Adios. Au Revoir. Auf Wiedersehen.

Nancy Pelosi – who has been Speaker of the House for most of the time this blog has been a thing – is back to being a mere Congresswoman from San Francisco.

Dean Phillips feted her on Twitter:

You can say exactly the same thing about Francisco Franco and Pol Pot.

No, she’s neither. But she is cynical, opportunistic, theatrical, has a dubious relationship with the Constitution, and somehow became immeasurably wealthy while “serving” in Congress, not that that means she’s corrupt nosirreebob.

But it’s fair to say she has certainly lowered the bar for “powerful female leaders”.

28 thoughts on “Adios. Au Revoir. Auf Wiedersehen.

  1. Defending Democracy by standing up against Trump and she was prepared to take a lot of flack and real threats to her own life for doing it — unlike a lot of people who should’ve, could’ve, would’ve — but didn’t. Respect for that.

    Pelosi’s achievements were done in the face of bigoted vitriol from the right. The attack on her husband exposes just how far Republicans have sunk, and how the party has been hijacked by the fringes of decency.

    A dignified end to a brilliant performance. Class all the way.

  2. From Jesse Kelly, The most ruthless, savvy politician I’ve seen in my lifetime. Took a personality of a Disney movie villain and still rose to be Speaker not once but twice.

    Hate her for sure. But I’d kill to have a Pelosi or two on my team instead of the nutless losers we have.

    She played for her side unequivocally, aggressively and without compromise, not like Kevin Mcarthy, Mitch McConnell, Ronna McDaniel, and Tom “ESG, LGBTQ” Emmer.

  3. Amusing to read the angry fulminations from the sad Pelosi-hating knuckle-draggers out there. it must infuriate them to get a preview of the historians’ assessment that she’s been the most effective and accomplished Speaker in modern history. And to realize the silliness they obsess over like her ice cream and the way she claps are just fringe fixations that will soon be forgotten, just like them.

  4. Ha! F you, Emery!

    Yet another Trump gotcha political show trial, this one against the Trump Organization for tax fraud, falls flat! The CFO testified that none of the Trumps knew anything about the fraud. They signed the checks, but they had no knowledge that they were for fraud.

    Add to this the fact that none of the so called classified documents seized at Mar-a-Lago, were fine. No issues.

    Funny that both of these items are disclosed AFTER the elections.

    Boo! Ya! You continue to end up a turd floating in the toilet.

  5. I recall after CA Gov. Gray Davis was recalled. Pelosi spoke to the press the next day and remarked on how politicians were going to have “look over their shoulders” while they governed.

    Well, yeah, that’s the general idea. Very telling that Pelosi felt there was something wrong with that mindset.

  6. Defending Democracy Democrats by standing up against Trump


    Someone fetch the smelling salts for Emery and his ilk. The notion that Democracy™ was ever imperiled is laughable.

  7. Loved when she clapped at Trump after one of ridiculous rambling speeches. She claims it was unintentional, but it looked great.

    Though I really appreciate her, I’m also happy that she knows when to quit (ahem Biden, RBG, Trump, various octogenarians in power). I think after a time, you’ve had a chance to prove your point or sponsor issues and fresh people need a shot. After decades of being in office I think it is somehow not democratic to continue — it’s like shoving your ideas down people’s throats or something.

  8. Nancy is heading home to tend to her injured, elderly queen of a husband. 🏳‍🌈

    No more GrindR dates for Paul! 🤣

  9. I am looking forward to observing the touching scene as Pedo Joe falls weeping to his knees, as Hunter is perp walked to the prison bus, in leg irons.

    No President will ever go to prison, but their wretched spawn are fair game!

    The wet works will be epic, and highly entertaining! 😭😨

  10. Regarding Pelosi, she’s kind of the poster girl for why we need to rein in regulations and reform our insider trading laws to be semi-coherent. She has played that system like a fiddle.

    Also worth noting is that she has exposed the corruption of the Democratic Party brilliantly with her repeated “let’s vote on this before we can read the bill” stunts. The response could have been “until I can read it and we can debate it, my vote will be no”, but no Democrats could be found to follow that basic principle regarding Obamacare/Health Insurance Deform Act. That’s corruption, plain and simple, and failure to perform the most basic duties of the office–know what the heck you’re voting for.

  11. I’ll never be able to get past her tearing up Prez Trump’s SOTU speech….with ZERO repercussions. Absolutely despicable.

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  13. The GOP will never elect more senators and representatives in purple states until they recognize that independents/moderate conservatives 1) are prochoice, not anti-abortion; 2) care about climate change and the future of our planet; 3) want our representatives to focus on improving the economy; 4) like Obamacare, so the GOP needs to come up with a plan to enhance it not destroy it: 5) want moderate gun control (like limiting access to AK-47s). The obsession with investigations of the President and his family may please Trump, but won’t win votes with the center. Just like they don’t want a Democratic Party controlled by the left, which Nancy Pelosi did a masterful job at keeping at bay. It would be nice to have 2 parties who recognize that the battle ground is the center, not the fringes on the left or right.

  14. Remember when Peelotzi had the top degenerate House leaders kneel to their African masters, with those fucking neck warmers? That was hilarious, but the real comedy was Nadler struggling to keep from falling over on his face, which would have resulted in him shitting in his Pantaloon’s 10/10.

    Nadler is the poster boy for degenerate leftist politicians. He’s debauched everything he touches, including himself, especially. He’s spent his life diddling little boys, and gorging himself on 6000 calorie per day diets of foreskins, cheese and caviar.

  15. I’ll always have positive feelings about Hunter, because Trump’s obsession with him likely cost him the election.

    Nobody cares about Hunter Biden … why are Republicans spending all this time on him? Hunter Biden does not help put food on the table. Hunter Biden does not help anyone get a job. Hunter Biden does not provide health care or solve COVID. And Republicans spends all this time focused on that and nobody cares but the far right partisans.

    Reassuring to see that at least the majority of American’s can recognize insanity when they see it.

    All the better for us all if the Republicans don’t change and lose in 2024.

  16. If someone had asked me who I thought rAT admired, Hunter Biden would have been right at the top of my list.

    They’re like peas and carrots.

  17. A week before Thanksgiving, the stores are not displaying pilgrims, but they do have Christmas trees. We’ve lost one of our most important national holidays.

  18. The most detestable person in govt today…ok, next to the wicked witch of MI. Disgusting, lying, POS. Good riddance.

  19. This summer, the SOCV (Sons of Confederate Vets) raised up a huge battle flag just off I85.

    It’s a perfect spot to welcome leftist scumbags driving in from shithole Northern cities.

    Spartanburg county negroes went ballistic and the county cucked. The flag was replaced with a huge SC flag.

    I’m happier than hail to report that as of Saturday, it’s flying free again!

    I’m even more extatic to tell you its located on MY exit off the freeway.

  20. Emery, yes, fed by the leftist media, many moderates are pro-infanticide and pro-victim-disarmament, but when they learn that prenatal infanticide really only benefits cads, and when they learn that victim disarmament empowers criminals, they tend to leave the ranks of moderates and become conservatives.

  21. Ronald Reagan observed that Nancy was “an evil woman” and her own daughter called her out for being the type of person that would cut someone’s heart out, while smiling to their face.
    She came from a criminal syndicate in Baltimore that was headed by her racist, corrupt father, who was mayor for several terms. Her brother was cut from the same cloth.
    Three lifetimes of using their positions to fleece taxpayers and abuse their constituents, but since they are part of the largest criminal enterprise in history, they will get away with it.
    Nancy and her scum ball family, are false Catholics, using their “faith” only when it suits their purposes. If there is a hell, I hope that all of them end up there, because, based on their constant violations of their church’s teachings, they deserve it.

  22. 11th commandment

    “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” Ronald Reagan

    Seems like republicans have long forgotten this bit of insight — from the secretary of insight: Ronald Reagan

  23. her own daughter called her out for being the type of person that would cut someone’s heart out, while smiling to their face.

    Is that the same daughter that will inherit Piglosi seat? And I do mean “inherit” in the strict sense and definition of the word.

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