even like Farmers or Laborers anymore.

  2. An old adage says, “It is important to learn from one’s mistakes, but it is better to learn from the mistakes of others.”

    Today’s DFL, “we are still working hard on that first part.”

    Let’s see: sanctuary state, gender affirming drugs and surgery for children, abortion up to (and after, let’s not split hairs) the moment of birth, catch and release for car-jackers……

    You would think the lessons of these policies have yet to be learned.

  3. Greg— Minnesota is what I would call a “lagging adopter” state. They adopt policies just as all the evidence points to disaster. Trans policies, energy policies, criminal policies and now wanting to be a sanctuary state. I bet NY, IL, and CA are chomping at the bit to send their illegal aliens to MN. They know a chump when they see one.

  4. Betty– thanks for pinning the term “lagging adopter” on the phenomena.

    The question is why?

    Perhaps the answer rests in the tiny minority of DFL’rs who command the caucus system and endorsement process. These people have an existential problem: who to let in and who to keep out?

    One theory is that “in” groups stay small by bidding up the cost of entry. They do this by adopting increasingly weird and strident barriers.

    For example, in the case of the DFL, let’s say one checks all the social boxes: woman, minority, public employee, gay or binary, but has lingering doubts about the “cut the genitals off children thing” or they have been recently mugged – well, there goes the soiree invite to where all the coming caucus and endorsement decisions are made.

    Sadly, I fear the state GOP suffers the same problem – I mean, gosh, look at party leaders last time around.


  5. I still feel cheated out of the Erin Murphy vs Dick Cohen SD64 Primary. I was surprised that Dick decided to retire “gracefully.” He had a reputation for nasty smear campaigns if his GOP opponent got within 30 points. I had been wondering if a competitive DFL primary in Highland Park and Macalester Groveland could actually devolve into literal political violence.
    And now my family back in St. Paul is represented by Erin “I won the DFL Endorsement for Governor” Murphy.

  6. The modern DFL loves farmers as much as Marx and Stalin did. Marx didn’t consider farmers as “labor”, but Stalin loved them. I mean, he loved to point guns at them for greedily starving the country.

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