POUNCING – Minneapolis Geography Edition

What is it with DFL politicians who don’t live where they say they live?

Hennepin County requires its sheriffs to live in Hennepin County.

Dawanna Witt, the DFL-endorsed, primary-victorious “progressive” DFL candidate for Hennepin County sheriff, apparently doesn’t, according to Rebecca Brannon, apparently the only journalist in Minnesota who’ll cover Democrats:


But there are questions….

…prompred by Candidate Witt herself:


Unlike the soon-to-be-retired (no doubt to a posh non-profit gig) John Thompson, Wittr is at least apparently in the right state.

But that is not, legally, close enough for county work.

5 thoughts on “POUNCING – Minneapolis Geography Edition

  1. Hasn’t even started the job, and already proved to be a liar.

    She’s perfect .

  2. Rules and laws are for little people. Anybody wants to place a wager whether this would be a headline story if a conservative was involved?

  3. We might suggest that this is a “teachable moment.” Candidate for Hennepin County Sheriff is so afraid of Hennepin County that she lives elsewhere. Point well taken, Ms. Witt. She is arguing, more or less, that even the liveable suburbs of Murderapolis like Maple Grove are too dangerous for a police officer who gets to park her squad in front of her home.

    OK, got it. Agreed.

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